When did Noem become the face of the Tea Party?

I saw Greta Van Susteren’s interview with Kristi Noem last night, and it left me wondering, why does the national media use Kristi Noem as the face of the Tea Party? In state she avoids blanket labels in order to broaden her constituency, yet on national tv she is “Tea Party.” I don’t mind anyone stating facts, but it is amusing to me that the national media thinks she is a hard core tea partier. (What is a hard core Tea Partier?)

Now she does appeal to the Tea Party base, but she’s not even in the Tea Party caucus in congress. So why not just use Michele Bachmann or Allen West to get the Tea Party perspective?

I bring this up because I don’t know many people across South Dakota (other than Jeff Barth and Matt Varilek – who do it negatively) who refer to Noem as Tea Party. Even Noem goes out of her way to avoid being narrowly aligned with only one part of her constituency.

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  1. Anonymous

    It isn’t the media that uses Noem. It’s the GOP leadership that knows if they give her talking points and call her tea party she will say all of the right things and never point the gun at her own party.

    Allen West and Michelle Bachmann have no problem kicking Cantor and Boehner in the butt for not having the will power to cut. Noem is willing to pretend Obama is the only problem. Noem is merely sucking up to leadership and advancing her career as a pretend Tea Partier.

    How did that super committee thing work out with the debt ceiling? Exactly.

  2. Mark Levin calls out Noem

    Watch this video of conservative radio guy Mark Levin calling out Noem as a leadership hack.

  3. Anonymous

    At the end of the day you can always count on Sen. Thune, and now Rep. Noem, saying “at the end of the day” at some point every time they speak.

    Rep. Noem is very articulate, and I can see why the party puts her in front of the cameras. It’s because she can be counted on to support her benefactors in leadership – not the tea party.

      1. anooner

        I’d like to see them talk a little more about the start of the day, or the perhaps even the end of tomorrow.

  4. M.D.

    I don’t think of noem as tea party either. Someone must though. Maybe our tea party is kookie and the rest of the countries tp is sane.

  5. Bill Fleming

    Couple of things after listening to the interview. First, she was never identified as Tea Party. She was recognized as someone who won the Tea Party vote. And she speaks as though she understands the way Tea Party people think.

    Both true, I’d say.

    (There’s a little bit of the flavor of “Hey some of my best friends are […take your pick: gay, black, latino, Norweigan, Democrats, Tea Party… whatever]. But it’s clear in the interview that there is distance between her and the TP on both Greta’s side and Kristi’s (she refers to the the Tea Partiers as “they.”)

    The other thing I’ll say is that I enjoyed the interview. She did a good job. Seemed relaxed and in her own skin. The look on her face has changed since when was campaigning against SHS. I agreed with a lot of what she said… not all of course, but in general, she seemed to represent us well.

    Thank goodness she’s not Allen West of Michelle Bachman… or Gordon Howie or Bob Ellis for that matter. The Tea Party is a dead duck, isn’t it?

    Kristi on the other hand, isn’t. So, smart of her to maintain a distance.

    She seems like a GOP moderate. And as such, she’ll be tough to beat.

    1. M.D.

      She does come across ad moderate but I didn’t think the tea party separation was very clear. I liked the tea party when they were protesting Obamacare but it has gotten extreme (especially here.) I do love Allen West….

      I’ve seen other interviews with Kristi where she is like this tea party queen. It is kind of like having your cake and eating it too…

  6. Anonymous

    I don’t think the post is saying she is tea party as much as its saying she plays a tea party backed official for leadership on the national news to give the impression leadership is doing the conservative thing.

  7. Clay Bill

    Hannity to Kristi: “You’re a well known Tea Party candidate…”

    And she never denies it. Ever. At least when she’s on Fox. Bill, you note that “Even Noem goes out of her way to avoid being narrowly aligned with only one part of her constituency.” But it appears she only tries to do that when she returns home to South Dakota. She’s fine being known nationally as a Tea Party candidate, and sees no problem in hoodwinking us South Dakota folks when she returns home by “trying to avoid being aligned” with the Tea Party.

    So why do you wonder that Noem has become the face of the Tea Party? She allows herself, time and again, to be identified as such during her national media gabfests with her Fox friends.

    And, when you stop and think about it, actions speak louder than words. Can you name one time when Kristi has done something that could be identified as being out of step with the Tea Party?

    1. Bill Fleming

      LOL. Nobody does, Clay Bill! All of the Repubs (…and half of the Dems, it seems) are afraid of them. Or at least they were. I think it’s starting to wear off now though, don’t you?

    2. name

      Clay Bill,

      Let me have a crack at this: Debt Ceiling/Supercommittee, NDAA (national defense autorization act), can’t make up her mind if she supports payroll tax or not (she shouldn’t), EAS, farm payments,

  8. Stace Nelson

    Amazing how well the media has castigated the name TEA Party to the point that people equate it to something negative. I have had the pleasure of speaking at TEA Party events and was always well received.

    If you disect what people dislike about this legion of gray haired patriotic Americans, most have no clue why they dislike the TEA Party other than the adverse impression they have gotten from the media.

    1. Bill Fleming

      Not in my case, Stace. I know a lot more about the Tea Party folks than I’ve read about in the media. Plus to discount what the media says about something is a fools errand. Most of what any of us know about anything comes from “the media.” Your goofy effort to discredit and vilify news sources amounts to precisely what you are attempting to blame “the media” of doing. The Tea Party made its own bed, for better or worse, and now they have to sleep in it. That’s not the media’s fault or the Dems fault or anyone else’s but the Tea Party’s.

      (p.s. think about it… most of what you know about what’s going on in Syria right now comes from the media too. Does that mean al-Assad isn’t really such a bad guy after all?)

      1. Stace Nelson

        So let me get this straight, law abiding concerned (mainly elderly) Americans expressing concerns about the run-away national debt is bad but these Occupy folks demanding free education and taking over city parks is good?

        1. Jammer

          Stace, you are absolutely correct. The TEA Party Movement is a collection of patriotic Americans that believe in:

          Fiscal Responsibility
          Constitutionally Limited Federal Government
          Free Market Capitalism

          These people tend to come from a variety of backgrounds. However, there are some threads of commonality that draw them together. In general, you will find people that have a strong work ethic, believe in personal responsibility and have a genuine concern for the debt that we are leaving our children and grandchildren.

          Yes, many people in the TEA Party Movement are more senior in age. However, it is their collection of experience and wisdom that draws them to the movement. They have experienced Jimmy Carter and the devastating effects that progressive liberal principles and policies can have on our country. And they have the wisdom to know that we simply cannot withstand another four years of the worst president this country has ever seen.

          Some of them are first generation immigrants and fully understand the exceptional country and Constitution given to us by our Founding Fathers. They have either come from underdeveloped economies or worse yet have experienced the devastating effect of the socialist democracies of Europe. As a result, they are passionate to prevent the progressive liberals from turning our country into an economic wasteland like Europe.

          They believe in extending a helping hand to the truly needy. They believe that a hand up out of poverty not a handout is the answer to our welfare problem.

    2. grudznick

      Some of us grey haired patriotic Americans know darn well why they dislike the TEA party, Mr. Nelson. It’s the divisiveness, the fringe paranoia, and the shoving-of-Mr-Howies-god-down-our-throats that makes us dislike the TEA party.

      Try to tone it down a bit, eh? Thanks. It’s appreciated.

      1. Stace Nelson

        Okay, I’ll bite.. what is their paranoia and how are they divisive?

        Spoke at the TEA Party event on the 15th, didn’t see any of your concerns come to fruition.

        Had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Howie in RC on the 17th, I even visited his office building. He was a wonderful host, and the visit reaffirmed my opinion of him as being one of the nicest people anyone could ever hope to meet.

        1. Bill Fleming

          Yes. Mr. Howie is very gracious, friendly and good humored. A good role model for you, Mr. Nelson. You and some of your cohorts could no doubt benefit by learning the art of the soft sell from my ol’ buddy Gordo. LOL.

            1. Bill Fleming

              LOL. That’s a classic description of your whole problem, Stace. There are as many ways to tell the truth as there are truths to tell, my friend. Perhaps you need to expand your horizons?

              1. Bill Fleming

                (I’ve heard the truth come out of a saxophone and seen it rendered in marble. I’ve watched it trickle down a cheek in the form of a tear, and across the brow of a child as his face lights up when he sees his mother. I’ve heard it whispered softly in the dead of night, and shouted from the rooftops. And in the arrogant swagger of an over-aggressive police officer walking toward a croud of protesters.) And so have you, Nelson. So who do you think you’re kidding here, buddy?

  9. Anonymouse

    Name, shame on you!! Kristi is an American Patriot and South Dakota is lucky to have her! She is a strong advocate for the tea party and perhaps one of the greatest women leaders in the history of our state. She makes me proud to be a South Dakota woman.

    1. Les

      Please explain how Rep Noem’s answers on subjects like the NDAA vote make her an American Patriot. All I’ve ever heard her say is “hmmmm” or “I’ll get back to you on that” or “is that something we are going to vote on” while having voted on it more than a month ago. We then take a Pelosi amendment rather than a GOP less government approach on the NDAA. Goes to show you our party has been hijacked by many.

      I will say Rep Noem represents SD decently during interview in spite of being the top marionette in Congress .


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