When legislators foster an environment of hate. Didn’t they pass a cyberbullying rule in March?

I’ve been watching a facebook squabble over the past couple of days, as State Senator Stace Nelson has been attacking Dr. Tamera Enalls for taking issue with the false postcards sent out by the National Association of Gun Rights in her race, as well as attacking a commenter over at Dakota Posts:

That’s just been over the past few days.

When I went to see if there was anything more to it, I caught this post this AM, with Nelson attacking people yet again on social media, including Senator Mike Rounds and Jason Glodt, whom Nelson has obtained legislative housing from on and off during his legislative tenure.

Nelson attacking Rounds after the trouncing Rounds gave him at the ballot box in the US Senate Race where Nelson came in a distant third to Rounds has gone on for the past 4 years, and comes after a campaign where he declared “Hell No” when asked if he’d support the Republican Nominee, and has demonstrated bad sportsmanship ever since.

The environment Nelson has created with his constant attacks on Republicans he disagrees with is now bringing forth commentary such as you see above:

This person is literally wishing for Rounds’ untimely demise. I think that’s literally one of the most inhuman things I’ve ever seen that passes as commentary in a South Dakota political discussion.  But, that kind of thing is not an unforeseen result of the negative on-line environment that Senator Nelson has fostered through constant on-line attacks and name-calling.

Towards the tail-end of the 2018 Legislative session, the Joint Committee on Legislative Procedure met and passed a rule that one might consider in Nelson’s constant attacks with those he disagrees with:

1B-3. Professional conduct and civility. The South Dakota Legislature will strengthen and sustain an atmosphere of professional conduct and civility among its members and with all staff and will not tolerate harassment or offensive behavior based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, or disability. Harassing or offensive behavior may include the use of electronic communications through social media or otherwise, whether actual or attempted. Legislators must refrain from any and all such harassment or offensive conduct. This prohibition against harassment also encompasses sexual harassment including unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, non-verbal, or physical conduct of a sexually harassing nature, when: (1) submission to the harassment is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of employment or other employment determinations, or (2) the harassment has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.

Read that here.

The question is really at what point are legislative leaders going to decide the line has been crossed for decorum and conduct by a sitting legislator.  It’s really up to them to determine whether the level of abuse a legislator is heaping on the public via social media crosses a line.

But you can’t help but wonder if that line hasn’t already been crossed.

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  1. Anonymous

    Welcome to the new world of empowerment and keyboard muscles. It is unregulated and fair game to flex your unorthodox thoughts and impose them on the rest of us. No matter how uncivil they are

  2. William Beal

    22-19A-1. Stalking as a misdemeanor–Second offense a felony.
    No person may: (3) Willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly harass another person by means of any verbal, electronic, digital media, mechanical, telegraphic, or written communication.
    A violation of this section constitutes the crime of stalking. Stalking is a Class 1 misdemeanor. However, any second or subsequent conviction occurring within ten years of a prior conviction under this section is a Class 6 felony.

  3. Anonymous

    Without a doubt, Nelson has crossed the line numerous times, not just this once. The legislative body better decide why they passed the rule and start enforcing it.

  4. Anonymous

    And speaking of the scorecards Nelson keeps citing; perhaps instead of looking at Nelson handpicked bills to make him look good, people may want to look at a national, conservative, unbiased organization’s scorecards who have nothing to gain by publishing these conservative voting records for all state legislators across the nation. The organization is American Conservative Union Foundation out of Alexandria, VA. and their uninfluenced scorecards tell a different story than Nelson’s kitchen table scorecard project.

    For SD: http://acuratings.conservative.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2017/07/SouthDakota_2017_web.pdf

    For all states: http://acuratings.conservative.org/

    1. It's his behavior

      The score cards are a side issue. In truth, his entire voting record is a side issue.

      The problem is his behavior.

      It’s well beyond rude.

      It’s criminal.

      And he should be prosecuted.

      If it’s up to the Republican leadership to prosecute and they don’t, then they are as culpable as Mr. Nelson.

    2. grudznick

      Mr. Rhoden, he of the rocked-ribbed conservative bent, was the most Excellent Conservative Representative. Good for him, but that’s gotta really irk Mr. Nelson and his ilk.

      1. Anonymous

        Which I’m sure is why Nelson had to make up his own scorecard to make him look good (and unknowingly make some of his legislative ilk not look so good). Then if anyone argues, he claims these as ‘can’t argue with the facts’ but they’re created out of his own biased criteria, not that of a completely unbiased national conservative organization. And then he has CFL pubiish his document as if it’s ‘theirs’ when everyone knows it’s his. Their document stash on their website is almost all from him. His constituent ilk need to be informed.

  5. Anonymous

    Senator Nelson is behaving unprofessionally and is engaging in conduct unbecoming of a legislator. Now, it also appears he is engaging in criminal behavior by stalking and cyber bullying this poor candidate and her father.

    1. Anonymous

      Dennert–he had such promise , I saw him as a possible rising star , then he got in with the Stace crowd and he will never go anywhere

  6. Anonymous

    Has leadership taken steps to address his behavior over the last two years? If so, what have they tried and if so, it appears not to be working.

    Senator Nelson berates witnesses in committees, discloses confidential caucus information in his floor speeches, seeks to undermine the integrity of the system and wants to form his own caucus, further underming his own party and Republican caucus.

    1. a friend of education

      My wife and I have met Tammy. She’s a great person, intelligent and kind. She wants the best future for South Dakota. No TRUE gentleman would insult her, mock her, belittle her, or threaten her. I couldn’t care less who “started it.”

      Political disagreements are par for the course; we need not agree on every fine detail. Friends and family bicker, especially on facebook. But if any coward attempts to humiliate or otherwise harm this lady in my presence, I will not invoke any “rule” against bullying. We’ll settle it outside, directly, man to man. And if I end up getting my ass kicked, so be it.

  7. Charlie Hoffman

    Yes the DCI and Highway Patrol have it in our best interest to keep a close watch on this powder keg before he goes Postal.

  8. Anonymous

    I wish Nelson would stop saying things that embarrass The Corps. Marines have self control and act in a dignified manner at all times. Sorry to have to say it but Stace Nelson is a MINO. (Marine In Name Only)

  9. Anonymous

    There is something seriously wrong with Nelson. He seems to be rapidly deteriorating and obviously needs help.

    1. Anonymous

      Agreed. At first blush he has a decent personal story, then he makes broad, general swipes at his own party and I just wondered what he was getting at. As I paid more attention these last few years, his attacks seemed more personal, light on material, and he angered me. Now, I just wonder if he’s ok, if he has a grasp on reality? I feel sorry for him.

      1. Anonymous

        decent personal story…from multiple wives, kids out of wedlock to questionable military career of getting hurt but 7 years later getting out?

        1. Anonymous

          I’m not vouching for him, just a gradual progression starting with his “stump” speech. He obviously doesn’t talk about that kind of stuff at the podium.

  10. Troy Jones

    I talked to two people from her district. One who didn’t vote for her as he felt the others were more ready and one who did who admitted she is naive to politics so needs to learn. Both were unequivocal- she carries a few pails of water for a couple years she will be a superstar- first class smart and five star kind.

    The one who said she was naive is she underestimated the behind the scenes BS and attacks. Thought if she just laid out her ideas the better person would win. She will be ready next time he said.

  11. Anonymous

    What’s perplexing to me is that despite blatantly trying to push around everyone else around him, Stace still sees himself as a victim. God, what a horrible person.

    1. Anonymous

      Perplexing, astonishing, amazing, astounding, mind-boggling, go on and on and on… Always the victim despite his hateful spew at anyone who disagrees with him and I think he believes his own lies. It really is simply amazing.

  12. Troy Jones

    BTW, that Paul Newcomb is one sick human being. Joking in South Dakota about Governor’s dying in MU-2’s is not funny. It is exactly as sick as the people who made jokes about cops shot in cold blood.

    I assume that Stace Nelson properly scolded this Paul Newcomb, deleted his post and notified law enforcement of his potential danger to Senator Rounds and other elected officials.

  13. Dusty Bennett

    Stace Nelson, the big bully thinks he’s a victim, what a creep! He says she attacked him first but I watched the whole thing go down – she didn’t. That louse went after a friend of hers, a guy name Scott, who posted on his PERSONAL facebook page that Tamera was a friend, Pro 2nd Amendment, and that if he were in her district he’d vote for her.

    Tom Pischke and Nelson both went after the guy like rabid dogs – it was quite a statement of how unprofessional and childish some of our legislators truly are. She stood up for her friend though – she’s a damn good fighter, impressed me. From then on Stace swore he was a victim HA!

    It’s still all on Facebook for the public to see – what an embarrassment. These people need to be called up on cyber bullying or ethics issues. This is not a good look. Whatever Tamera does – she’s got my support.

  14. Spencer Tornado 2.0

    The reason Stace has been so ineffective in the legislature can be summed up in two words: humility and respect. He thinks he is humble, but does not try to understand others nor does he hold himself responsible if he makes a mistake or misspeaks. As to respect, the facebook posts are an example of the lack of dignity that he expresses with those who challenge him. He is completely lacking in the ability to act as part of a team. It makes me wonder how he survived as a marine. Those are two major character flaws. If he were to address those head on in a personal fashion, he would be a force to reckon with. If he doesn’t, he is just a slide show.

  15. Troy Jones

    OMG, she is also loved in her home town. I suggest that RINO Nelson avoid Miller. They are a pretty loyal bunch.

  16. Kenny

    How did MINO (Marine In Name Only) Nelson survive as a Marine? He sat in the guard shack and checked in visitors to the base.
    Military Police are what used to be called a Combat Support MOS. Here are some examples of common tasks while deployed. 
    o Make sure the commanders receive their personnel, supplies, and equipment they need to fight. This can include convoy escorts.
    o Protect important things and places.
    o Detect, deter, and defeat threats in the area. This can be done with a Quick Reaction Force.
    o Area Security – Drive around a large area looking for enemies and enemy activity.
    o Antiterrorism and physical security expertise
    o Dislocated civilian operations
    o Protecting important people
    o Coordinate with and train (as needed) local police. Help them be able to sustain their country/area after we leave. Develop policing strategies.
    o Identify and influence local criminal activity. You don’t have to be a uniformed enemy combatant to mess up the plan or operations of friendly forces.
    o U.S. Customs operations
    o Detention operations
    No need to get along with anyone. Even Marines dislike Military Police.


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