Where’s Waldo Lora? Reporter giving Daugaard clear run up to November.

Bob Mercer, writing in the Aberdeen American News this morning, noted something that hasn’t passed unnoticed by GOP Circles:

Gov. Dennis Daugaard, who is seeking a second four-year term, finished 2013 with $1,721,332 in cash in his campaign account, according to his campaign finance statement filed with the South Dakota secretary of state.

The Republican is facing no opposition in the June 3 primary.

Read it here.

Aside from the fact that SDWC readers read about Governor Daugaard’s campaign finance report OVER a month ago (as well as others), the interesting thing is Mercer mentions that the Governor is facing no opposition in the primary.

Either Bob is still suffering debilitating head trauma from the clipboard incident, or he’s completely counted out Lora Hubbel from even participating in the primary at this point.  We’ll be generous, and guess it’s the latter.

Now, we know she filed a campaign finance report in her race for Governor, but the clock has about ran out for filing petitions (less than a week). And there have been rumors rampant that she is going to jump into a State House race instead.

After allegedly losing 300 signatures the other day at the Chinese restaurant, Hubbel was on facebook claiming 2 days ago that she had a sufficient number of signatures. Although, it sounds as if some might be open to being challenged:


So, will Lora Hubbel be in the June Primary Race for Governor, or won’t she? That is the question.

7 Replies to “Where’s Waldo Lora? Reporter giving Daugaard clear run up to November.”

  1. Vanquish the Crazies

    Say Hubbel makes the ballot and has $0 to spend. What percentage of Republicans would just vote against daugaard for the sake of voting against him without a real campaign from opposition? 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% 30%?????

    Anything like this happen in the past?