You are invited to attend the SD Conservatives Lunch – Madison

You are invited to attend the

SD Conservatives Lunch – Madison
Thursday, May 5th, 2016, 12:15 PM
Second Street Diner

Initial monthly meeting to discuss place and time, to get this meeting going locally.  Meet fellow conservatives, and learn about the efforts and events of various conservative organizations in South Dakota.

Lunch including Chicken Spaghetti entree, drink, tax, and tip is $9.00, pay in room,|
or order off menu, pay at cash register.  For more information, please contact
Ray Hedman at (605) 270-2991 or Mathew Wollmann at (605) 480-3038.

10 Replies to “You are invited to attend the SD Conservatives Lunch – Madison”

  1. Anonymous

    Wollman sponsoring a conservatives lunch? If he changes it to a republican lunch, that would at least be plausible.

    1. Troy Jones

      My reaction exactly. Spaghetti without meatballs or meat sauce is more understanding as the claim could be it is to keep cost of the meal down. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    A lot of the Squishy Daugaard moderate tax and transpoliticians are facing primaries. Conzet, Partridge, Tiedmen, etc, are scrambling to claim they are conservatives amidst their liberal voting records of raising taxes, increasing spending, and supporting Caitlyn Jenner and Denise Daugaard’s transgender agenda.

    Wollman hosting a “conservative” luncheon is like Brock Greenfield hosting an anorexia awareness luncheon.

    Just another campaign conservative trying to distract from their voting record.

  3. Anonymous

    Judging by the scorecard produced by the Family Heritage Alliance, I conclude that Representative Wollmann is a social conservative, but his fiscal conservatism is certainly in question because he voted for the sales tax increase (and keep in mind that everyone who did effectively squashed any discussion of other more fiscally responsible ways of finding the necessary money to give the teachers the raise that they demanded). The real test will be if he votes for the expansion of Medicaid. If he does that, then he will have no basis to call himself a conservative or host such a lunch.

    1. Daniel Buresh

      You had 10 years to discuss other more fiscally responsible ways of finding the necessary money to fund teacher’s pay raises and you all did nothing. You guys literally kicked the can down the road until you got a solution shoved down your throat in which 60-70% of SD voters supported it because they are sick of you guys pushing the problem off. Cry me a river. As most have said to those leaving who were offended, good riddance. Take your balls and go home because they are nothing more than obstructionists to solutions to real problems while generating a media frenzy addressing transgender problems that don’t even exist.

      1. Anonymous

        It’s imaginary crap playing the age old fear card regarding Transgender for example that we ended up Donald Trump as our presidential nominee and the various scandals and real issues in SD that should of been dealt with long ago.

  4. Lee Schoenbeck

    First, the marine you’re referring to is twice the conservative, and person, that the anonymous twit is that won’t put their name on their post attacking this fine soldier, who also happens to be a representative. Matt works hard at serving South Dakota. Now the anonymous twit doesn’t work hard at serving anybody, which makes it easier to be sniping at marines like Matt.

    And the person that opposes investing in South Dakota’s education system is just another Bernie Sanders socialist that doesn’t want to pay his bills or do his duty – you expect others to do the heavy lifting for you. You’re lucky Matt’s there to answer the call, so you can continue to hide and cowar in your anonymity – chicken.