When do you cry uncle?

Following up to TC’s post on health care law (aka Obama Care) and support vs. opposition, 26 states have now joined in the lawsuit against the feds on the health care law .  The crux of the lawsuit is Obamacare’s requirement for people to buy health insurance or face penalties.  The 26 states believe the provision is unconstitutional.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said.”It sends a strong message that more than half of the states consider the health care law unconstitutional and are willing to fight it in court,” she said in a statement.

Read the AP story

Since SD was one of the first state to join the lawsuit — I’d say the opposition group is out of step with SD and a majority of the rest of the states.

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  1. thc

    No…what you have is 26 attorneys-general.
    Don’t confuse 26 guys with a political agenda (wasn’t Marty running last year with a need to score some points with the base?) with the desires of the general populace.
    The same flawed logic leads you folks to believe that November’s victories were a repudiation of the Obama Administration. Then explain his subsequent rise in approval ratings – a rise that began with an approval number higher than Ronald Reagan’s at the same juncture in HIS first term.

  2. William

    Don’t confuse a rise in Obama’s personal approval ratings with approval of his policies. As the public becomes even more aware of the ramifications of “Obamacare” over the next two years, it’s likely that IF the Supreme Court ultimately upholds it, there may be enough opposition to actually repeal it by a Constitutional Amendment.

    1. Truthinator

      Some definitions of the terms presented in this thread, on this blog and from the spin machine of the right which puts these ideas in some of the weaker minds:

      The majority of the people: The people who provide the life-giving money to our campaigns – our corporate Sponsors.

      The American People – The four or five people in my inner circle – those whom I listen to.


      Hahaha – dogma in its most modern form.

      Come on guys – you need to do some morning reading – and not all on FOX news – to gain a little legitimate perspective on what’s going on here. Please.

  3. Pierreite

    The Supreme Court will eventually answer Yes or No on the bill’s constitutionality. The process to get the question to them shouldn’t be avoided so I welcome the lawsuits (gasp!). Almost all states that just joined are represented by Rep AGs that just got elected. A good strategy is to share costs when possible (think I heard $25,000 from SD?). So no surprise new Rep AG-led states join the lawsuit. The # of states does not indicate outcome.

    The US’s health status is progressively worsening and we’re paying more for those poor outcomes. Saw US is 37th to 43rd in the world depending on what outcome you look at. We’re #2 in per-person spending in the world. The status quo doesn’t work. The Reps had plenty of time to work on this before Obama showed up and they didn’t. We needed to be working on health care decades ago. Pay for it now or pay for it later. It’s only going to get more expensive if we wait to reform.

  4. springer

    There has to be a better way to change health care system for the better that does NOT involve a 2000 unread bill/law passed by coercion and lies, with most of the deals made behind closed doors in a partisan manner. This Obamacare just screams un-American in how it was crafted and passed, how the true cost was lied about and spun, how the insurance mandate is unconstitutional on its face, and how it was passed even though most of the populace did NOT want it. Repeal it and fix actual problems, not by expanding the bureacracy and fed control.

  5. Duh

    The AG’s filed suit because the AG’s state citizens told them to. This lawsuit is a reflection of society’s distain for this abomination called Oblablacare. The big O’s ratings rise is purely because he knows how bad his policies were hated by the country and in an act of pure self-preservation, he moved a little to the right in his agenda.

  6. Pierreite

    The priviledge of majority is having a real good chance of getting your stuff passed. Reps use it when in power and Dems used it for Obamacare. What you saw as “deals made behind closed doors in a partisan manner’ is seen by Dems as getting it done. You had your chance, fumbled the ball, and now cry “unfair”. Constitionality is be determined by our highest court-question answered. You’re worried the American people will continue to learn of Obamacare’s intent, processes, and benefits and will want to keep it-won’t you have mud on your face.
    Duh-I’d debate you but I remember from our last discussion that you only have rhetoric.

  7. Duh

    Thank you Ms. P. You either have permanent blinders on or simply cannot read. I have stated facts, examples. You continue to profess what the vast majority has rejected.

  8. duggersd

    I do not believe it really matters what SCOTUS decides about this. I do not believe it really matters whether the citizens want ObamaCare or not. The fact of the matter is the costs are escalating already, showing the assumptions provided to the CBO to be falsehoods. The costs of this monstrosity are going to be so high the weight will bring the whole system crashing. When that happens very few people will have health care, let alone health insurance, or health care will be rationed.
    When the government mandates that insurance companies accept everybody, even people with stage IV cancer, there is only one way that insurance company can afford to provide the coverage. Something will have to give.

  9. springer

    I am not in the last afraid that people will come to adore Obamacare. I don’t mind a little mud, but it won’t be on MY face as people realize what this will do to our economy, the medical profession, and our health care. And, Pierrite, what you call “getting it done” is actually the “ends justify the means” mentality of the Dems, which is not a very ethical way of “getting it done” as you say. Well, the Dems got the end (Obamacare) by very questionable, unethical, coercive methods, and if you are proud of that, then shame on you.

  10. Pierreite

    Something has given-we’re in crisis and Obamacare is what those in majority decided to do.It’s called “action”, something that has been lacking in health care reform discussion by both Reps and Dems for a long time. I think there will be legislation (hopefully bipartisan) to change parts of Obamacare-nothing that big can be perfect-not possible. You want to make it monstrosity. It is a huge issue and it’s gonna suck for a while. But it needs to happen and every aspect of health care will be impacted and will gone through growing pains.

  11. Duh

    What you call “getting it done” or “action”” I call railroading. “pass the legislation and then see what it says” – Pelosi. What a friggin joke. The dems have created a situation that is going to haunt them for elections to come. Your “stats” were nothing more than liberal propaganda and very self serving given the fact that you want to be in this government-funded fiasco sucking us dry.

  12. Pierreite

    Yeah-stats from the World Health Organization, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, other credible sources, and my civics teacher are all liberal propaganda machines. Geez.
    Correction-I want to be involved with the process that makes health care and society better. Dem or Rep-led, reform has to happen. I see the “Republican” side of the issue-I really do. I see lots will change, there will be some unsuccessful aspects of Obamacare, and some businesses will be really negatively impacted. Any huge reform has problems. We can’t be successful using only Dem or Rep perspective. How can we all (you, me, Reps, Dems) benefit the people while rewarding and facilitating business and entrepreurship?
    Don’t doubt the depth of my passion or that I will work in this effort. And you’re going to hate this-I want to do it so we can have a better society. I’m not naive (but a little idealistic). I work on the reality from a vision of what could be. Cynicism will naturally develop.
    People love to villianize Pelosi. Get over the stupid comment she made. Implementation is not be with legislators but with HHS, states, health systems, payors, providers, etc. The debate now is the expected back of forth on best implementation.

  13. Duh

    Ms. P: “People love to villianize Pelosi. Get over the stupid comment she made.”

    Oh, ok. “pass the legislation and then see what it says? ? Pelosi Your attempt to dismiss that incredibly irresponsible statement by the U.S. Speaker of the House about one, if not the most impactful bills in U.S. history just established your credibilty benchmark from which all your comments will be evaluated.

    Second, any implementation by agencies is directly controlled by the provisions of the law. If the law is bad, so will their implementations. There will be no implementation. I don’t care what the senate does, they still need funding and in two years, this will all be moot anyway, regardless of what the new “middle of the road” spin Oblabla attempts to put on it.

  14. Pierreite

    The big bad boogieman of implementation is here! I’m currently listening to a nationwide call from the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA) which is “the primary Federal agency for improving access to health care services for people who are uninsured, isolated, or medically vulnerable” on how some states are implementing some Obamacare aspects. And I’m reading an new brief on “Achieving Universal Coverage through Comprehensive Health Reform: The Vermont Experience ? Evaluation Results”. Yippee-its a good day don’t you think?

  15. Duh

    If you made sense in the real world and quite trying to turn the US into another failed socialistic regime, you’d have more credibility.

  16. yoyoyoyoyo

    although that pelosi comment was a slip that some people will never forget, im actually starting to understand it. No one really knows what impact this legislation will have (although everyone says that they do) – you just cant accurately predict these things accurately…too many facorts. It will create jobs, it will eliminate jobs, it will reduce the deficit, it will add to the deficit, it will increase access and affordability of healthcare to all, it will destroy health care and the naiton as we know it.
    We wont actually know what the affects will be until its implemented and has run the course of some time. We can speculate all day long…things like this arent as simple as black and white.

  17. William


    That’s exactly WHY government should never attempt to address complex issues with massive “comprehensive”, “one size fits all”, centrally dictated “plans”. Life just doesn’t work that way and unintended consequences override any intended goals.


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