When Mr. Nelson went to the Argus, and torched the Republican Party along the way.

Stace Nelson made a surprise visit to the Argus Leader’s 100 eyes podcast today to try to get some free media at the Argus Leader’s expense.

And lest anyone worry, he didn’t squelch himself.

Stace nelsonIt was typical Nelson as he went on the attack, calling his opponents dishonest, among other things.  He attacked frontrunner Mike Rounds. He attacked Annette Bosworth . He attacked Larry Rhoden.

Dialing it up a few notches, He also went after Jason Ravnsborg, specifically over their tiff on relevant military service, calling him ‘ignorant,’ and oddly belittling him as just “a truck driver in Iraq,” because “they have a TV show about NCIS, I don’t think they have got a TV Show about being a reservist as a truck driver in Iraq or Afghanistan yet.”


That seemed to be an unusually hard slam by Nelson on Ravnsborg’s service in Iraq and Afghanistan, considering many soldiers have been injured or killed by roadside bombs while driving trucks… and weren’t likely caring who had a show on TV.

And then Nelson decided to let us know which side of the enemy lines he intends to stand on in the fall.

Nelson indicated he’d only “endorse the howiewinner in the primary if it’s himself.”   And then Nelson dropped the bombshell. If Rounds wins the primary – Nelson directly stated he will be supporting Gordon Howie.

(Of course, this came right before he talked about supporting  lessening the penalties for drug possession.)

Ellis pressed the question about what would happen if Stace loses the election by 40 points, and had Nelson noting that the election is “Not a referendum on me. A referendum on Republican Principles.”

Nelson didn’t leave many Republicans unscathed, even taking a shot at US Senator John Thune, noting that “he’s stood with the moderates” and indicating he’d “like to see him move farther to the right & to stand with Ted Cruz.”

Ugh. Nothing like burning the village down to save it.

Towards the end, Nelson boastfully claimed that “Doing the right thing is a lonely island.”   I suspect come June 3rd, at least among Republicans, he’s actually going to find out what lonely is.

Interested in seeing the entire bloody spectacle? You can go watch it in all it’s glory here at Argusleader.com

62 Replies to “When Mr. Nelson went to the Argus, and torched the Republican Party along the way.”

  1. Anne Beal

    The 1742nd Transportation company is in Afghanistan now. I hope they and all their relatives back here in South Dakota know they’re just driving trucks and they aren’t doing anything important.

  2. anonymous

    If the show NCIS knew Nelson was a member they would pull the show from embarrassment. What an ass. His biggest accomplishment in Pierre is to be kicked out of session and hide in the bathroom to avoid a vote and he still thinks he is the right man to be our senator? This man has a huge ego and no pride!

    1. anonymous

      Spot on. Running around auditing potato theft at the mess hall is hardly impressive, Stace. Nelson is not only an ass, he is a buffoon— the Matt Bevins of South Dakota.

    2. Anonymous

      He’s a horrible human piece of garbage. Military vets are the reason we are free.

    3. Dotcoman

      Actually you got your facts wrong.

      He was never kicked out of a session. He did get locked out of a caucus for having lunch with some constituents. And the lie about hiding from a vote is also false. You can view his voting record to disprove that specious lie.

      There was nothing to hide from on the vote, the bill had been gutted by a Liberal and was actually unconstitutional, the sponsor of the new language even admitted as much.

  3. Anonymous

    Nelson will soon find himself relegated to the “ashcan of history”. He clearly belongs there.

  4. Anonymous

    Holy wow!! This is almost just too much to absorb.

    As for Ravnsborg comments, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? Two wrongs don’t make a right. He might as well have gone after the SDNG while he was at it.

    Supporting Howie when he doesn’t win? That was a given. Maybe they will forge their way out of the Republican party at the same time.

    But I like train wrecks so I guess I’ll have to listen to the whole thing and hear all of HIS dishonest attacks on everyone else. Typical typical.

  5. Anonymous

    One of Stace’s conservative idols could teach him a lesson in uniting Republicans after a primary. Notice Rand Paul calling for a united GOP. From Sen Rand Paul’s twitter account tonight:

    @SenRandPaul: Congratulations to my colleague Mitch McConnell on tonight’s victory! KY GOP must now unite for a win in November. Onwards to victory!


  6. Anne Beal

    For everyone who thinks nobody has ever made a TV show about military transportation services, there was a sitcom that lasted one season called “Roll Out” which was spun off from a film called “Red Ball Express” which was released in the 50s. So we can put that idiotic argument to rest.

    1. Anne Beal

      About “Red Ball Express:”. The drivers were predominantly black. Film Director Budd Boetticher said: ” The army wouldn’t tell us the truth about the black troops because the government figured they were expendable. Our government didn’t want to admit they were kamikaze pilots. They figured if one out of ten trucks got through, they’d save Patton and his tanks.”

      So there you have it: the truck drivers made suicide runs; Could be the reason there’s not a lot of entertainment value in the job they do.

      1. Anonymous

        Truck driver? I thought he was an A-10 Warthog Pilot! That was his campaign photo for the longest time.

        1. Anonymous

          Boy u r ignorant! Do u know that army transportation officer ARE pilots!

          Stace is attacking veterans again seriously? Ravnsborg went into a combat zone twice which far exceeds your career in my eyes. Ravnsborg has negotiated with other nations ; Stace I looked at your record– Ravnsborg had dome more in the reserves than u ever did.

          Stace just like the legislature you get some credit for showing up but you have to have accomplishments not just showing up and thats what your military record looks like to meet us showed up good job that’s commendable but Ravnsborg has far more depth then you’ll ever have

  7. Troy Jones


    How did you cut and splice making it seem that Stace Nelson is a selfish, self-centered piece of turd.

    1. Anonymous

      6 second comment taken out of context.

      Go kick Nelson in the balls again Troy, show him what a real tough guy you really are.

  8. Anon

    What a complete ass. Stace is a jerk in the first degree. Honestly when he was first elected I liked the guy. Now I really hope he gets dead last in this race. He’s an embarrassment to my party and my state.

    Anonymous robocalls against his own colleagues, hiding in the bathroom; standing with Rick Weiland, and now bad mouthing the service of thousands of South Dakota national guard members. I am really disappointed and disgusted. Grow up Stace or get out of my state and my party.

    1. PP at the SDWC

      You know, there are lots of people who may have disagreements with other Republicans, and not try to burn the village down because of it.

      And then there are those who get the blowtorch out.

      I sure get tired of the blowtorchers.

  9. Anonymous

    The rino herd is restless tonight!

    Deal with Rounds lies about Obamacare Pat. Rounds sold out the GOP on Obamacare AND Common Core.

    This blog becomes more of a Rounds shill by the day.

      1. Anonymous

        This is why Lance Russell and Dan Kaiser never should have done an endorsement for Stace. Now they are associated with a guy who trashes veterans. I suppose Stace is a veteran so he can trash veterans according to himself but it looks terrible for those associating with him.

    1. Anonymous

      Maybe if Stace wasn’t a world-class piece of trash, there would be fewer people supporting Rounds. Your buddy Stace just keeps driving folks away. Pretty much his own fault.

      1. Anonymous

        He’s a piece of trash and I agree. SAD. SAD. SAD.

        Stace used to have some talent but he’s flushed it down the toilet over the past 2 years.

  10. Anonymous

    The same establishment RINOs posting the same anonymous attacks against Nelson. Not one note about the crap Rounds has been up to, his hiding from debates, the EB5 scandal, lying about Obamacare..

    How much you getting paid by Lawrence and Schuller to work for Rounds?

  11. Anonymous

    Way to make everyone in his ad regret it. They forgot to say he’s an asshole in the ad.

  12. Kurt Evans

    Pat Powers wrote:
    >”Towards the end, Nelson boastfully claimed that ‘Doing the right thing is a lonely island.'”

    That’s true, but arrogance is a lonely island too.

        1. Anonymous

          If it makes you feel better Kurt, I agree with your statement “arrogance is a lonely island too” and about 100 other adjectives for Stacey.

  13. Anne Beal

    I hadn’t seen “100 Eyes” before. Didn’t watch the whole thing. Do they all sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” together at the end?

  14. Anonymous

    I can’t believe Rounds hasn’t made a commercial of the infamous 12 seconds of Nelson saying “He!! No!!” He could easily play that a bejillion times in the next week on radio AND tv!!! Get on it Rounds’ guys!!

    1. Anonymous

      I can’t believe Rounds hasn’t made a commercial of him sitting at the table with President Obama, praying to him, and looking lovingly at him as he enjoys the shivers running up his leg as Obama tells them how to push Obamacare onto the masses.. Great photo “Chicken Mike!”

  15. PlanningStudent

    When Stace says Rounds will have bought the election if he wins he is saying you are dumb if you vote for Rounds. What an @$$

      1. Anonymous

        I don’t believe she has been with his side, I have seen her speak and sit with most all of the candidates for all offices.

  16. Anonymous

    So now Nelson attacks Sen. Thune, who I would say is the most popular Republican official in the state. Well he has attacked Kristi; he has attacked all of his primary opponents and now he has attacked John.; not to mention numerous legislators…

    What good does he think will come from attacking Thune… hold I assumed he thought, never mind I answered my own question!

    What a self centered ignorant JACK@ss (sorry if swearing si not allowed PP, but I would ask for a warranted exemption if that is problem as he is one!!)

  17. Anonymous

    PlanningStudent 11:42. So the fact that Rounds is in the pocket of the special interest group and is pretty much buying the election means we should vote for Rounds? That is good logic because Nelson is a bad choice. There are 3 other candidates in the election.

  18. Anonymous

    At least we know the story line this goofball will use when he gets his a– handed to him…the election was bought. If by the opponent having more money because, a) he is an overwhelmingly better candidate b) you are a complete buffoon so no one would send you a dime, then the election is bought.

    This guys and his minions remind of children. Throw fits and break their toys because not everyone wants to play their game the way they want to and then blame others because they smashed their own stuff.

    I swear at the end of this a Daily Show tv crew is going to reveal itself and tell us all this was just some drawn out satire. You can’t make this level of crazy up however.

  19. Troy Jones

    Anonymous 11:32,

    To kick such a pitiful human would be excessively inhumane.

    Stace, explain how it is out of context. By the way, the attack on Thune isn’t very bright. Shows this is only about you. You just ain’t that special. Get over yourself. You look like a male version of Bosworth.

  20. Dale

    Stace says he is the only conservative in the race. What bill has he introduced that passed to cut spending?

    1. Troy Jones

      Or even introduced?

      It is easy to sit back and criticize the people on appropriations who do the hard work.

  21. M

    This is hilarious . The groupthink here is incredible. Know what we call a day like this in the Democratic Party? A weekday.

    ” I belong to no organized political party; I’m a Democrat.”–Will Rogers

  22. springer

    I have little time for people who refuse to vote for a GOP candidate who wins the primary simply because he/she isn’t their first choice. Many GOP didn’t vote for Romney last time because they didn’t think he was a good choice, so essentially they gave their vote to Obama and look what that has gotten us. The best chance to stop the Obama power craze madness is to take the Senate, and the GOP conservatives and moderates need to realize this. To take your ball and go home if your candidate doesn’t win is childish. After the primary, please support the GOP winner and help retake the Senate and maybe we can turn this train wreck around and finish the job in 2016.

    1. Moderate Meltdown

      Well, we should all just give our votes to Springer and company so they can decided for all of us how best to vote for us. Because his thinking has gotten the GOP falling apart nationally with the Democrats kicking Democrat light (moderate Republicans) the last 8 years.

      Because the GOP needs more Mike Rounds, Lyndsey Grahams, John McCains, and Mitt Romneys and not more Ted Cruz, Mike Lee’s, and Rand Pauls.. NOT

      1. springer

        I would love to see DC filled with the likes of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. I would love to see Stace in DC because he would create waves. But I don’t agree with a candidate or his/her followers who refuse to vote in an election just because their preferred candidate lost in the primary. Sometimes we have to make lemonade out of what we think might be lemons because the alternative is what we have now – Obama and his ilk. I’m not saying anyone has to agree with me as to my vote, but I am saying that staying home from the polls is not a way to effectively engage in the political war.

  23. springer

    Here’s a scenario to think about. Suppose Rounds wins the primary. Stace’s supporters go to Howie, which might split the vote enough between independent candidates and Rounds, so that the Dem would win. Would that make everyone happy????? Think, people.

    Everyone’s vote is important, and each person should use it wisely. Look at the latest Tea school district to realize how important every single vote is.

    1. Jeff Endrizzi

      The Nelson vote is essentially the Howie vote. There is minimal combining available. Howie gets 12 percent in the general, because he’ll steal some votes from Weiland.

  24. PNR

    (cross posting from my blog)
    Nelson is not only dead wrong on the specifics, his statements in this regard are an affront to the proud traditions of discipline, teamwork, and devotion that mark the United States Marine Corps. He should be ashamed of himself. If he were capable of shame and remorse, he would withdraw such statements and apologize for them, not least to the widows and mothers of those truckers who died to bring supplies to my Marines and never gave a damn about showing up in stupid television shows.

    1. Moderate Meltdown

      You tell him Erik! He should be ashamed for responding to an ignorant attack on him and the rest of the veterans Ravnsborg insulted.

      1. Anonymous

        Only the Stace crazies thought it was an attack.

        the more I learn about his military record I think its as overinflated as his legislative record of accomplishments

  25. Anonymous

    Stace, deep inside that huge body of yours, i truly believe there is a descent human being; but your lies, distortion, and calumny are breeding a culture of hate. We don’t need more of that in this world. We are all Americans, we are all South Dakotans, we are all Republicans.

    Stop the hate, Stace.

  26. Anonymous

    Pretty shameful that Nelson is attaching veterans and feels he has the right to judge who should be a veteran and who shouldn’t. He doesn’t feel Rhoden or Ravnsborg are veterans because they were not active duty. The sad part is that Ravnsborg record proves he did more in his time so far as a reservist than Nelson did his entire on active duty. Rhoden served in the National Guard, which is commendable because he served.
    The proof is in the pudding on Nelson, he only made E-6. For the amount of time he spent on active duty and only to make E-6 is not good. It indicates he didn’t do much while on active duty other than show up to work. Had he done more, he would have made a higher rank.

    1. PNR

      The attempt to say Nelson was somehow inadequate as a Marine because he “only” made E-6 after 10 years displays a rank ignorance of how promotions work in the Marine Corps. It is also misleading – Nelson served ten years and was a SSGT (E-6) when he got out, but he was not promoted to SSGT the day he was discharged. Indeed, when he accepted the promotion, he would have had to sign an extension on his enlistment (if needed) obligating him to at least two additional years in that pay grade. That said, I have not seen anywhere his actual date of rank – he may well have been a SSGT for 3-4 years by the time he came off active duty (6-7 years is not unusual).

      Nelson served honorably and well and was recognized for his service while on active duty. It is no small thing to make SSGT in the Marine Corps, nor is there any shame in not making GYSGT.

      Nelson has enough real flaws as a candidate without having to invent new ones. Go after him for those.

    2. Anonymous

      I’ve always been told it’s much harder to make rank in the Marine Corp than the Army. Sorry I just don’t see where your argument on rank makes sense.

      1. Moderate Meltdown

        It’s Nelson, so the moderates have to drag down the Marine Corps, NCIS, conservative principles, and anything else Nelson stands for, to diminish Nelson. Shameful.