Whistleblower bill filed in the legislature

State Representative Don Haggar is prime sponsor of a measure to create a system of whistleblower protections under state law for government employees who report misuse of funds, as well as other affronts to the public trust:

What do you think? Does this tie the hands of State Government in the case of a malcontent employee, or does it provide a protection that isn’t there now?

2 Replies to “Whistleblower bill filed in the legislature”

  1. Springer

    Is it misuse of funds to continue to pay a state employee (highly paid employee) who was relieved of his job but is continuing to receive fulltime pay while sitting at home NOT working for the last six weeks?

  2. Platonic

    It would be better if there were also a mechanism to report those affronts anonymously. I think that was in IM 22. It would be nice to see that amended onto this bill and to extend protections to the immediate family of whistleblowers as well


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