Wismer and Bartling to Senate. Frerichs out.

Bob Mercer is reporting today that Democrat Representatives Susan Wismer and Julie Bartling are both announcing their intentions to shift from the State House over to the State Senate.  At the same time Dem State Senator Jason Frerichs is announcing he’s out, and not planning to run for the house this coming term.

I’m also hearing that Dems have picked up Ted Curry, who lost in the House last election in District 16, to lose again for Democrats in the State Senate this year against Jim Bolin. It will be a matter of that  Bolin will likely run him into the ground with his usual high intensity campaigning.

In Yankton, (D18) Dems have talked Terry Crandall into being their sacrificial lamb in the House to lose against State Representatives Jean Hunhoff and Mike Stevens.

The GOP is picking up candidates left and right, with a majority of the slates already filled.  I should have some great announcements coming soon!

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  1. Slick

    I don’t blame Frerichs one bit. He has a wife and family now, and should stay home with them and hopefully a couple more in the future. As for Wismer, whoever runs against her (either D or R) needs to dwell on the fact that she is so pro-abortion that she thinks there is no room for pro-lifers in the Dem party. The majority of Dist 1 voters certainly can’t agree with that.


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