Yankton Newspaper: Dem’s Thune opponent will likely be “token lamb for slaughter.”

Well, this could be awkward.  The Yankton Press and Dakotan came out with an editorial last night about how the opponent for John Thune will likely be a “token lamb for slaughter.” Considering that the opponent has been long rumored as being Yankton County Democrat Chair, Jay Williams, this editorial might just sting a little more sharply.

Here’s some good news for South Dakota Democrats: The party says it will have a candidate to run against Sen. John Thune this year.

Who will that candidate be?

Well, as of this writing, that may be the bad news.


So, unless it’s someone like former Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin or former Sen. Tom Daschle — whose names still carry considerable weight in this state and are still occasionally whispered in some Democratic circles with wishful, nostalgic longing — it’s hard to imagine anyone else running who would be little more than a token lamb for slaughter, which is something we’ve seen in some recent elections, to be frank about it.

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If Williams is announced as the Dem candidate on Friday as expected, this column could prove to be a little awkward in  his hometown. Although, I suspect they would have no reason to retract one word.

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