Where should the tournaments be held?

Where should the South Dakota high school tournaments such as basketball, wrestling, and volleyball be played? That is an interesting question that was to be discussed today at the South Dakota High School Activities Association meeting.

South Dakota now rotates its basketball tournaments among seven cities in a schedule set through 2015. This weekend the boys Class A field is competing in the 51-year-old Sioux Falls Arena, Class AA in Rapid City and Class B in Aberdeen. Brookings, Spearfish, Huron and Watertown host the girls, as does Rapid City as the only city in the rotation for both boys and girls.

One idea is to consolidate the boys tournaments with classes A, AA and B at the same time in one building. Minnesota does that now by bringing 32 teams in four classes to the Twin Cities in a weeklong super-tournament each spring. Iowa does the same, also 32 teams in four classes, in a week of games in Des Moines.

I like the way we handle the tournaments now by holding different classes in various communities, but what do you think? Do you want all tournaments to be held in one location? I’m sure there are benefits for fans to be able to watch more games in one facility.

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  1. springer

    What’s wrong with spreading them out among various communities, thus “spreading the wealth?” Sioux Falls isn’t the only city that can provide the space. Other cities need the monies these tournaments bring in (restaurants, gas, motels, etc), not just Sioux Falls just because it decided to build a new events center. IMO Sioux Falls needs to fill the space in Heuther’s new event center and this is one way he plans to do it.

  2. duggersd

    One of the arguments used in getting the Events Center into Sioux Falls was then SF would have the ability to host all three tournaments. I thought at the time that was a pipe dream. The only thing a proposal like this would do is anger people from other communities that also host tourneys. I believe the way things are handled at this time is equitable for several cities. Aberdeen and Huron are somewhat centrally located and seem to handle the B tourneys relatively well. Rapid City and Sioux Falls both have the hotels and other infrastructure to handle the AA & A tourneys. As a resident of SF, I hope you can forgive someone’s ill advised suggestion. I noted it did not come close to passing. Hopefully this is the end of it. And please come visit! We need the revenue for that Events Center!

      1. Anonymous

        Othe towns have enough motel rooms to host the smaller tournaments … not all at once though. Leave it as it is.

        I just love it when cities use taxpayer money to build bigger arenas/convention centers to attract groups away from other cities. Then those affected cities want their taxpayers to fund building bigger buildings to grab back the lost business. The taxpayer is the one who gets screwed.

  3. DUH

    I’m from SF also. However, I think it’s a bit arrogant to have all tourneys come to SF. If a city can handle it, they should be able to host.

  4. Troy Jones

    Fact: The net ecomomic effect of the place of the tournament on the state as a whole is not impacted on location.

    Thus the first questions are:

    1) Is there merit to spreading the economic effect to various communities and does it outweigh other considerations.

    2) What are the hidden costs to having multiple locations (parent/student/school travel costs, distance traveled discouraging quantity of fans)

    3) What are the hidden advantages to having multiple locations (diverse fan attendance because some locations are closer to different people)

    2) Do different venues enhance the profitability of the SDHSAA (profits from basketball fund money losing tourneys)?

    3) Is higher profits necessary to enhance the other high school tourneys (debate or other less popular sports)?

    Once we have these questions answered, there may be other questions to be answered.

    Personally, I think the following:

    1) The AA boys tournament should be held in Sioux Falls at least 2 of every 3 years as 2/3 of the schools are located within 100 miles of Sioux Falls.

    2) The AA girls tournament should be rotated between Sioux Falls, Brookings (home of Lady Jacks), and Rapid City to again accommodate travel for proximity of the schools.

    3) A similar analysis should be made with regard to weighted distance from the schools by class and have an appropriate weighting of the venues. I could see the Mitchell Corn Palace and Aberdeen’s Barnett Center being in the mix unless they are too small for the tournament. Don’t know if Huron’s facility is really big enough.

    4) In all cases, hotel rooms should be a consideration.

  5. anon

    I am not in agreement with Wayne Carney’s idea to hold all state tournaments in Sioux Falls. According to my co-worker who was at the meeting, he said it is a business decision. Apparently a girls volleyball tournament lost $20,000. Yes, that is a lot of money and if that is the case, that particular tournament needs to be evaluated. However using one example to change the entire structure is silly. I would also argue it is premature to say future tournaments will make money if they are held in the new Sioux Falls arena. How can you even begin to plug in numbers when you have no idea how much the new arena will charge for a tournament? I could go on and on about why this is a ridiculous idea, but I’ll let others chime in on that.

    Having said all this — just watch. In a few years all tournaments will be held in Sioux Falls. It’s a foregone conculsion.

  6. Oldguy

    Before the debate on where the tournament is held I would to discuss going back to the A and B as well as does a small state like us really need 7 classes of football?


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