When two ads go to war…

two ads go to war

I don’t recall if I’ve ever had two advertisers so diametrically opposed before.

On the left, you have the Yes on 17/Specialty Care providers opposing House Bill 1067, and on the right, you have another coalition fighting in favor of it.   As illustrated above, I envision the ads shooting artillery at each other across the page, much like the battle that’s going to take place over the measure in the South Dakota Legislature.

I’d spoken earlier that this is certain to be the most, if not one of the most controversial measures this session, and it hasn’t even hit it’s first hearing. (That’s next week in House Commerce)  It’s being heard in the committee being chaired by the sponsor.

For information on the measure, I’d invite you to click on either, or both of the ads, and see what you think.

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