Whoa to the state employees

The proposal to strip the appeals process from state employees when they are fired has advanced one more step towards the inevitable implementation.

The reps for the state workers argue that this job security is one of the trade offs for taking less money to serve in the public sector. Let’s face it — it’s been a several tough years for our SD state employees.  But at the same time, it’s been tough in the private sector too.  Is job security an area that should be sacrosanct for gov’t employees.

Those who support the change suggest it is to make sure a judge doesn’t order the state to continue paying someone whose job has been eliminated.  I’d really be surprised if a judge actually overruled the legislature if they cut a job or department because of budget or if funding run out.  But just because it’s not likely, does it mean it shouldn’t be changed.

Recently I was visiting with someone about pay for gov’t employees….and the response was pretty straight forward….In the private sector the money is better but in the public sector they have power.

I understand the concerns raised by the state employees representative — but I also understand the argument to change the rule.

How do you see it….

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  1. Lee Schoenbeck

    Attacking Marty Jackley like that serves no constructive purpose in the discussion of an issue that is pretty important to a lot of people.

    But in answer to the Where’s Waldo type Q —– Marty’s probably busy working for the people of this state like has has been for the last several years in one public capacity or another.

      1. Anon

        Newland for District (30) sounds like an ignorant wasicu who’s got his head to far up his ____ to realize he’s wrong…

  2. PlanningStudent

    Where I’m from (Pierre) the word Anon used (wasicu) is the equivalent to n*gger and sp*c and g**k and gr*ngo and every other racial epitaph you can think. I’m appalled that it has been left posted and he/she hasn’t been permanently banned. I’m not kidding I have grown up in South Dakota lived in Keystone, Vermillion and Pierre and that word is clearly a derogatory racial slur. Even studied the word at USD in a class in an American Indian Studies class where two dozen Native Americans confirmed the same thing I learned growing up in Pierre. Unacceptable..!

      1. PlanningStudent

        Sure and n*gger used to mean black b/c of its clear derivation from negro…

        If you didn’t intend for it to have a negative connotation then why on Earth did you use it so..

        “Newland for District (30) sounds like an ignorant wasicu who?s got his head to far up his ____ to realize he?s wrong?”

        You cannot have it both ways sir.. You are clearly giving the word a negative connotation.

        Do you want to borrow my shovel?

      2. PlanningStudent

        Even the definition you shared doesn’t help you..

        “…the original meaning was a positive one. Today, wasicu does sometimes have the connotation of a greedy or dishonorable person, because many Sioux perceive white people as being rather greedy and dishonorable…”

        It has both a race based and negative connotation…

        I have been spit on while called this word

  3. PlanningStudent

    I genuinely wanted to discuss the actual topic of this post.

    This seems similar to other states with public unions where arbitrators weren’t allowed to consider the tax payers or the amount of tax money brought in by current tax rates when negotiating salaries.

    However, that’s an apple, and we much more like an orange.

    We do not have a public union whatsoever in SD that represents the SD Gov’t employees. The State Employees association headed up by CL is a sorry excuse for anything with no bark or bite. No offense to it’s leadership, just a result of SD’s laws concerning unions, judgement just observation.

    If the worry was honestly what they profess then just simply add language addressing that specific issue in the appeals process. Don’t do away with the appeals process altogether.. If BOP wants to be taken at its word then they need to not overreach..

  4. Duh

    Planning Student. WOOO somebody called me a greedy or dishonorable person…where’s the ACLU??? Lighten the frick up. I’m so sick of political correctness I could puke. Just like the article in the Argus Misleader this week professing that an NBA player should be suspended or terminated and fined $100G’s for calling someone a fag. What’s even worse are people like you who take immense offense to an obscure word that has many meanings, but you only try to use the one that justifies your irrational anger. I’ve heard many other “I’m a victim” people speak and I can guarantee you a wasicu statement pales in comparison.

  5. PNR

    Will all the non-state/non-government employees who get to appeal being laid off please speak up?


    Hmm. Nothing but crickets…

    Given that, my sympathy for the complaints of state workers in this matter is equally minimal.

  6. CaveMan

    Newland for District (30) must be a liberal, dope smokin, sociopath whacko environmentalist at the upper end of SD’s Democrat party elitist managers.

    Funny how the name Newland always brings forth visions of smokin pot around a campfire somewhere in the Hills.

    (Lee you really should let Donna join the Gov. Club so we have a chance of beating a Schoenbeck at the trap range!) 🙂

  7. caheidelberger

    The state employees probably are letting the crickets speak for them because they don’t want to risk ending up on a list of the first people to get laid off without an opportunity to appeal. South Dakota is just following the national Republicans’ lead in trying to strip all the rights they can from workers while expanding giveaways to corporations.

  8. PlanningStudent

    I don’t consider my self a victim by any means.. I’m a big boy, not looking for sympathies. I too tire of endless calls for political correctness. However, I do genuinely believe what I wrote about that word, that it is a racial slur on par with others. I just want political correctness to flow both ways. Usually as a white male I’m being told every single thing I say offends some minority. I didn’t stretch or pick and choose the meaning of that word. Any idiot who has no idea what that word means can tell it is derogatory in the context of Anon?s post. Seriously read the sentence aloud to anyone who has no preconceived notion of the word, they might not pick up that it is race based but they will guess that it is derogatory. Do you think Anon actually meant for it to mean ?a non-indian with special powers? as was its original meaning? My life experience and formal education both tell me that word is offensive to anyone that it is uttered at and it shouldn?t be permitted, politically correct or not..

  9. PlanningStudent

    “The state employees probably are letting the crickets speak for them because they don?t want to risk ending up on a list of the first people to get laid off without an opportunity to appeal.”

    Couldn’t agree more.

    CL and the State Employee association does try though..

    1. Name

      State employees are scared that if they speak up they will be in the first group of the vast widespread layoffs that are certainly looming. And the state employee organization does nothing about it except increase the dues to the employees who they haven’t gotten a raise for over the past 5 years.

  10. Electrifying South Dakota

    I applaud the State for removing an additional and highly redundant appeals process in the managment of its employees. The impact is negligible and comparisons to Wisconsin and a right-wing agenda seem wholly misplaced. Neither the executive nor the legislative branches seem interested in demolishing collective bargaining rights. Neither the executive nor the legislative branches seem interested in going on a state employee firing safari. In fact, neither of these two branches has even suggested that state employees should meet some form of a performance threshold for which the employee is accountable. Yes, the water will continue to flow southward out of Pierre, perhaps a little quicker and higher than some might like, but the State will go on.

  11. Duh

    Planning student: you may have a point. The other day, I was in an Italian restaurant and the waiter said to me: “ciao come stai Butthead “. Should I be offended? Should I start a blog decrying insulting italians? Yesterday at the ballgame, I ordered a polish dog and the weiner handler said this to me: “witam jak jeste? mato?em “. Should I have still taken the dog? I’m confused. Then last night I went to a mexican restaurant distraught from my previous encounters and the waiter immediately looked at me and said: “hola como estas Butthead”. Should I be worried or just quit eating out??? UGH.

    1. PlanningStudent

      I guess you packed so much sarcasm and foreign language into that post that I got lost..

      I don’t know when or where you grew up but I grew up in a town where racial tensions were very high and as a result a lot anger, hate and violence followed. That word was very prevalent then. Imagine the context a white supremacist would use the word n*gger and replace it with wasicu.. That is the anger and hate that word represents, not mention ignorance apparently.

  12. Name

    Duh isn’t worth your insight or explanation. He’s shown a history of racist, small-minded comments. He’s not going to understand or change. I agree with you-that was a racist post, regardless of if this blog’s managers’ lack of action. The bigots never get when they’re being bigots-and they don’t care. Keep on truckin. Your thoughts and insights are true. Keep impacting the things you can impact.


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