SD GOP needs to ramp up digital media

I’ve been hearing that the SD GOP is getting a new website. Problem is that I’ve been hearing about it for about 4 months. So when is the site launch date?

Wasn’t Tony Post hired partly because of his tech skills, social media experience and prowess?

I’m sure he’s talented in the area, but I’m waiting for that to come to fruition. I still don’t see digital media replacing boots on the ground and personal relationships in South Dakota politics anytime soon, but since I’ve been hearing about the new site for a long time I thought I’d ask. What’s the delay?

The other reason I want to know what’s taking so long is that the Democrats are doing a great job utilizing social media and sending out weekly email updates called the “Newswire” with links to the news stories they want to push from the week. They also have a blog on their site.

I can’t remember the last time I recieved an email from the SD GOP about what is going on in South Dakota. Don’t we have a convention coming up in June?

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  1. delegate

    This is totally true. I’ve been looking for the new website since about February. I heard they even had it almost finished.

    Lucas Lentsch used to send out emails regularly as did Gray.

    1. anon

      current site isn’t fine because they have to go through the RNC to update it. What happened to local control?

      1. Anonymous

        And that is exactly why there is nothing on the old site and it isn’t fine.

        And yes I would like an email once in a while.

  2. William

    I’m assuming it will be up in time to unveil it at the State Convention. With most major players in the party gathered for the convention, it would be a good time to display it and provide information and technical assistance in using it effectively.

    If not, that would not be a good thing…

    1. Anonymous

      Why the heck are they waiting that long? I’d rather have a party of accomplishments than show.

    2. Anonymous


      You made a good point but what about the lack of contact? Like for starters I want to know how to reserve my room for the SD GOP state convention. Where? When and How?


          If the SD GOP won’t keep you informed I will.

          June 21-23 in Sioux Falls at the Sheraton Convention Center.

  3. Anything but GOP

    They are not putting information out about the convention because they are worried the disgusted actual Republicans of South Dakota will show up and move to fire them both.

    They should be banned from even claiming they are the SDGOP, maybe the SDRINO party?

    Reagan said if folks vote with you 80% of the time, the RINOs chose the 20% route and think that gives them the right to take over the party!

    1. smokin' aces

      So your name is anything but GOP and yet you act as if you wonder why you don’t get any info from the SD GOP?

      1. Anything but GOP

        you just keep a smokin your “aces.” the inference of the name is too complicated for ya even without the ember clouding your swiss cheese gray matter.

  4. Anonymous

    I almost cannot believe I’m saying this, but maybe we should bring back bafoon Randy Fredrick.

      1. joe

        Rave is a good legislator but he doesn’t come across as someone who is hands on. It’s like those guys just have free reign of the party and no one ever checks to see if they are actually doing something.

        The SD GOP has gone into hibernation since February 2011.

        1. ????

          how is Rave a good leglislator? the only thing he is interested in is keeping him and his rino buddies in office.

          gov Daugaard pushed Rave onto the SDGOP. it is all about supporting the rinos who will support our fake conservative governor.

          what is this noise that the gov is pushing for joni cutler to become a judge?!?! I hear he is appointing a lot of democrats to the bench?! true colors coming through.

          Dems! You want to know how to get elected? become conservative! South Dakotans are dying for real conservatives to represent our conservative views, not these chameleons who claim they are to get elected.

  5. Anonymous

    It’s pretty much open and closed.

    No emails, no letters, no retreats, nothing about what is going on or coming up.

    I want a job where I’m paid $70,000 to have no supervision.

  6. Arrowhead

    At one time (9 months ago) there was talk we would be having a gathering for the county party treasurers. Anyone know what happened to that?

  7. Anonymous

    I’m going to give Gray and Lentsch credit because they worked hard but they also had the political climate with them.

    30 senate seats
    Thune reelected
    KN elected to congress
    Daugaard in as Gov
    50+ house seats won
    Gant SOS
    Barnett Auditor
    Jackley AG
    Dusty PUC – I guess he quit
    Jarrod S&PL
    Sattgast Treasurer
    Am I missing something?

      1. anon

        Congress would be better. The guy has military service as his background.

        That is a big selling point for me.

  8. ST. JUDE

    Why is everyone upset?

    Lucas and Gray won all of the races in SD. There is nothing more to do. Who cares if Post and Rave sit around drinking Arnold Palmer’s all day. What do they have to do?

    The SD GOP could lose 10 senate seats in the next election and we wouldn’t even sweat it.

    1. Arrowhead

      I have a different outlook on ’14 than the current SD GOP leadership.

      2012 might be a slam dunk election in SD but ’14 is crucial. We have a great oppurtunity to pick up the other Senate seat so ’12 should be a rebuilding year for the party to get us firing on all cylinders just like ’02 was used to take Thune to victory in ’04.

      I’m not seeing that from the party right now. ’14 looks like an election that will be funded and driven solely by the candidate for Senate.

      Everything should be about creating a machine for ’14.

      1. Anonymous

        The problem the SDGOP has is that we have elected too many who are Republican only for the purpose of getting elected. This last legislative session has highlighted that more than ever.

        We now have a distinct idelogical minority of Republicans in both chambers. South Dakotans identify with the conservativeness of what the SDGOP claims it is in our conservative platform. The more we have “Republicans” that attack those conservative values, and those that support those conservative views, the more we shall see a divide in the party.

        Even the most liberal of Republicans are running as conservatives

        Voters won’t be fooled forever, at some point they are going to be angry for being sold a false bill of goods over, and over, and over again…

    2. caheidelberger

      Oh, yes, by all means, Jude, do coast through the 2012 election. Cede ten Senate seats, then sit back, rest on your laurels, and let me bring you an iced Tea Party.

  9. caheidelberger

    Go through RNC to edit? What idiot approved that setup? Can Post, transfer PP out of Gant?s office to SDGOP HQ, where he can get openly practice the political hackery that is his forté.

  10. caheidelberger

    [Sorry about the resubmit, but my earlier attempt at making the above comment appears to have been intercepted by the moderation filter. A mere technical glitch, I suspect.]

  11. no tea for me

    If Gordon Howie claims to be the leader of the Tea Party and claims to have a majority of South Dakotans behind him — is he right, is he confused, or just bad at math?

    2010 Primary — Gordon Howie = 10,426 votes or 12.44% of the Republicans voting in the primary. That’s 4th place.

    If Gordon and the 10,426 want to claim they are the only real Republicans in SD, then they will be in a very small minority.

      1. ha

        Hilarious! Primaries aren’t his thing?! He’d get about the same 10,000 votes he got in the Primary – if that. Love these guys who overestimate their ability and their influence.

        So has anyone ever figured out what Howie means by ‘nationally syndicated’ columnist. Fantasy land.

  12. SDGOP = TEA Party

    “Taxed Enough Already” (TEA) is the South Dakota Republican Party MAJOR party planks:

    5.1 The South Dakota Republican Party continues to support the people of South Dakota in their long-standing commitment to reject personal or corporate income or estate taxes at the state level and support the reduction and eventual elimination of the income tax at the federal level.

    5.2 The South Dakota Republican Party supports the continued review and reduction of federal, state and local taxation to protect the long-term economic viability of all people of South Dakota.

    5.3 The South Dakota Republican Party recognizes that government is primarily funded by the taxes which come from individuals and businesses. The Party encourages government at all levels to operate efficiently, share services wherever possible and limit or reduce government spending when possible.

    Silly South Dakotans for thinking that they should expect Republicans to act as Republicans!

    I am not a TEA Partier, simply because I was a real Republicans before there was ever a need for the TEA Party movement. You rinos don’t like what it means to be a Republican (Pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, fiscal conservative, social conservative, etc.) then go back to being the Democrats most of you were before you changed partys to get elected.

  13. Anon

    You people who believe the Legislature and Governor are largely rinos, I believe are drinking the howie and randazzo kool aid. Under the governors lead, they cut 127 million from the budget. A strong majority continue to vote for every pro-life bill that comes up. We’re one of the most gun friendly states in the nation. But if one of your black helicopter whack-a-doodle conspiracy bills isn’t backed, you star shouting ‘rinos’. If Hubbel, sibson, Jensen, and crew are the ‘real’ republicans, then I wouldn’t want to be part of that whacky party.

    1. Anonymous

      You people thinking the governor and legislature are conservative Republicans are smoking some of the native weed.

      Not everyone views politics with such juvenile simplicity of do they have an (R) behind their name. What makes a Republican is adherence to Republican principles!

      The “Republican” governor & “Republican” controlled legislature supported over $10,000,000.00 of spending for the “WINS” program where South Dakotans’ tax dollars are shipped out of state to help private businesses recruit employees. The state is now being sued over that misuse of taxpayer money. Fisically conservative? Hardly!

      How about that $1,000,000.00 authorized to be spent on building a state building on LEASED ground!

      Another $300,000.00 authorized to be spent building a new building for maintenance equipment for the Capital grounds because they wanted a new one so they didn’t have to drive a couple miles from the perfectly fine building they already have?

      Let’s not forget the HB-1234 bill which guts the SDGOP 4.3 plank of parental choice and local control in regards to school decisions.

      The crown jewel though, that should make every red blooded Republican howl with anger, is the infamous “Lust for Power” HB 1133 bill which subverts the peoples’ legitimate legislative electoral process by appointing cronies to stay in the legislature past their elected terms, with power over those who are actually elected to the legislature! SDGOP plank 5.10 anyone? No? Evidently not!

      1. Jack Anderson

        Thanks for posting that list. If you hadn’t done it, then I would have.

        But let’s not forget the fact that our “conservative” governor is bellying up to the federal money trough to get more than 5 million dollars in additional money to implement an Obama-care exchange in South Dakota.

        Here’s the URL’s in case you don’t believe me:

        More states work to implement health care law


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