Where was the Ron Paul boom?

Well, all but 12.97% of the voters saw this coming:

Presidential primary

Mitt Romney ? 65.99
Ron Paul ? 12.97
Rick Santorum ? 11.55
Newt Gingrich ? 4.04
Uncommitted ? 5.45

12 Replies to “Where was the Ron Paul boom?”

  1. KATZY

    Everyone knew,even those who voted for Paul. But a vote for him keeps his ideas alive and the hope that the GOP will look at some of them. And no, I did not vote for Paul, but some of his ideas are good.

  2. Ron Paul

    South Dakota got taken in by a carny and his name was Mitt Romney. But don’t worry the Revolution continues and on a local level we got rid of a few bad apples like Abdallah and Rausch. The GOP will understand soon enough that the neocons are an endangered species that is about to become extinct.

  3. Ron Paul

    Just remember by nominating Romney the GOP guarantees 4 mores of Obama. A Paul soon enough will be on the ballot again and what the neocons don’t understand is the Paul family knows who their friends are and who you neocons are. Soon enough in South Dakota Paul people will be in command because your time is running out. It’s no one but Paul so enjoy your losing this fall. HAHA

  4. Henry Clay

    Only those who have not looked at all of Ron Paul’s ideas in depth are the ones not voting for Ron Paul (and those who benefit from politics).

    No one is better on the economy, period.

    And the wars, unless Congress sends us to war, why are we spending money on them?

    The bailouts of banks, the privately held Federal Reserve?

    Due to all of these issues of concerns and his record of truthfulness, Ron Paul is the only man who deserves to lead us as President.

    1. duck soup

      I would agree with you accept that he is wrong on Iran and most of the problems in the world. We do not need an isolationist running our country in the 21st century.

      1. Ron Paul

        It’s not isolationist to not poke our nose in other countries affairs. Learn some history the founding fathers told use to leave other countries alone yet it seems everyone wants to poke their nose in others people matters.

    1. Ron Paul

      And how has he accomplished nothing? His supporters now control the GOP in Iowa, Alaska, Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, Massachusetts (Romney’s State), Missouri and soon South Dakota. The half wits like Tim Rave, Kristi Noem, Dennis Daugaard, Deb Peters, Todd Schlekeway will soon be destroyed. Some have already been terminated like Gene Abdallah and Val Rausch. The Ron Paul Revolution is bigger than just one man! It is a movement to bring our Federal, State and Local governments back inline with the constitution and what the founders envisioned. On a side note ENJOY TRYING TO WIN WITHOUT US IN THE FALL GOP BECAUSE IT’S NO ONE BUT PAUL!!!

      1. voices

        “ENJOY TRYING TO WIN WITHOUT US IN THE FALL GOP BECAUSE IT?S NO ONE BUT PAUL!!!” All this talk of bringing the GOP together, then we have these kind of statements. By supporting no one in the GOP except Paul, you’re in all reality throwing your support to Obama. And if you’re a true Paulinian, that’s on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. A little common sense goes a long way, and that makes no sense at all. I get sticking behind your man, but this is kind of like the South saying they’re still a sovereign nation. At some point defeat must be accepted.

        1. Anonymous

          Oh we support other REAl Republicans like Rand Paul, Jim Demint, Kurt Bills, Thomas Masse, Justin Amash, John Dennis, Ted Cruz and so on. But we will never throw away a vote on liberal like Mitt Romney, a hipocrit like Rick Santorum or liar like Kristi Noem. It’s called integrity and ethics something you Neocons lack.

        2. Anonymous

          Defeat is not on our vocabulary, especially when it has been proven you Neocons have CHEATED!!!!!!!


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