Speaking of comparisons

President Obama gives plenty of speeches comparing himself to historic leaders from FDR to Lincoln to Gandhi and Mandella and back to JFK and Lyndon Johnson. Oh and let’s not forget Ronald Reagan.

I wonder if he ever stops to think if anyone will want to compare themself to him one day…

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  1. Anonymous

    Time will tell, Bill Clay. One day President Obama may be remembered as the person who picked up the pieces after the devastation caused by the worst President in American History.

  2. duggersd

    I believe future Presidents will find themselves being compared to BHO, but I doubt it will be because they will say they want to be. Currently, BHO is being compared to Jimmy Carter. People thought things were bad with W in the White House, but after 3 1/2 years, we have found that BHO has been picking up the pieces and smashing them even more.

  3. Troy

    I read an article by I think Peggy Noonan (former Reagan speechwriter) and she talked about how little Obama uses unifying and uplifting words. She said this is especially glaring because BO has a style that she says would double the impact of his words.

    1. Stace Nelson

      I would agree that is has been the case of his presidency; however, I would disagree with that characterization of when he ran as a candidate.

      I disagree sorely with the man on issues; however, there was a couple week period after January 2009 when I was happy for all Americans that the perceived glass ceiling was shattered with his election. That dissipated quickly because of some of the bitter rhetoric that ensued so quickly after his first weeks in office.

  4. Job Creator

    Beauty (or ugliness) is in the eye of the beholder. Most of you in here will hate BHO no matter what he does. Most people in the progressive blogs will like him no matter what he does. There are a couple things I admire about him and a few that I don’t.

  5. Bill Fleming

    I am willing to wager that there are more young people in the United States of America (not to mention worldwide) who would like to compare themselves to Barrack Hussein Obama than there are citizens of the states of South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, and Nebraska combined. In fact, maybe more by a factor of 10 or so.

    By contrast, I’ve not heard one kid yet who says he wants to be like Mitt Romney when s/he grows up. Have any of you?

    Tell the truth now.

    God is watching.

    1. gopdad

      You are right Bill, thats because kids today are lazy and want everything given to them. So, why would they not like Barry? They don’t even know who Romney is. But then again, they cant name the faces on Mt. Rushmore either. If we don’t change this our country is DONE. We are teaching them to vote for the “COOLEST” person and not the best person. Obama done absolutely nothing to get elected, except be in the right place at the right time and be the right color. Go ahead and play the race card on me, but everyone knows its true! If he was white, which he is just as much as black, he would not have even ran. Just like if Kristi Noem was 4ft. 3in. and was 350 pounds, she would not have been elected. Obama is pathetic, he preached that he was different and he is just as bad, if not worse than all of them. Blame GW for everything wrong, he’s as bad as kids, “not my fault”. I know, killed Bin Laden! I give him credit for that, but he needs to give credit to the men that he sent in there and the men prior to the mission that gathered intelligence and that includes giving credit to President Bush. I do NOT want my kids to aspire to be like Barry. I want them to take responsibiltiy for their actions.

      1. grudznick

        You may have seen me at breakfast with my traditional pipe, Mr. Fleming, but you know I don’t harken to those hashish hookah houses like your druggie video portrays.

  6. Bill Fleming

    Exactly Cory. As per John Fugelsang: “Mitt Romney is sick and tired of this president playing the ‘running on his record’ card.”


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