Where are all the candidates?

The Hughes County Lincoln Day Dinner is set to kick off the 2012 Lincoln Day season on February 21st. In 2010 Kristi Noem announced her primary campaign for US Congress at the Hughes County dinner. One has to wonder if anything exciting will happen this time around.

If memory serves me correctly, all of those candidates who are now serving in elected statewide office had officially announced their candidacies by this time two years ago.

Which makes me realize we have a bare field compared to 2010 when two or three people ran for every position available at the convention. We still don’t have an officially announced candidate for National Committeewoman and Nelson and Fiegen are currently running unopposed.

For organizing purposes and getting your supporters locked in as delegates to the state convention in Sioux Falls in June, I wouldn’t recommend waiting too much longer if you are a potential candidate currently on the fence. The deadline for your supporters to become voting delegates (precinct committeeman or committeewoman) is March 27th. Sign them up! (do not confuse this with the March 1st caucus date for RNC delegates)

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  1. West of the River

    We used to hear talk that Rep. Bruner would run for PUC. I havne’t heard any of this talk for quite sometime. West River needs some people serving in statewide capacity.

    Bruner would be an interesting trial baloon and an oppurtunity for fellow west river native Ryan Maher to see how someone not on the eastern side of the state could fair. Someone should run for PUC this time.

  2. Anonymous

    I’d like Mary Jean Jensen to make up her mind. If she isn’t running for reelection then it would be good for her to say so publicly in order to allow for others who might be interested to jump in.

    I often heard Deb Peters would run. 1. Shantel Krebs, 2. Sandye Kading, 3. Deb Peters and 4. Kristie Wagner would be the order I’d rank the potential names I’ve heard.

    1. anon

      If Krebs wants to run for Congress in ’14 (assuming Noem runs for Senate) she should not get so cozy with the party aparatus. She’s a good candidate.

  3. Endangered Species

    What we need are some more actual people who believe in Republican principles, that have actually read the GOP party platform and support it!

    Lots of rumors of people getting signatures to take on the many RINOs in the legislature, lets hope all of them rumors are true!

  4. grudznick

    I would like to run myself, but as Clay Bill knows I am a gnarly old coot, even without my gobbler wobbler arms. I couldn’t win without a gunnysack on my head, with raggity eye holes sliced slightly off-center.


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