Who took the cookies from the cookie jar….

This week on The Facts, my guest was Lora Hubbel, 1st term Representative in District 11.  During the interview, Rep. Hubbel told me that someone in SD State Gov’t accepted $1 million from the Feds to establish a “health care exchange” — one of the primary building blocks of the health care reform act — yes the same one that the state of SD is suing over.  I don’t know about you….but I find a huge disconnect here.

Now — according to Rep. Hubbel the only way SD could have agreed to take the money would be 1. Legislative approval — which did not happen.  2.  Executive Order or 3. The Department of Health.

Rep Hubbel is promising to get to the bottom of how this happened and who approved it…..

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  1. springer

    Why should this surprise anyone? The whole health care law fiasco was done with secrecy, coercion, lies, etc. It just follows that that is how O et al plan to implement the thing. The unholy triumvirate is alive and well, even though one member has been demoted.

  2. Arrowhead

    Are we going to cut spending in congress or just keep pretending?

    I think someone has a lot of explaining to do… Is Hubble like Michelle Bachman? If so I like her…

  3. CaveMan

    So we sit out here on the plains waiting and hoping that someone in DC, possibly John Boehner, gets it right on the bill defunding ObamaCare. Or we apply pressure, lots of pressure and if we don’t get it we fire everyone who voted for it in the first place. (Fire them anyway to make sure they never bring it up again!) And that first big negative vote goes to Obama in 2012 and anyone who believes that Government solves problems by spending your money.

    1. anon

      I support that idea Caveman.

      I like Lora Hubbel because she has the guts to stand up for her convictions. She didn’t hesitate in letting Noem know she didn’t like her negative ads during the campaign and I think Lora would let Noem know if she needs to push harder to get the ball rolling on spending cuts. SD is lucky to have truly principled leaders like Lora. Regardless or party lora speaks out.

      Keep up the great work Lora!

    1. Truthinator

      I’m not sure if there is a person alive who could tell us that. And…

      1. I like that they are figure out a way to force deadbeats to buy insurance. I am tired of watching over half of my health insurance premium go to the cost shifting problem.

      2. I like that the insurance companies can’t kick sick kids off the insurance.

      3. The good people who complain about the expense don’t seem to understand that the expense is there already. But now we’re borrowing that expense from the Chinese instead of paying for it as we go. And it “costs” far less than our foolish wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      4. I don’t think it took 2700 pages of law to do that.

      5. Much of what I read about it is the demonization and that brilliant tag – Obamacare – so it is easy for so many now to understand this equation: Obamacare = EVIL.


      1. springer

        1) OK, so deadbeats will be forced to buy insurance? So then our premiums will go down now, right???! Uh, no.

        2) I agree with this one. But it wouldn’t take Obamacare to accomplish this.

        3) We aren’t going to be paying for it as we go with Obamacare either. It is NOT cost effective regardless of what the CBO first stated. The CBO only works with figures it’s given, and false figures in makes false results out. They have admitted that. The “doctor fix” was left out, for instance. Even the CBO has revised its opinion and admits it was wrong to start with.

        4) Obamacare is 2700 pages long. But no law needs that many pages to accomplish anything. However, it DOES take that many pages to obfuscate the truth, confuse, and hide the $1.5 billion dollars already authorized in the bill itself, which is ILLEGAL! Good old Pelosi said we had to read it to see what was in it. The one truth she spoke in her life!

        5) Obamcare is what it is, or Obamapelosireid care. It’s their baby, by hook and crook. A skunk by any other name is still a skunk!!

        If this is so great, why the thousands of waivers that have been granted? Why the secrecy and hurry in passing it?: Why the bribes, coerion, and lies necessary to pass it? Why the money hidden in it to implement it? Why the evident secrecy of the $1 million already sent to SD to start implementing it? Why the finding that the individual mandate to buy insurance has been declared unconstitutional? If you don’t believe that this is the worst piece of legislation ever passed, then you haven’t been listening. And BTW it was passed and signed one year ago last week, in case anybody missed that anniversary, that will go down in infamy!

        1. Truthinator

          You’re right – infamy.

          Is it really the ruination of America? Aren’t you wondering why they had to destroy the perfect system we had in place before?

          I can agree with you that the bill is largely a piece of crap. But I’m afraid that you might be suffering a hard case of myopia because of all the red kook-aid you’ve been drinking.

          1. springer

            Well, you just lost this argument. If you have to resort to name calling, you have already lost. Your vision is the myopic one if you think OBAMACARE is the answer. I never said things were perfect before, but OBAMACARE does nothing to fix the problems of unaffordable health care, keep down the cost of insurance, and is not budget neutral despite O’s claims. And you think “kids” age 26 need to be on their parents’ plan?? Uh, they vote at 18, serve and die in the military at 18, drink at 18 or 21, and they are still kids for insurance reasons? Good grief.

  4. Anon

    Is this the same Hubbel who advocated for radiation bunkers in Sioux Falls when she ran a few years ago — did she run for SF Mayor or Council? And the same Hubbel that explained that wind energy is bad energy during a cracker barrel this year?

    1. anonymous

      She’s the person with the “light bulb” shaped signs in SF… Interesting signs running around in that district. I think Tom Cool used Penguins on his signs.

      I think Lora Hubbel is the well respected Tea Partier in that district. Maybe she can go off but that is ok with me because she is passionate and not afraid to be honest with people about what she thinks.

  5. Name

    Obamacare does not exist as nothing was passed by that name. Keep repeating false claims and they become true to those who dislike them.

    1. Troy Jones

      Funny. The term was first adopted by the Democrats when they thought it would be popular. Now they resent theuse of the term because it is such a failure and so unpopular. You guys are too much.

      Since the election, the public was asked do you favor repeal a total of 28 times. In all but 6 times did the public say they wanted it repealed by MORE than double digits. Not reformed. Not imporvied. REPEALED.

      By February 15, 2013, it will be repealed and signed by the new President. So, as far as I’m concerned, the Democrats are welcome to continue to defend this bill. It will bring down the following Dem Senators with them.

      Brown, Ohio
      Casey, Pennsylvania
      McCaskill, Missouri
      Nelson, Florida
      Nelson, Nebraska
      Stabenow, Michigan

      Plus, insure GOP victory in
      New Mexico

  6. Duh

    Pierreitte: you state “Wow. How little you don?t know and don?t understand.”

    Ok, smart guy, tell us… Since you apparently live there, you must have all sorts of knowledge, that we’d love to experience.

  7. mhs

    Wow, nice clueless Legislator. The State did not accept $1mm, they accepted over $6mm, with an eventual final price tag of upwards of $32mm. The money is part of the effort to create a national Electronic Health Information Exchange, every state is part of the effort. Governor Rounds enthusiastically accepted the grant. The Department of Health is the steering agency in S.D. with all the major health care providers, insurers and regulatory agencies closely involved. DSU is the lead technology provider. The plan is to create a system so that paper health records will be digitized so that they can actually be shared between providers – what a concept, huh? So that if you have a heart attack in Arizona, they don’t waste a day tracking down your records from the clinic in Ipswitch.

    This has been all over the press, it’s a huge nationwide effort within the health care community and, frankly, is one of the few redeeming of Obamacare. The group has been meeting for several years now, not to mention the entire effort and all the players involved are listed on DSU’s website including the CIO’s of Sanford, Avera, etc.

    Yet another example of a legislator with no facts, no clue and no motive other than to get her name in the paper.

  8. CaveMan

    Springer and Troy you two are on target to what I believe the American Public is thinking and planning today in their political future. Watching the EU unfold into publicly funded insolvency because of entitlements and nationalized everything; with young people not yet on the dole irrationally attacking the forces which might in fact save their future unfolds onto our own if not taken seriously. But MHS you truly cannot expect anyone not directly involved within the EHIE to understand or have information related to either EPrescriptions or EMrecords to grasp what this truly means to the speed of health care. I invested in a company bidding the entire State Workers Health care plan in Hawaii. Bush II became absorbed in Iraq and left the game. We lost the contract and millions of dollars of profit in the aftermath of 911 and Iraqi-Storm. Remember that people end up paying for everything that GOVERNMENT does. If it saves money WE win; if it increases costs we lose!!!!

    I will get into the Black Panther Obama Chicago connection tommorrow; and why you should take everything the BP says against Michelle Obama with a very large cube of salt!!!

  9. Pierreite

    Duh-I do know a lot about this topic but learned a valuable lesson about blogging which prevents me from trying to enlighten you-you don’t want to be enlightened. I’ve spent hours sharing facts and you (especially) won’t acknowledge obvious facts. So I’ve learned and moved on. This blog is a good way to read the Rep perspective (too much group-think though) so I spend a minute and move. And I don’t know how many times you need to hear this-I’m a smart gal, not a smart guy.
    MHS-the eHealth Collaborative is a great initiative, funded by a stimulus bill that the Reps love to claim was a waste although it wasn’t, and is headed by the DOH. The Ins Exchange comes from Obamacare and being headed by DSS.


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