World’s largest association of biofuel producers urging South Dakota House members to support ethanol pipeline projects

With two of the anti-ethanol measures up on the House floor tomorrow, a letter has gone out to legislators tonight from the CEO of the world’s largest association of biofuel producers, reaching out to them in an e-mail urging them to go on the record tomorrow and to not act punitively to change the rules in the middle of the regulatory process on the state’s ethanol pipeline projects.  The letter also notes that the benefits that the pipelines will provide to the state in terms of jobs and economic development.

From: Emily Skor
Sent: Tuesday, February 7, 2023 9:18:12 PM
Subject: Support South Dakota’s Economy

Members of the South Dakota Legislature,

Thank you for your work to grow South Dakota’s economy. My name is Emily Skor and I serve as CEO of Growth Energy. Growth Energy is the world’s largest association of biofuel producers representing 90 U.S. plants that produce nearly nine billion gallons of cleaner-burning, renewable fuel annually; 106 businesses associated with the production process; and tens of thousands of biofuel supporters across the country. Our ultimate objective is to work together to bring better and more affordable choices at the fuel pump, improve air quality, and protect the environment for future generations.

I am writing to you today to respectfully ask for your support of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) projects in the state. These projects are vital to the long-term competitiveness of our industry in the carbon economy and CO2 has the potential to be just as valuable of a commodity of ethanol production as any of the co-products that come from our facilities. South Dakota’s ethanol industry supports thousands of jobs, generates hundreds of millions of dollars for our economy, and, critically, purchases approximately 60 percent of the corn grown in the state. Bioprocessing facilities have long been pioneers in carbon capture technology, providing pure streams of clean CO2 for use by a range of industries and for multiple purposes, including for food, beverages, and dry ice. CCUS systems will be an important tool for many bioprocessing facilities allowing them to cut their carbon intensity by half, driving significantly more value for their product and making them more competitive. The biofuel industry, farmers, and rural communities are inextricably linked, and these projects will help the entire supply chain compete in a low-carbon economy. With better transport and storage infrastructure, ethanol plants can connect to a larger network of CCUS systems to get CO2 where it is needed.

Ultimately, low-carbon biofuels coupled with CCUS will create thousands of high-quality clean energy jobs across the supply chain, in rural America and throughout the country, while helping us meet our climate targets as quickly as possible. We hope that you will support our industry’s ability to thrive and support the state’s vibrant ag economy by carefully considering the unintended consequences of any legislation and allowing important CCUS projects the opportunity to add more value to the great state of South Dakota.

We hope that you will help keep South Dakota’s ethanol industry competitive and maintain its reputation as a state that welcomes business investment.


Emily Skor | CEO
Growth Energy
701 8th St NW Suite 450

Washington DC 20001

TWITTER   @GrowthEnergy

SD Legis CCUS Support Letter_2.7.23 by Pat Powers on Scribd

4 thoughts on “World’s largest association of biofuel producers urging South Dakota House members to support ethanol pipeline projects”

  1. Our ag economy needs carbon capture to compete with other states and countries. Let’s hope the legislature understands the market forces and does the right thing.

  2. Let’s understand for a moment the impact of infringing upon the private property rights of farmers, ranchers, and homeowners by threats of eminent domain and quasi-public taking for the benefit of a few wealthy investors. With the way that Summit Carbon Solutions has been acting, all that is missing is the late night posse riding up to the farm and burning down the place while holding the family hostage at gunpoint until the family ‘willingly’ signs the easement.

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