Would you sign the Rick Weiland Taxpayer-funded Political Campaign Act?

The “Rick Weiland Taxypayer funded political campaigns” measure is out being circulated as of at least yesterday. And in case you hadn’t seen it yet, try not to laugh at the petition form:

Taxpayer Funded Campaign Measure

Yes, it’s basically being circulated as part of a road map.  Which begs the question – would you sign something you’d have trouble reading in 10-15 minutes?

Of course not. So the group has a flyer they’re handing out to people to get them to sign (as provided to me by a SF resident who had it stuck under her nose):


Now wait a minute….   The petition has whole sections devoted to how they’re going to set up taxpayer funding for political campaigns.  But their li’l ol’ flyer has none of that information. How can it be?

Why, the flyer appears to be just a bunch of sloganeering, with no information whatsoever.  How can that be, considering nearly 25% of the pages – 1/4 of the act – is devoted to a scheme of having taxpayers pay for politician’s political campaigns?

If you go to the website, it equally avoids that question…

wheres the money

Yes, you have to start drilling deeper down into the web site before you even get a hint that they want taxpayers to pay for their campaigns. We don’t have enough for roads and education, but Rick Weiland wants you to pay for people like him to run for office?  AMAZING!

You have to wonder – is this coming as an initiated measure, because no one in their right mind, not even Democrats, would bring this ridiculous bullsh*t as a bill in the legislature in South Dakota?

Who out there as John Q. Citizen is asking that taypayers pay for politicians to campaign?


If you think about it, Rick’s measure is a lot like Scientology. Where it all sounds good and noble on the surface. Except as you dig farther into it, you find out that it’s based on a theory that we’re possessed by million year old alien ghosts who were killed with hydrogen bombs by an overlord named Xenu.

Yes, it’s that ludicrous.

And with the length of this petition, and the silliness contained therein, let’s hope they can’t addle & confuse the 15 – 20 thousand or so people they’ll need to inflict this upon the ballot.

4 Replies to “Would you sign the Rick Weiland Taxpayer-funded Political Campaign Act?”

  1. crossgrain

    Yeah, this probably ain’t going anywhere. Still, it’s a start to the very important discussion of what money does to politics and our elected representatives.

  2. Anonymous

    I didn’t know what this was about when a guy sitting outside my local library asked me to sign the petition. I told him I’d have to check into it before I did anything.

    Knowing that the Socialist Ricky Weiland is spearheading this one is a guarantee it is bad, so I plan on going back to the library and hopefully let the guy there know that I won’t sign something put forth by a Socialist jerk.


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