What’s your opinion on how competitive the State Legislative races will be?

I’m taking most of the weekend off, as you may notice I’ve already put up the weekly columns for our Republican Statewide elected officials, so I’m opening up the floor for a topic to discuss.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve noticed that I’ve been grinding on the Argus for their completely awful recap of the state legislative races. You know, where they’re claiming that only around 8 races are going to be competitive. And that was expanded from 6 after I pointed out that they didn’t know what they were talking about.

So, I’m putting it to you, faithful readers. What’s your opinion on how competitive the State Legislative races will be, and which races are going to be the ones that will be the most hard fought?

Will there be a rumble in Rapid City? A brawl in Big Stone? Which are going to be the most hard fought races? Leave it under comments, or e-mail me. I want to know from the grassroots of the party what races they see as being hard fought, and why.

And when I’m back on the air, we’ll discuss, and I’ll give you the informed rundown of what races are going to be the ones to watch. And why.

6 Replies to “What’s your opinion on how competitive the State Legislative races will be?”

  1. Anonymous

    I believe that one over in Lincoln -Union is one to watch on the house side….

    Rep Anderson–Only Incumbant in the race
    Kevin Jensen–lost twice int he primary and first chance at the general after “upsetting” Sen. Shorma
    Ann Tornberg–state D chair who has lost here before, but likely to spend big bucks
    Ted Curry–newcomer (D); relatively unknown

  2. Anon

    District 15 House side should be interesting.
    Karen Soli will probably return to Pierre. But between Jamie Smith and Eric Leggett, I think Leggett will win the second seat.
    Mike Myers is an also ran

  3. Spencer

    District 14 is going to be a lot closer than many think. Swanger is running a pretty good campaign against a somewhat complacent pro-abortion Republican. District 4 Senate could be interesting. I already get the feeling Tyler has learned nothing from the last four years, but she brings her usual intensity to the fray. I would agree that Senate 8 is close with, perhaps, Youngberg narrowly favored at this point. Unfortunately, we will likely have to take a pass on this race. Pease is running a strong campaign in 17. Ring might be overtaken.

  4. Rep. Mike Verchio

    District 30 should not complain about their primary results . Those “lunatics & wacko nut jobs” got their voters out & when only a few of your voters vote they get what they deserve for their apathy.

  5. TIM R Goodwin

    I don’t consider myself a lunatic nor a wacko nut job. Hi, I’m Tim Goodwin Republican Candidate for the Legislature in District 30.
    I know Rep Verchio wasn’t referring to me,as he told me that I had his support,
    and he signed my petition to run. In fact the other four Legislative candidates and both Senate candidates also signed my petition.
    Now we need to unite as a Republicans and win the general election!!


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