Where the nutty person sending out press releases for Corinna Robinson tries to recruit a Kardashian.

I thought today’s saga of dealing with unbalanced Corinna Robinson campaign volunteers had gone pretty far down the rabbit hole this afternoon.

Although, in response, I’ve had a ton of calls and e-mails from politicos asking me if these people are for real, and cackling with laughter. Although, in response to one of their e-mails stating the boycott by Florida Democrats is on, one advertiser offered to make their ad bigger.

In the intervening hours, while I was live tweeting the US Senate debate, apparently the person who was sending out press releases for Corinna was organizing her boycott by starting a petition on change.org, Pinterest…. And then she pulled out the big guns.

She asked a Kardashian to help her take me down. Seriously. Actually, not a full blown Kardashian, just Kendall Jenner. Because socialites exist to help people who might be missing a few fries from their happy meal go after South Dakota political blogs:


I love the part where she brown noses after curtly being told “no” to her request for Kendall Jenner to retweet the link to the change.org petition.

Apparently, it must have really upset Kathy Scott (aka 1000 girlfriends) when I questioned what her relationship is with the campaign, and why she was sending out press releases on Corinna Robinson’s behalf. Because you don’t pull out the Kardashian card every day.

Do you think if I keep it up, she’s going to try to tweet to David Hasselhoff to go after me next?

6 Replies to “Where the nutty person sending out press releases for Corinna Robinson tries to recruit a Kardashian.”

  1. Anonymous

    I feel bad for Corinna. With what I’ve read it’s all about Kathy Scott and be damned about the collateral damage or negative impact it brings to Corinna’s campaign. It seems to go against what the 1000 girlfriends was supposedly created for. If you cross the Kathy Scott tripwire she plays the silencing women card which is absolutely false. The behavior includes an Intimidation, threats, cyberbulling , trash and burn campaign.

    This is just another example of the risks the Internet brings and could happen to any candidate. You could have a great candidate with substance, experience and ability yet there is that remote risk of having a toxic volunteer.

  2. My Opinion

    This lady seriously needs to chill. She can use her website/blog for ‘good’, instead, she’s using it for evil.