Why Curtis Strong didn’t make the ballot, Stace Nelson’s non-republican campaign person, and other interesting things….

In case you were wondering why Constitution Party candidate Curtis Strong didn’t make the ballot, here’s some selected pages from his filing which kind of explain a few things, as well as leave you scratching your head.

Curtis Strong Petitions

First and foremost, one of the first petitions I looked at had a fun surprise, that we saw signing as a proud member of the Constitution party. Specifically, none other than  Eldon C. Stahl, who many of us know as being involved in the US Senate Race as Stace Nelson’s Director of Field Activities, but in reality Eldon acts as his defacto campaign manager.

So, let me get this right – the person running Stace Nelson’s US Senate campaign can’t vote for him in the GOP Primary because he isn’t a Republican?  That might explain a few things….

Page 4 brings us a name that we haven’t heard for a while; William Stegmeier.  If you recall from several years ago, Bill Stegmeier was in South Dakota political news in the JAIL for Judges ballot measure, and was considered the organization’s South Dakota JAILer in chief.  Fast forward a couple of years, and Bill was in a bit of trouble himself:

William “Bill” Stegmeier was convicted of harboring a fugitive and providing a firearm to a prohibited person after allowing a felon to stayin his recreational vehicle. He appeals his conviction for insufficiency of the evidence, improper use of a special verdict form, and faulty jury instructions. Stegmeier also contends that the firearm conviction violates his Second Amendment rights. Having jurisdiction under 28 U.S.C. § 1291, this court affirms.

Read that all here.   I wasn’t sure that Bill could register to vote after that whole providing a gun/harboring a fugitive thing, but it would appear he can.

Pages 5 & 6 are where the Strong petition effort really gets interesting. It looks as if someone pre-filled out the petitions, and as Stephanie Strong certified her self as circulator, she went around had people sign the darn things. But, as you can see, she fell short in her effort.

Not to mention that the notary on many of these, Levi Brunmaier, doesn’t have a clue on how to fill out his notary certification. He’s a “Notary public.”  Not as he attested a “Compliance assistant.”  Levi, buddy – it’s not your job title. It’s the authority under which you’re certifying the petitions.

You can skim through this selection of 20 of the 74 petition pages. But even these few leave little to the imagination as to why this crew of boneheads failed the test to get their candidate on the ballot>

6 Replies to “Why Curtis Strong didn’t make the ballot, Stace Nelson’s non-republican campaign person, and other interesting things….”

  1. Anonymous

    Talk about sloppiness… A number of lines are not even signed, which is the whole point of getting signatures!

    Legal action seems pointless after seeing the petitions.

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah they should go after Doc Boz and Joel Arends for committing fraud on her petitions

    1. Anonymous

      I do have real questions about the collecting signatures while out of the country. That is troubling to me beyond some signatures and goes to her character.

      Also what about being registered to vote under one name and running under another name.

  3. Big Dumb Magnet should tell you something

    So Edwin Stahl wants Republicans to vote for Stace but he won’t change his registration so he can vote for Stace?

    What the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This campaign gets dumber and dumber all the time. I’m embarrassed for anyone who drives around with a big dumb magnet on their truck. It’s like saying you’re stupid to the world.