Where's Lucas Lentsch?

We all know Lucas Lentsch is working really hard at the Department of Agriculture and no doubt enjoying himself. SD GOP executive directors come and go all the time, but to many of us, Lucas is different.

He’s a guy who led the party through one of the most successful election cycles in the SD Republican party’s history. His speeches and travels around the state left many discussing the possibility of a Lucas Lentsch political candidacy someday.

It’s been a while since many of us in the political community have seen Lucas. (Election night in Sioux Falls for me). For a guy who built such a high profile among the rank and file, he sure is laying low and that has many of us wondering… Where is that budding political prospect Lucas Lentsch hiding himself, and will he return to the political arena sooner rather than later?

17 Replies to “Where's Lucas Lentsch?”

  1. GOPher

    He’s a stud. He should run for Congress someday but he would also be a shoe in for School and Public Lands…

    1. Anonymous

      I like the thought of Lucas running for S&PL. He would be a much better choice than Johnson’s current deputy.

      Ohleen is in it for the money (that’s according to Jarrod who once said Ohleen wouldn’t work there if he didn’t get a 20% raise).

      And he is about as sunny as the under side of a rock on a good day.

      1. Anon

        Justin is the real deal. South Dakota is lucky to have him. With his diverse work experience and intellect, he could easily be anywhere else.

        1. Pierre

          Real deal for what? Working in a bunker without any other people?

          And he left DC because Obama won and he was out of a job.

  2. Dawn

    So for public lands in ’14 we have: Ryan Maher (State Senator – former Dem), Lucas Lentsch (AG office), Justin Ohleen (deputy of SPL)

    Anyone else? I agree that Ohleen needs to work on his personal skills if he wants to get elected. Even as political director of the SD GOP he was unpleasant.

  3. anon

    Lucas is taking care of business at the Dept. of Ag. Why would he run for S&PL? Is that a stepping stone to something I’m not aware of?

    Ohleen is a talented guy who near as I can tell doesn’t want to run for anything. So quit assuming that just because he’s deputy he wants to run.

    1. Big Mo

      Well it hasn’t been anything special with Jarrod Johnson leading the way the last couple years but if Lucas were to grab it he could take it by the horns and get it running on all cylinders and do for the S&PL what Dusty did for the PUC.

      Don’t forget Lucas is also a veteran of the Iraq war. He’s a patriot and a class act. I’d campaign for him.

      Getting back to Jarrod I am dissapointed. He used to come across as a guy who had a big future in politics but somewhere along the last couple years he has become an introvert who is rarely seen anywhere in the party. The guy doesn’t attend any political events. He barely campaigned in ’10 (not that he needed to).

      1. Oldguy

        He doesn’t even come to Pierre very often either. The guys a joke as look back to the budget meetings

  4. Les

    Since the time of George D Kane who tipped the comfort cover off School and Lands and brought them back to supporting the schools as was designed, the office has become non issue.

    Whom ever runs to do the job right, I wouldn’t forget the $20,000 put on his head by an anonymous West River rancher or group of such for asking them to pay market value for their school lands lease. If there is no noise in that office you can bet are school funds are not being taken care of.


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