Proud to be a Reagan-Abdnor-Mickelson-Thune-Romney-Daugaard Republican

There a great deal of comments on this blog and others made by mostly anonymous posters questioning the conservative/Republican credentials of our Governor, most of the Republican Legislative Caucus, and yours truly where their favorite description of us is RINO?s (Republican In Name Only) and liberal.

Two very recent examples but there are many:

Bob Ellis @ American Clarion: ?We’ll do it again, and the next time we won’t let our guard down and let you RINO pretenders (meaning me personally) take over our party again. . . . Loyalty to Republican principles and honesty about their own liberal proclivities simply isn’t in the nature of RINOs. After all, you’d be completely out of power if most people knew your true colors.?

Bob Ellis @ Dakota War College: ?Troy & his RINO buddies. . . .Liberals are so incredibly predictable.?

What are my views? Am I really a liberal?

Economic Issues:

1. Federal Budget: I support the Ryan Plan in general with minor tweaks. However, in some ways I think it too timid as I would be more aggressive cutting the size of the federal government. I would limit direct federal expenditures to an average of 16% of the GDP (vs. 18% of advocated by most conservative Republicans).

2. Federal Taxation: I think it is too progressive. We have approximately 47% of Americans paying no federal income tax while 15% of Americans are below the poverty line. These 32% should be paying something to support the federal government. Federal tax collections above 18% of GDP are excessive. The difference of the above 16% should be used half for deficit reduction and direct grants to states to prioritize as they see fit.

3. Regulation: Federal regulation is excessive and has been for generations. Many of the current regulations (even those that were once warranted) are obsolete, harmful to the economy and poor, and contrary to the public good.

4. I oppose Obamacare, HAFA, Cash for Clunkers, the Stimulus, Dodd-Frank and most other Obama initiatives.

5. I support Keystone, efforts to increase domestic energy production, and Free Trade.

Social Issues:

1. I am firmly Pro-Life from conception to natural death.
2. I oppose same sex marriage.

Miscellaneous issues:

1. I believe we have taken the separation of church and state to a level not contemplated by the Constitution.

2. I believe in a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

3. I believe in state?s rights are preeminent in our federal system. The federal government is a creation of the states and not vice versa. The created can not become greater than the creator.

4. I believe in Peace through Strength and a strong military capable of fully protecting the interests of America and her allies around the world.

5. I support a more aggressive federal border enforcement and existing laws with regard to illegal immigration.

6. I believe the first line of protection for the poor is his family, neighbor, churches, and non-profit organizations. The role of government is to supplement and leverage these efforts. And, to the extent, government is involved I prefer the services primarily delivered by the state?s and local governments.

Where do I admittedly not conform to common conservative orthodoxy?

Let me give some examples I know about based on conversations on blogs with Ellis and Nelson, among others.

1. I do not support the death penalty. My Pro-Life and religious views do not allow me to support it. I am amazed people claiming to be Christian would chastise a person’s character for a sincerely held religious belief but that is another discussion.

2. While supporting Arizona?s efforts to deal with their illegal immigration problem, I do not support a similar effort in South Dakota because we do not have that problem. Without the problem, the ?cure? becomes worse than the disease. I also opposed the recent measures which criminalized what I deem charitable and human rights actions by individuals to people made in the image of God.

Paraphrasing Sir Thomas More, ?I am my party?s and country?s good and faithful servant but I am God?s first.?

I welcome others to point out other places I deviate with GOP orthodoxy. Just please don?t focus on the minor. But if you do, please justify why they transcend the other issues I point out above.

Despite the preponderance of my views being firmly consistent with current conservative and Republican orthodoxy (85% on the above issues), I am still deemed a liberal, RINO, and other such descriptions. And, the above are significant defining issues vs. the following which are referenced as defining in a certain anonymous scorecard and account for 45% of the rating (and while I agree with all but one and need more information to assess two of the ?preferred choices? of this group, these don?t fundamentally define Republicanism):

1. Midwifery (referenced twice. Seriously?)

2. Excusing kids from school (So much for supporting local control)

3. History Standards (local control?)

4. Vehicle Registration fees going up a few bucks to fund roads & bridges

5. Grandparents rights vs. parental rights

6. Joint custody rights

7. Hunting coyotes from snowmobiles (while I support it, the sportsman in me is queasy)

8. National Guard College Tuition Service Incentive (A good Republican for a strong National Guard could legitimately believe spending the money elsewhere for the Guard)

I point this all out because the same people who call me a liberal are saying:

1. Governor Daugaard is not conservative enough. There are now hints he may have primary opposition.

2. Steve Hickey, Charlie Hoffman, Lee Schoenbeck, Val Rausch, David Lust, and many other Republicans are RINO?s or worse in this groups eyes.

Politics, governing, and basically living in society is an exercise in finding common ground, respecting your neighbor/colleague, sometimes agreeing to disagree, and being as open to other views as you want those you disagree with to be open to your views.

1. The Republican Platform is not perfect with regard to public policy. Only God is perfect.

2. The Republican Platform is open to interpretation with regard to its meaning and what planks take precedent over others when there is a conflict. For instance, does the plank on education require one to support the sales tax increase or does the lower tax plank prevail? Might some Republicans of good will disagree? Might Republican voters in different districts have different priorities?

3. Roughly 45% of South Dakotans are willing to align themselves with the GOP and this includes all those some call RINO?s like myself.

4. In some districts, the transcendent issues may not be GOP orthodoxy and those aspiring to be elected have an obligation to represent those views before an agenda set by people outside their district.

If anyone agrees with me 100% of the time, I will question their ability to think for themselves. And, anyone who expects me to agree with anybody 100% can jump in a lake.

While nobody doubts there are differences with our Democrat/liberal neighbors, Republicans will also disagree. Heck, you should be around when Schoenbeck and I disagree. 🙂

And, this is a good thing. The last person who was perfect was an itinerant preacher born 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem. The rest of us should be humble enough to admit we might be wrong.

In June, we as a GOP have the following:

1. State Senate: 10 primaries
2. State House: 15 primaries

This is a good thing too. Debating issues even within the GOP family is healthy. After the election, the Republican primary voter will have spoken with regard to their views of who they want to represent them in Pierre.

And, whether I agree with their decision or not, the nominees we present to the voter in November are not RINO?s. They are REPUBLICANS chosen by the Republicans of that district to be the Republican candidate to be presented in the general election. To denigrate them as RINO’s is an insult to the REPUBLICAN voters of that district.

Finally, each of those Republicans elected have a higher obligation to the voters of their district.

Of the 35 legislative districts, there is only roughly a dozen districts in which the Republican voter registration advantage is more than 10% greater than Democrats. The other roughly 25 districts are in either Democrat plurality districts or marginal GOP plurality districts. Only 9 districts have sufficient Republicans to get elected without Democrat/Independent support.

If Governor Daugaard, Lee Schoenbeck and I are RINO?s, the party is too narrow to be a majority party. More importantly, I am proud to be associated with the party led by Governor Dennis Daugaard.

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  1. larry kurtz

    Jones for Congress.

    Sheesh Larry. My only endorsement is from a raging liberal. 🙂 Seriously, KN is doing a fine job. Glad she is there. TJ

  2. Steve Hickey

    You mean I’m not an evil impostor like I read on this blog last week? 😉 Thanks for spelling it out, Troy.

    I am proud to have you in my party even though you are wrong regarding high interest lending. 😉 TJ

  3. Bob Ellis

    Despite all your blather, actions speak louder–infinitely louder–than empty, worthless words (something RINOs like you repeatedly prove over and over).

    Justice and defense of innocent human life is a conservative and a Republican and a Christian value. I have repeatedly explained this to you in painstaking detail, yet you either can’t or won’t get it. ( and for some examples)

    National sovereignty, national security, respect for the law are, again, conservative, Republican and Christian values. Yes, we DO have problems with illegal aliens in this state, and you have to blind or a liar to refuse to acknowledge that. Or a liberal, which is where my money is.

    Let me spell out some rather simple and fundamental truths here–not that I expect it will do any good with you (you’ve repeatedly proven over the years that, like a typical liberal, you aren’t the slightest bit interested in the truth), but for the benefit of anyone who may not be up on these details.

    You can’t support the slaughter of innocent human life and credibly claim you are a conservative or a Republican.

    You can’t support defending those who slaughter innocent human life and have been found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of their peers, and still credibly claim to be a conservative or a Republican.

    You can’t defend or attempt to legitimize an immoral, unnatural and dangerous sexual behavior and credibly claim to be a conservative or a Republican.

    You can’t support the counterfeiting of marriage and credibly claim to be a conservative or a Republican.

    You can’t support the infringement of Second Amendment rights and a person’s right to self defense and credibly claim to be a conservative or a Republican.

    You can’t refuse to defend Americans–in our state or elsewhere-from the encroachment (which is already happening) of Shariah law that violates human and constitutional rights, and credibly claim to be a conservative or a Republican.

    You can’t refuse to do everything within your power to denounce, block or stop unconstitutional government intrusions that violate the First Amendment, the Tenth Amendment, private property rights, and the most fundamental freedom to do what you want with your own life and health, and credibly claim to be a conservative or a Republican.

    You can’t facilitate unconstitutional government intrusions that violate the First Amendment, the Tenth Amendment, private property rights, and the most fundamental freedom to do what you want with your own life and health, and credibly claim to be a conservative or a Republican.

    You can’t refuse to identify and correct drug use by people who are being supported by the taxpayers and credibly call yourself a conservative or a Republican.

    You can’t support the expansion of government regulation and control and credibly claim to be a conservative or a Republican.

    I could go on, but I think you get the point–well, I doubt that you do, but I’m sure any reasonable person does.

    Finally, you can’t support people who support the liberal positions outlined above and credibly call yourself a conservative or a Republican.

    Look them up. These have long been articulated and documented Republican values. There is no credible question as to what is a conservative and/or Republican position.

    Republicans have a “higher obligation” to represent the values of the party to which they have professed loyalty. You don’t buy a can of Pepsi and expect Mountain Dew. You don’t expect someone to join the Lions Club and then support poking people’s eyes out. You don?t’ expect someone to join the chess club and then call for everyone to go out and play baseball. You don’t expect someone to join a Christian church and then run around telling everyone how wonderful Islam is. Likewise, people don’t expect “Republicans” to facilitate government expansion, and they don’t expect “Republicans” to block, fight and obstruct conservative legislation.

    So you have two choices, you and your fellow RINOs. You can either quit flirting with the disease that is destroying our country (liberalism), get serious about advancing the Republican agenda…or get real comfortable with being called the RINO that you are, because it’s going keep happening until you either get your mind right or be quite about your liberal proclivities.

    If you want to advance or get cozy with liberal ideas, be honest and go join the Democrat Party. Meanwhile, real Republicans want our party back, and we’re going to do what it takes to get it back. We’ve allowed you impudent liberal children too much free rein to ruin the reputation of our party for too long.

    ?In a controversy, the instant we feel anger, we have already ceased striving for truth and have begun striving for ourselves?

    Abraham J. Heschel quotes (Jewish theologian and philosopher, 1907-1972)

    ?The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of a mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one?

    Wilhelm Stekel quotes (Austrian psychoanalyst, 1868-1940)

    ?Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.?

    Albert Einstein

    (quotes from me to Bob: TJ)

    1. eye pea

      Smilodon: extinct, dodo: extinct, Ellis: self-extirpating. You should consider self-immolating in front of the State Capitol, Bob.

    2. Anonymous

      What a wacko! This gibberish is exactly why DD endorsed the primary candidates he did. Ellis has the distinction of being the only blog in SD classified as a hate site. It is easy to see why.

      1. Bob Ellis

        Yes, because liberals always define the telling of the truth as “hate.” This silly little exercise today has done more to expose the ties of some so-called “Republicans” to liberalism than I ever could have managed on my own. The truly funny thing is, I don’t think most of you liberals even realize how badly you show your own hands.

    3. Smitty

      After reading the above text from Mr. Ellis on May 25th I have to say my breath was taken away. I have not been moved like that from reading a blog post in a very long time. I have not been an avid reader of this site for some time, and decided to look since elections are coming up. I would like some more information about your organization Mr. Ellis. The work you are doing to root out the liars is important. Fighting the “hate” of others with the righteous HATE of your own. Most importantly though, reminding the masses (you reach masses right?) that the middle of the road is the most attractive path because people like you stand on both sides blocking progress from both directions.

      “We stand in the presence of an awakened nation, impatient of partisan make-believe.”
      ?Woodrow Wilson

      If only it were true.

      1. Bob Ellis

        I understand that some people have difficulty picking a side. You’re afraid to admit that we are in a war for the soul and foundation of our nation. This site is filled with comments from people who are afraid to make a decision about what they believe and stick with it. Some people have a hard time coming to terms with the fact liberalism is a corrosive and destructive philosophy. They want to just watch American Idol, attend their sporting events, play Farmville and such, and pretend that everyone is really on the same team. The liberal establishment likes that, because while we’re living in fantasyland, they’re busy subverting all that is dear to Americans. You don’t have to hate, but if you think you can get along with it, you’re sorely mistaken. It’s like the scorpion who took a ride across the river from the frog.

        1. eye pea

          Mental illness as a directive for truth: what a concept. Consider joining a ketamine study, Ellis.

  4. SDDEM

    It will be interesting to see which way the GOP goes in SD. We will find out soon in June if they go with Ellis and Howie. Or Jones and the rational repubs. Fellow Dems we better get busy we may need to sew a bigger tent!

    1. Bob Ellis

      This comment speaks volumes. For a Democrat to call a bunch of RINOs “the rational repubs” tells us all we need to know about whether this bunch reflects Republican values…or Democrat values.

      I just love it when liberals prove me right (and it happens so often)!

        1. Bob Ellis

          I get the concept of “rational opposition” just fine. The fact that an irrational Leftist who despises all the values that made our nation the greatest the world has ever seen (the same values the Republican Party is built upon), considers liberal “Republicans” to be more “rational” than those who champion those American values…as I said, that speaks volumes for precisely how little RINOs fit in in the GOP. It’s rather like an inmate in an asylum talking about how nuts the staff are and how rational his inmates are.

          Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.

          Bob, can I assume I’m the irrational Leftist to which you refer? Always have a hard time discerning to whom your anger is directed.

  5. Ron Paul

    HEY NECONS Romney IS OBAMAAAAAAAAA JR. HEY NEOCONS Daugaard IS A DEMOCRATTTTTTTT THAT CHANGED HIS VOTER REGISTRATION TO GET ELECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Electrifying South Dakota

    I too am finding it hard to navigate the shoals of my party. Am in favor of abortion? No! Am I in favor of gun control? No(Insert “cold dead hands” line for emphasis)! More regulation in my industry? Again, No! However, I don’t necessarily agree with the Ryan plan, I don’t necessarily agree with HB 1234, and I don’t believe that my support of either of these two things should be a litmus test for membership in a political affiliation I eagerly associated with many years ago. With 240K registered Republicans in SD, we are going to have differences of opinion, but the key is to grow the party, to find a common set of shared values, to advocate those values, and grow the party. Simply indicating that you are a Republican and I am not is sophmoric at best, and I really hope we can strive for more adult dialogue.

    Coincidentally, out of respect to Abnor and Mickelson, I don’t think I would put them in the same headline as Romney. Abnor and Mickelson were leaders who reached across a wide spectrum, and I don’t see this same trend with the Romney campaign. Having known Mickelson, I don’t think he ever turned his nose to a good idea just because it came from someone he didn’t like. That’s what made him a good attorney in Brookings, and that is what made him an exceptional Governor. The same can be said for Abnor’s willing embrace of the Democrats. You have to keep your mind open.

  7. Job Creator

    Geez guys – don’t worry about it. These old grumps like Ellis and his cronies can’t kick you out of your party if you don’t want to be kicked out. I would suggest, however, that you take a hard look at kicking them out. You aren’t RINOs. You are more likely NARLYs (Not A Republican Like You ).

    Today’s Republican party, sadly, doesn’t look much like the Party of Lincoln anymore. Stand up to the kooks before they destroy the potential of your party.

    1. Bob Ellis

      No, today’s GOP sadly does not look much like the party of Lincoln anymore. Instead of standing for principles like freedom and innocent human life, the party establishment is too concerned with dividing the spoils to stand for anything–anything good, that is.

      1. Job Creator

        Bob, even though I don’t agree with you on a few issues, I still admire your fight against the silent majority. The one factor that differs the most from today’s party and the Party of Lincoln is the dogma that dominates the current landscape. As you may recall (and Troy will elaborate, no doubt), Lincoln actually invited adverse discourse and appointed many political enemies to important posts.

        I simply can’t imagine you doing that and it the most Lincolnesque of characteristics.

        And Reaganesque who included the following moderate members of his administration that included GHWB, Don Regan, James Baker, Richard Schweiker, Margeret Heckler, and Bill Brock. Heck, Bob doesn’t even want me in his party. CRAZY!

        1. Bob Ellis

          Yeah, Lincoln was real ”
          Lincolnesque” and inviting of ”
          adverse discourse” with that whole anti-slavery and emancipation thing of his, wasn’t he? Just like he was with “adverse discourse” on several states going their own way and continuing slavery.

          Unlike today’s pathetic excuse for “Republicans,” Lincoln knew what principles were important and non-negotiable. Today, as Gov. Daugaard has proven, modern “Republicans” will throw out principles on life, family, freedom and other foundational principles simple for expedience and because they don’t want liberals saying they’re mean.

          What a disgusting bunch of cowards.

  8. 88 percenter

    Amazing how the Lone Ranger, who received 12 percent of the R vote in the primary, and his Tonto have the audacity to dictate to the other 88 percent what a “real” Republican is.

    Equally amazing how they hold everybody else to the 100 percent standard.

    I feel very comfortable as a pro-life, anti-death penalty Catholic in the Republican party, and feel very good knowing Ellis et al are in the minority. Seems he has pretty high regard for himself, and his superiority complex is off-putting.

    1. Bob Ellis

      Unlike RINOs, I have a high regard for Republican values and principles.

      Anyone who wants to represent the Republican Party while advancing liberal values and opposing Republican priorities has far too much regard for themselves.

      1. 88 percenter

        so do you consider anti-death penalty position to be RINO?

        LOL. The first time Bob called me a liberal was over this issue.

        1. 88 percenter

          Since no political party mirrors my religion/ethics/values, I choose the party that best represents them. That’s the R party, whether Bob likes it or not.

  9. Just Call Me Joe

    Interesting commentary – I note there’s not Janklow or “W” on your list….

    You read too much into it. I admit Jeb is my favorite Bush. I left Janklow out out of respect of the reality I supported Abdnor in the 1986 Senate primary.

  10. Troy Jones Post author

    Bob, just so everyone is clear on your perspective.

    The reality we disagree on HB1178 regarding immigration and the death penalty, you deem me a liberal. These are the defining issues and supercede all others. Right?

    Or is there something else or additional issues?

    1. Bob Ellis

      Troy, I think I was pretty clear in my rather lengthy response to your attempt to convince people that defending liberal positions and defending liberals doesn’t make you a liberal.

      Though I am once again forced to ask myself the most pertinent question in modern political discourse (Are liberals really that stupid, or do they just think the rest of us are?), if you couldn’t figure out the answers to your own questions after reading it the first time, I’d recommend you read through the information once again–maybe even a third time, if necessary. I’m sure even you can figure it out after that.

      Trying to educate people who are either ill-equipped for or are hostile to the truth gets really old really fast.

      1. Troy Jones Post author

        Bob, yes or no. Don’t rant.

        Just let us know if you think my death penalty views and opposition that immigration bill defines and supercedes views on all other issues sufficiently to define one as a liberal RINO.

        1. Wolverines!!!!!!!!

          Hey now, go easy on Ol’ Bob. He kept Omaha, NE safe from being over-run by Commies in the 1980’s!

  11. Anonymous

    Well I can’t tell if Ellis is a Republican or not. Most of the ones I know and love at least try to behave like human beings. I guess I’ll leave that for you guys to decide.

    That said though, Troy, he’s clearly an insufferable jackass.

    Maybe he’s a closet Dixiecrat?


    1. Bill Fleming

      Sorry, that was me, Fleming. Not hiding, just didn’t have the blanks filled in. This site is pretty ‘liberal’ about screening comments and commenters, I’ve noticed. …just sayin’.

    2. Bob Ellis

      Yes, I’m afraid conservatives have been silent and patient for too long, hoping liberals would sooner or later come to their senses. Because we’ve acted like stupid pushovers, we’ve given you the impression that your bad behavior is acceptable. Like grownups who’ve let undisciplined brats run wild for too long, we’ve been too “nice” and inadvertently given you a sense of entitlement–entitlement to undermine our country and undermine the brand of the GOP.

      I know it will come as a shock to you, but the grownups are back in the room, and we’re not putting up with your crap anymore.

      1. LBJ was a wimp

        “I know it will come as a shock to you, but the grownups are back in the room, and we?re not putting up with your crap anymore.”

        Bob: in case you and Gordon missed it, that is exactly what the Governor meant when he made his primary endorsements.

        Old school, punish-those-that-don’t-support-you, party politics. I like Gov. D more and more every day.

      2. Anonymous

        Bob, you really should see a therapist about all this irrational anger. Really man, what’s your problem? Bed wetting?

        1. Bob Ellis

          My problem is with liberals who loathe everything that makes this country great, and with liberals who try to deceive people and pass themselves off as “Republicans.” The fact you’re obviously okay with these things says quite a bit about you–and none of it good.

  12. mhs

    Went to my first GOP event since moving to Arizona the other day. If this state is the model for Bob’s version of what the party should be, put me the RINO camp. Sycophants, anarchists and just plain con men mimic Ellis’ utopian view of (Lincoln: seriously?) what the party should be while pushing their noses as deep as possible in the public trough. (they actually introduced a bill that the taxpayers should re-imburse Pierce’s campaign costs in his recall election! Bob: how’s that fit your GOP litmus test?)

    The racism isn’t even glossed over: it’s the bedrock of their beliefs. Guns must be everywhere so we can “protect ourselves” when the race war begins, etc. etc. etc. . . . and God wills it! Seriously, its as if the worst faction of the Knights Templar have been time-warped to Maricopa County.

    Sickening and fascinating at the same time.

    I have little fear of the South Dakota GOP following suit, so, enjoy the Ellis / Howie camp for the entertainment value that it is and get on with the serious business of running the state.

  13. 88 percenter

    So if I adobt all of Bob’s positions, will I become as bitter and dire and apocolyptical as he is? He doesn’t exactly write stories or comments that make people want to belong to that wing of the party, does he? It’s not even Tea Party. It’s more like Who Peed in Your Cheerios Party. It’s the most negative condescending stuff I see anywhere. Maybe a reading of How to Win Friends and Influence People would be helpful. Or perhaps another reading of the Bible would help him have a little more joy in his heart and allow him to be more uplifting.

    1. Bob Ellis

      You should adopt the positions of the GOP if you’re going to call yourself a Republican. If you’re going to defend liberals and liberalism, be honest enough to join the liberal party of record.

      As for your typically liberal-warped “interpretation” of the Bible, see my response to “Anonymous'” similar distortions. And while you’re at it, go look in the Bible itself (Matthew 23) and see how much “joy in his heart” Christ had when dealing with self-righteous hypocrites who were trying to deceive people into Hell with their corrupt ideology.

      There’s a time to call a spade a spade, and it’s here…in spades.

  14. Bob Ellis

    Thanks again! Your comradeship with and affection for the RINOs is repeatedly and clearly apparent. Real-time illustrations of the accuracy of what I’ve said are very welcome.

    1. SDDEM

      Is it just me or does anyone else get the sense that the happiest day Bob could have would be a day that he was put in charge of loading all the “Liberals” into cattle cars, with the solid conviction in his heart that he was doing God’s work.

      1. Bob Ellis

        Sorry, that’s what the socialists that you liberals are so enamored with do. Check your history. Of course, if you did, you’d realize how abysmally wrong you are and might actually feel a compulsion to embrace American values instead.

        Bob, I see this comment got caught in the spam filter. Thought about not approving it out of pity. But then I said, what the heck.

        1. SDDEM

          Bob your anger comes across as hate. If it truly is your goal to compel others to embrace American values, then it boggles the mind that you believe that your methodology is the best approach to further that goal.

          1. Bob Ellis

            The reason my “anger” comes across to liberals as “hate” is because the hate it when people point out how corrosive and wrong their agenda is.

            Your ilk has proven repeatedly and resoundingly that you will not respond to kind entreaties, reasoned arguments, rational thought, facts or reality. Therefore, there’s no sense in trying to convince you to embrace American values; you are clearly hostile to them and will reject them at every turn.

            We will therefore just defeat you, and you’ll just have to grumble about having to live in the restored greatest nation on earth.

              1. Bob Ellis

                That is pretty much correct. I have only said what I have said for two reasons: (1) Deception should not be allowed to stand unchallenged, and (2) to set the record straight for any open-minded, rational person who might read this. I don’t offer the truth for the benefit of liberal fenceposts, upon which it is wasted as pearls before swine.

                1. SDDEM

                  Well then good enough , because I have no doubt that open-minded and rational people have had the record set strait in this thread.

        2. Bob Ellis

          So, Troy, you thought about not approving it so you could hide the revealed truth that it is not conservatives who like to attack people’s freedom and load them up in railroad cars, but your socialist buddies? Again, how very liberal of you. You just can’t help but reveal your liberal tendencies, can you?

          Out of pity, I thought about not letting you again make a fool of you. But I really don’t care about your reputation

  15. Winston

    Dennis Daugaard is the next Frank Farrar. Which do you think sounds better … Governor Mike Huether or Governor Michael Huether?

  16. troy

    I just refer back to my quotes I inserted in Bob’s earlier post

    He just doesn’t realze how angry, unhumble and how easy it is to laugh at him.

    I know I should feel more pity for him but my funny bone just keeps vibrating.

    PS. If I wanted to prove these wackos view was more narrow, I couldn’t have done it more effectively than Boo did.

    BTW Bob, one of your antagonists on this thread had a direct relative who worked at the closest level to the Reagan family.

    1. Job Creator

      Troy, Bob and the throngs who think like him and express themselves like him are the best thing that ever happened to the liberals. Rational, normal people read and hear their bitter rants and run away from them as fast as they can.

      These next rounds of elections are going to be decided by independents, who are largely educated and are weighing out the positives and negatives of the various candidates. If there is no compromise and good, solid conservatives like you simply aren’t good enough anymore, that slice of the right is going to continue to cause permanent damage.

      1. Bob Ellis

        I rather doubt the next election will be decided by “independents.” Bloviators always say that and its seldom true; it’s a way to sound broad-gauged while hiding one’s own lack of consistency.

        It’s very telling, though, that people who want others to believe they are “Republicans” would even consider lauding the possibility that people who lack a consistent philosophy and shun any loyalty to a set of values–particularly Republican ones. Yes, that says a LOT about these so-called “Republicans.”

    2. Bob Ellis

      That’s part of your problem, Troy. You think the most important and fundamental principles are something to laugh at. That’s why you and your fellow RINOs who view that which is truly important as objects of derision are pathetic excuses for “Republicans.”

    3. old farmer

      This is the problem with the republican party, they are for their buddys. What they should be for are the everyday working South Dakota republicans.

  17. Anon

    I think the most peculiar thing about howie, Ellis, sibby and crew is the fact that they really believe that the majority of people think like they do. Reality is they are the same 10% that backed howie in the primary. Batshit crazy is right but they don’t know it.

  18. Charlie Hoffman

    I could not care less about what anyone calls me. My most important title is that of husband; and nearly equal in stature but with much more historical longevity is that of DAD!! 🙂

    Beyond that being a friend and being kind to those around me the greatest gift I can give. Even those who have another name beside Republican used in my honor.

    What is sad though and probably the reason for all the unrest within the party is the seeming lack of self control in lashing out at other legislators from within the party. Have we lost respect for the process? Or do we just have a new different kind of persona working against the old respectful ways of my father’s generation?

    Good stuff Jones. Hickey is one of favorites, great to be included in any group with him. I like the way you think! (one of these days I’ll get to see how well you take down roosters-Schoenbeck style hopefully)

  19. Lee Schoenbeck

    This has been really interesting. I’m puzzled by where this RINO label is being thrown. I actually understand when it is used on some who seem to never vote with established party policy in the caucus – like about never. I understand that, but there are some folks here that I’m puzzled by the claim.

    Charlie Hoffman, way back before Rush was cool, first told me about this conservative radio guy we could listen to – he had been grooving to the guy while working in his tractor.

    Troy Jones was a Youth for Reagan delegate to the national convention, when it wasn’t cool to be for Reagan amongst young people (everybody’s for him now – but that’s not what we endured when we worked for him in the 80s).

    Steve Hickey I only met when he was running for office. Had read about him, and he seemed a little to narrow and hard edged in how he related his theology to his politics. He came up to me at a political button show and introduced himself – have gotten to know him since then. I admire him. I don’t always agree with him, but I admire his principled positions and I don’t know if I’ve moved his way, or he mine, but there’s less daylight between our views than I thought.

    Val Rausch and Tim Begalka are both very good people that I have known for a lot of years. They are both solid conservatives and I would love to have either at my home for an evening — and I would trust my kids to them (Val’s brother-in-law introduced me to my wife; my son intern for Tim).

    Gordon Howie and I have been friends since we served together in Pierre – I would be shocked if Gordon thought my leadership in the Capitol was anything other than conservative.

    This list could go on. Also, I recall phone conversations and emails with Bob Ellis – back a few years – that didn’t sound like the mad person I read above.

    I can’t get my mind around the effort to drive conservatives (much less anybody that wants to support a limited government, fiscal restraint policy) out of our political party. If on the political spectrum, we only allow Republicans that are to the right of Troy – Charlie – Steve – and I — who have all gone through life fighting the good fight for conservative causes and endured the attacks from the left that come with that — the spectrum of “real” Republicans that are left can share a bath tub! It is not a prescription for a political party or a governing platform.

    1. Job Creator

      Lee, Bob doesn’t want to drive you or anyone else out of the party. He just wants you to prove up and become a Republican like him – like he’s the one who sets the rules. I think it would take a pretty big bathtub to fit in all of those ideological purists. But a Big Tent is far, far too large to put over them.

      1. Bob Ellis

        “The rules” are well published at the state and national levels. I didn’t set them. I didn’t define them. I just hold allegiance to them, unlike RINOs.

        1. Bill Fleming

          Like a mindless automaton? Follow the dogma, even when it goes out the window? Thanks for the display of absolute, irrational goofiness, Ellis. it’s unprecedented, even for you.

          1. Bob Ellis

            I’m sure even you have heard of pearls before swine. You’ve provided yet another living illustration, as you always do.

            Bob, do you really believe everything you write is pearls? And, do you really think anyone who isn’t already in your camp is being swayed by your rants?

  20. Anonymous

    So if you listen to Rush on occasion, participated in some Republican political activity as a kid, go to political button shows, and have a brother-in-law that introduced Schoenbeck to his wife = conservative Republican?


    Getting lectured about embracing the 20% Republicans by the 2 who went after Nelson for the establishment rinos for not kneeling and looking the other way, priceless.

    Nice distraction Jones, curious shouldn’t you disclose the real reason you got the blog discussion off of the previous topic? What again is your personal interest in the Daugaard Administration????

    If you think I had any motive in responding besides being tired of being called a liberal and urged to leave a party I’ve carried more water for than Ellis has ever sniffed, have people I love die doing the people’s business, friends called corrupt, and then the Governor called a liberal, you are mistaken.

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks, Troy… What you wrote needed to be said, however, the wackos will never recognize common sense like yours.

  21. Anonymous

    ummmmm… isnt one of troys relatives an appointee in daugaards administration????

    Yes. And I am quite proud of my little brother. He worked hard from a deputy sheriff, through most of the Division of Criminal Investigation, to now our state’s top cop but of course you know that. The inference you are trying to make does not deserve the dignity of a response.

  22. Anonymous

    What we are witnessing on this blog is the ultimate destruction of the Republican party in South Dakota. The hijacking by a small but determined group of religious fanatics coupled with dismal turnout in primaries will ultimately result in candidates that will, in time, self destruct. The question remains however, what will they take with them when that occurs? It appears that we as Republicans are beginning to eat our young. Bon appetit!

  23. grudznick

    Mr. Howie had a good thing going 2 years ago. Then he overgodded on us, and imploded by not paying taxes. Now he’s gathered the most insane around his campfire. It is a small group.

  24. Charlie Hoffman

    Trevor Jones is a great man and if you don’t believe me just ask Abdallah! My bet is he was Abby Approved before hiring! 🙂 And my bet is Sec. Jones would not write anything on a blog in defense of himself or the Daugaard adm. But I sure will!!

  25. eye pea

    With Gary Johnson running in the chemical toilet, red state apparatchiks like Professor Blanchard were instructed by their handlers to go into crisis management mode (he?s on full cracker tilt over there) with hopes of slowing the mass exodus from the hapless Romney campaign.

    Public Policy Polling is compiling evidence that the Ron Paul supporters will flock in droves to the Johnson campaign stranding Willard Romney in RINO land and give the President a comfy landslide into the Green Term.

    We Dems wish to thank the Howie/Ellis wing of the earth hater party for its help in delivering South Dakota to President Obama in 2012.

  26. Stace Nelson


    Proud to be an actual dang Republican that works for South Dakotans and not some damn 2-bit political machine!

    I am a South Dakota voter Republican that believes in the party platform which prescribes what a real Republican does when they are supposed to ride for the brand.

    Endorsements? I don’t need no stinking endorsements! Then candidate Daugaard endorsed my young buddy Rep. Jon Hansen in his home district #25 race in 2010. Loyalty was shown to be a one way street even then. My sentiments on it then and now:

    A legislator is SUPPOSED to be the voice of the people, not someone who runs errands for the governor’s office .

    Sorry for my lack of envolvement these last several weeks. Seems I was resdistricted out of 75% of my district by that little cockroach Val Roach & Co. Folks in the new district think I am ugly, but the guard dog they want to deal with the influx of rats in Pierre. Couple weeks should tell for sure.

    You folks enjoy Memorial Day tomorrow, me and my ilk worked hard for you folks to get a day off.

    Good Night Chesty where ever you are! Semper Fidelis!

    1. Job Creator

      Stace, you guys did not get us the day off. You kept our freedoms so we can have a day off from tyranny EVERY day.

      Ironically, the Memorial Day holiday was established by Senator John Logan (source Grand Old Partisan website), a Democrat who had switched parties to become a Republican because he opposed the Democrats’ oppression of the African slaves.

      Wonder if Ellis would have called him a liberal…

    1. Bob Ellis

      He’s right that the debate will soon be over…because it won’t be too long now before everyone realizes the self-contradictory, illogical and scientifically-disproved religion of evolution is a naked emperor. Not even peer pressure and the herd instinct will be able to save it forever.

      But as hard as it is for liberals to do, let’s stick to the topic.

  27. Anonymous

    Clear up a rumor Stacy. Is it true you did not advance rank your last 12 years in the military? It would not surprise any of us as you are an authority unto yourself and your peers can’t work with you that you would have a past with performance inhibiting issues and incidents related to anger and instability. This voter in your district wants to know.

  28. anon

    There’s one other interesting spin that could come from all this.

    Unfortunately, it appears there’s no way that Nelson will lose in the primary… So, will the state party make it clear that they will not give him, or any of his band of misfits, any money for the general election?

    I for one, will not write a check to the SDGOP this year if there’s a chance any of it could end up in Stace’s campaign account.

    But, I do plan to write a larger check to the Daugaard re-election committee… So proud that we have a Governor that recognizes the fact that we need real people who will get real work done in Pierre… Not more noisemakers that have absolutely no power.

    1. Les

      I became a strong DD supporter as I watched him unfold his plans and grow into the job. These primary endorsements do nothing to enhance my support.

      Although I’m hardly lock step with Nelson and as far as noise makers go, I’ve been on boards that failed due to the lack of noise makers. Regardless of Stace Nelsons character, if there is nothing to hide, it should hardly matter what he says.

      I wouldn’t worry too much about your support for the party, DD will be more than happy to write his favorite son in law a check for the GOP~~!

      1. Job Creator

        You know, Les, I really like what Stace has done. It really goes back to what I consider is probably the best political story I have ever heard.

        As the allegory goes, Lincoln was out plowing when a man approached to have a visit. Lincoln stops the plow horse and visits a while. The visitor noticed a horse fly bothering the plow horse and reached out to slap it. Lincoln stopped the man, saying, “Please friend, don’t kill that horsefly. It’s the only thing keeping this old plow horse going.”

        I really hope the Party doesn’t kill the horsefly here. A lot of good can come from the discomfort that Stace makes the establishment insiders feel.

    2. Anonymous

      what a joke, another internet tough guy who hides their identity hile making stupid comments (yawn)

      well, I can assure you there are plenty average everyday republicans who will not be supporting the party with checks, and more importantly, as worker bees on the campaign trail!

  29. Gabe Mydland

    Dear Troy,

    I had a strange dream last night. You were in it so I thought I should tell you about it.

    First it was kind of scary. There was this guy, I do not know who he was, but anyway he said that anybody could come to his party but first you had to agree with him and his friends about everything. See this guy and his friends had ideas about what everyone should do and how we ought to live. The ideas they had were kind of simple. I suppose that is why he and his friends like them so much. But the rules were really strict: if you didn?t agree with everything they said, you couldn?t come to the party. Plus people got called names if they didn?t completely agree this guy and his friends. Sometimes they got real nasty.

    Then the dream was confusing. This guy and his group believed that by excluding a lot of people they could somehow get more people to agree with them. It was a weird kind of new math where less is more. I didn?t understand but I suppose it is like golf, where a lower score is better. And I don?t know much about that because my golf scores are always big. But they really believed that by keeping more people out, the more people would agree with them.

    The best part of the dream was funny. I hard time understanding what this guy was saying for most of the dream except he ended up calling you a Republican In Name Only or a RINO. And he believed it, he really believed it! Well I figured he didn?t know you very well. Heck you are so red you are almost purple. Anyone calling you a RINO made me laugh, and I guess I laughed so hard woke up laughing.

    Anyway I have decided to ignore the dream because it just too scary and confusing but it was funny too, very funny. I hope you are doing well. I would rather see you than dream about you. I would actually prefer to dream about golf.

    Take care,

    1. Bob Ellis

      I had a dream, too. It was about a guy (several guys, actually) who thought the best way to make their party effective was to ignore, spit on and show contempt for their party’s stated values and goals. See these guys had ideas about what everyone should do and how everyone ought to live, and they were in complete contradiction to the stated values of their party. They felt that the rules of the party they had professed loyalty to were “too strict” and that they should just be able to make up their own rules while still identifying with the party that gave them prominence. Plus they called people names like “kooks” and “theocrats” and “mean” and “hater” and many other things if those who believed in the party’s stated values and goals didn’t go along with them. Sometimes they got very nasty.

      My dream got even more confusing, too. These guys thought that by making their party ostensibly stand for anything, they could have an effective vehicle to accomplish the stated goals of their party. It was a weird kind of new math where something that something else was imagined to = something else.

      Perhaps the strangest part of the dream was that these people seemed to really believe the self-contradictory nonsense they were spouting–that or they were desperate to convince unsuspecting people to believe that an apple really was an orange.

      I, too, have tried to ignore this crazy dream as best I can. Liars and deceivers like that will sooner or later burn themselves out as people recognize them for what they are. I’m just going to do my part in making sure the public sees them for the hypocrites and deceivers they are.

      Sweet dreams!

      1. Troy Jones Post author

        Bob, a bit of hyperbole, claiming we:

        “ignore, spit on and show contempt for their party?s stated values and goals.”

        complete (emphasis added) contradiction to the stated values of their party.”

        “Liars and deceivers like that will sooner or later burn themselves out as people recognize them for what they are. I?m just going to do my part in making sure the public sees them for the hypocrites and deceivers they are.”

        Bob, I agree with the party principles, especially those that most would consider the primary principles (see above) yet I am a liberal? Do you really think I should re-register? Do you think it most “honest” to be a Democrat or Independent?

        1. Bob Ellis

          For the Nth time, you can’t support policies and goals that are contrary to stated GOP values and credibly claim to agree with party principles, nor can you repeatedly defend those who show contempt for GOP values and principles and credibly claim to agree with party principles.

          It’s really simple, but you just want to be a good ole boy and have your cake and eat it, too. You need to figure out which side you’re on, then act like it. Words are cheap; actions aren’t.

    2. Bill Fleming

      I had a dream too.

      The Red team and the Blue team were playing basketball in a big gym with a river running through it.

      The Red team was obviously winning handily.

      Then, all of a sudden, one of the coaches on the Red team jumped up, ran out into the middle of the court, poured lighter fluid on his head, lit his hair on fire, and went screaming toward the red side bleachers shreiking about how that’s NOT how Reds play basketball!

      I woke up laughing.

  30. Charlie Hoffman

    This is the dumbest end of a blog I’ve ever read and I wish I would have just stuck to reading Hickey’s sermon over at FB, gone back to visiting with Holly and watching KELO, and not punched into WAR.

    Those of you who profess to be Christians while professing supreme loyalty to a piece of paper with Republican Mantra’s as your only goal in life should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Go to Steve Hickey’s FB page and read his morning sermon; please.

    1. Bob Ellis

      I never once said that I had more loyalty to the Republican platform than to Christ. But I do have loyalty to Republican principles because they are completely compatible with Christian principles. The primary difference here is that I’m not fraudulently claiming to be a good member of a party when I can’t even uphold or endorse that party’s goals. To do so is hypocrisy and deception, which apparently some “Republicans” have no problem at all with.

      1. Troy Jones Post author


        If through my own prayer and study/contemplation of the Bible, I find a few specific planks/agenda items of the Republican platform in conflict with my understanding of God’s plan. Should I:

        1) Follow the Republican Party platform or
        2) Follow what I believe is the whispering of the Holy Spirit?

        Then, after putting all my views in context and proper priority, I find myself 85% aligned with the Republican party, should I:

        1) Remain a Republican or
        2) Become a Democrat or Independent?

        Additionally, if I remain a Republican, two questions:

        Is it acceptable for me, exercising my Constitutional right to free speeach, to advocate positions consistent with the GOP platform and advocate a change to my views hoping to change hearts and minds?

        And, since I choose to identify as a Republican because the predominence of my views and priorities are consistent with the GOP platform yet have some differences, should I characterize others as “good Republicans” who only hold my views or should I tolerate some limited differences in others as I desire them to tolerate in me?

        Finally, if a majority of Republicans in a legislative district choose as their nominee someone you disagree with, will you characterize them as RINO’s or accept the collective decision of the voters of that district?

        These are simple questions. Please don’t rant. I am sincerely asking for your view.

        1. Bob Ellis

          I am not ranting. I am stating my views clearly. Some folks who are used to mealy-mouthed liberal-speak have difficulty with that, but I want there to be no doubt as to what I’m saying.

          Since it is very easy to mistake our own priorities for the voice of the Holy Spirit (I’ve made that mistake myself), it is best to check our views against God’s clear word as he stated it in the Bible. If you do that, you’ll find no conflict between the Republican Party platform and values, and God’s values.

          If, somehow, you still manage to find conflict and be uneasy about 15% of the Republican Party’s values and goals, you could still be an asset to the party–so long as you don’t work AGAINST those values and goals. It would also be helpful if you didn’t belittle, demean and sneer at those who are fully behind the GOP’s values and goals; if you can’t get behind Republican values and priorities 100%, at least don’t get in the way.

          It is “acceptable for you, exercising your Constitutional right to free speech, to advocate positions” that may even be inconsistent with the GOP platform. However, it is disingenuous for you to do so and claim that you are the best possible representative of the party with which you have aligned yourself. Further, it would be hypocritical and deceptive of you to “exercise your Constitutional right to free speech” to advocate positions contrary to GOP values and goals while claiming such contradictory opinions did in fact represent what they clearly do not.

          To answer what I believe is your final question, numbers are not arbiters of truth, facts or accuracy, nor is sincerity. It doesn’t matter if 100% of people agree on something that is wrong, it is still wrong. So yes, if the majority of Republicans in a legislative district–knowing full well the contradictory voting record of a RINO–choose to nominate that RINO over a candidate who better represents GOP values, I will indeed characterize them as the RINO that they are. They will have exercised their right to hypocritically show contempt for the values of the group with which they have aligned themselves, and I will exercise my right to point out their inconsistency and how they have undermined our party.

          Now, I have another illustration here which I hope might finally make things clear for you.

          When I became a Christian, I declared my loyalty to the principles and goals of Christ. I renounced principles and goals that are contrary to Christianity, and declared my allegiance to Christian principles. That means I try to continually examine my thinking to see if it differs from the standard, to see if I am allowing a contradictory philosophy to infect my thinking, and whether I am excusing contradictions to take it easy on myself or others whom I like. If I am loyal to Christ’s standard, my opinion no longer matters; only His does.

          Unfortunately, sometimes I use profanity in contradiction to Christian principles. Sometimes I think unkind things about people when they’re going slow on the road and I’m stuck behind them–in contradiction to Christian principles. Sometimes I do both at the same time–doubly in contradiction to Christian principles.

          When I do this, I have three basic choices: (1) I can pretend that it isn’t against Christian principles to use profanity or to think unkind things about people, (2) I can pretend that it was really okay for me to do what otherwise violates Christian principles, maybe because I was sincere or I “meant well,” or (3) I can admit that I violated the Christian standard, rebuke myself, and try not to do it the next time temptation arises.

          I usually take #3. If I pretend my behavior didn’t really violate the Christian standard, I undermine God’s standard and make a mockery of it–especially if I claim to other people that God doesn’t really care if I curse or think unkind things about people–the Bible is “just a piece of paper,” after all. If I pretend it was okay for me to curse or think unkind things of other people because I was “sincere” or I “meant well,” then I am a hypocrite and an extremely poor example of that which I profess to be loyal to. If I take the third route, I am (a) still guilty of violating the standard, and (b) still a poor example of that which I profess to be loyal to. But at least the STANDARD maintains its integrity, which is what is most important to me. I am not loyal to me (or shouldn’t be); I am loyal to a standard, and if my loyalty means anything, then I must always point to the authority of that standard, even if I trip up and fail to live up to it.

          Because the standard is more important than I am.

            1. eye pea

              Some get it. Some don’t.

              Paul of Tarsus was hung over and had been smoking opium when he was overcome with it. Jesus of Nazareth was tempted by it in the desert after fasting. Joseph Smith was 18, drunkenly praying that God would forgive him for sins of debauchery when he got it. Wovoka witnessed a solar eclipse on peyote that compelled a generation of Ghost Dancers.

              Metanoia, visions, angels, the Holy Spirit–God’s work on Earth, Right?

              Maybe it’s all in your head.

              NPR’s religion correspondent, Barbara Bradley Hagerty, went looking for the “God Spot,” that place in the human brain that receives the Holy Spirit then compiled her results in a book she called The Fingerprints of God where she describes Temporal Lobe Epilepsy with a scientist’s fascination in exquisite detail.

              Bob has a disease: he can choose to treat it or let it treat him.

              1. Bob Ellis

                Again, thank you for illustrating the vast differences between the Leftist Democrat Party and the Republican Party (which, incidentally, embraces in our platform our Christian heritage). I appreciate the help.

          1. Troy Jones Post author

            Bob, I assume you believe I should hold fast to my deeply held religious convictions, even if it leads me to disagree with current GOP ideology. And, I will do my best to do so.

            And, where I disagree with current GOP positions, I am holding a position which is contrary to my “political instincts.” It would be much easier personally to support the death penalty and be harsher with regard to illegal immigrants. But, the whispering I hear in my conscience convicts me to be merciful to everyone, even the most heinous, and kind to all who grace my country.

            1. Bob Ellis

              I wouldn’t want you to violate your conscience, but you would do best to find out what the Bible clearly says and then do it, rather than rely on what may be signals you’ve confused with your own ideas. Justice, which is of paramount importance, depends on getting it right.

    2. Bill Fleming

      Charlie, to those of us watching from the outside of the SDGOP, this thread has been rather spectacular. Bob Ellis has singlehandedly written South Dakota’s far-right out of the GOP franchise.

      I’m imagining Gordon Howie has his head in his hands right now (he knows better than to behave this way, and knows that guys like Bob will be the kiss of death to the extremist position inside the party).

      Time was when the SD Repubs actually used to listen to these guys and let them influence their vote. But Ellis’s vituperations here have made it pretty easy to discount the whole apocalyptic, paranoid, fear-based, bogeyman, wing-nut fringe.

      That’s good, and about time. I suppose we can thank Mr. Ellis for finally jumping the shark, but the fact is, it’s been a long time coming.

      Glad you guys are finally shaking off the fire and brimstone magic spell.

      SD politics will be the better for it.

      1. Bill Fleming

        p.s. we on the left are not without our nutjobs, either. But it comes down to this. Who else are the lefty extremists going to vote for (if they vote at all)?

        The purpose of a political party is to win elections. Neither party can allow the extremists to set the agenda, because extremists, by definition, are a minority vote. Moving too far left or right will signal the death of a politcal party.

  31. Mr. Moderate

    Bob Ellis’s strict word for word adherence to party policy has more in common with the party that now runs China than it does with any American party. Bob Ellis is being unamerican in his views on this blog.

    1. Bob Ellis

      Yet another Leftist like that we would more naturally expect from one of the propagandistic countries around the world than from an America, or someone who called themselves a “Republican.” As is clear to everyone, it is those people who hold the most loyalty to Republican principles who are the most opposed to the Marxist policies of places like China. You sound like a Marxist who claimed that East Germany was a “Democratic Republic” or that China is “the people’s republic.” Thanks for once again revealing the liberal proclivities and tactics of the RINOs who like to claim they uphold Republican values.

        1. Bob Ellis

          No, your intentionally obtuse comment begs for a re-read of mine. It is you and your Leftist friends who act like Marxists. It is we conservatives you loathe so much who seek to preserve the American way–which is, incidentally, fully reinforced by the Republican principles and goals you seem to hold in such disdain.

        1. Bob Ellis

          Actually I created my new website BEFORE that Leftist hate group issued their propaganda release. You liberals just can’t seem to get anything right, can you?

          1. eye pea

            yep, dakota voice: general hate. right along side of the christian identity movement and fundamentalist church of jesus christ of latter-day saints.

  32. mhs

    George McGovern flew 50 missions over Germany. Bob Kerry was a Navy Seal, Medal of Honor winner and lost a leg in Vietnam. John Kerry’s record has been lambasted, but, the Navy thought enough of what he did to award him the Navy Cross. Oh yeah, John Kennedy had a bit of war record, too. As did Harry Truman. As does John McCain, deemed “too liberal” by your peers.

    Finally, the uber-lib, the father of all you deem wrong with the country, the center-piece of your “liberal haters of America” club, Franklin Delano Roosevelt himself, was Assistant Secretary of the Navy and, oh by the way, won WWII in the face of GOP isolationist policy at the time. (a sad chapter in our party’s history)

    Bob: ask yourself this memorial day: what the hell have you done?

    1. Bob Ellis

      How wonderful to see liberals here on this thread (which is ostensibly about how good a Republican we all are) come out and openly defend Leftists who made a mockery of the Constitution and American values in general.

      Need I remind you that Benedict Arnold was an American general in fine standing…until he betrayed his country? Need I remind you that Robert Hanssen was an FBI agent in good standing, ostensibly helping keep the people of America safe…until we learned that he was helping the Soviets? Need I remind you that Aldrich Ames was a CIA agent who was helping defend America…until we found out he was also helping the Soviets?

      Sorry, what you did yesterday doesn’t count for much. What you’re doing today is what counts–especially if it’s in contradiction to what you espouse to be loyal to.

      Me? I served in the military for 10 years, and I’ve continued to defend the Constitution and constitutional principles ever since. But that doesn’t count for much. What counts is whether I’m standing for those principles TODAY. Unlike RINOs who seem more friendly with the Leftists in the Democrat Party, that is what I continue to work for.

  33. eye pea

    Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is expected to glean most of the supporters of Ron Paul’s failed candidacy after it circles down the earth hater primary drain wrapping up in Paul’s state of Texas where Willard Romney is the favorite.

    Johnson will be on every state ballot where he will draw uncommitted voters and those disgusted with the conservative liberal at the top of the earth hater ticket.

    Gov. Johnson could affect a close race in Montana and in the chemical toilet that is Bob Ellis’ South Dakota, maybe even sway the contest for President Obama.

  34. Anooner

    Just when I was convinced Sibby ran the wackiest ship in the Navy, in steams Admiral Ellis aboard the USS Cuckoo Bird. “All hands hard to starboard!”

  35. Elais

    Bob, What is the difference between your views and the views of a group like the Taliban? They tend to want their followers to adhere to the party line too.

  36. eye pea

    131 comments: hope this helped, Troy. Send $20 to Jeff Barth, k?

    Ellis: thanks fer playin,’ yer a good sport fer a fascist.

  37. Rodney Fluth

    Wow. I am a political junkie and I am sick of this. I tend to be more conservative/libertarian than the average Republican, but there is room in the party for more than just people like me. Ronald Reagan always said that a person who agrees with you 80% of the time is a friend. I think that we need to concentrate on the 80% agreement more than the 20% disagreement. I hope that doesn’t make me a liberal.

    1. Anonymous

      Spot on Rodney! It is the windvanes that court Republicans without concern to the issues that are killing the SDGOP!

      Somebody get some garlic, I fear a rino is near!

      Why the anonymous post? I thought you didn’t do that? (TJ)


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