Women’s PAC supporting Krebs in Primary over Dusty Johnson

From the Argus Leader, Conservative Women’s PAC Maggie’s List announced today that they are supporting the female in the 2018 South Dakota Congressional Race:

Conservative political action committee Maggie’s List announced its endorsement Monday of Republican U.S. House candidate and Secretary of State Shantel Krebs.

In a statement, the federal PAC’s chair Sandra B. Mortham said the group that backs conservative women for elected office was throwing its support behind Krebs in her contest against former Republican public utilities commissioner Dusty Johnson.


Johnson, a former chief of staff to Gov. Dennis Daugaard, has already received the endorsement of the Republican governor and has racked up a strong war chest heading into the 2018 GOP primary.

Read it all here.

I’m not sure that comes as a surprise, and I’m sure both sides are going to rack up more endorsements in the coming months.

Stay tuned.

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