You know, it’s not a bad thing that Gov. Noem hit the pause button in the whole HB1217 debate

I’m reading the Rapid City Journal this AM, specifically comments from the opposing sides on House Bill 1217, and I can’t help but think that given the level of hysteria, it’s not the worst thing in the world that the Governor hit the pause button on the measure so better legislation can be crafted to protect Title IX and women’s participation in sports. Because some of the comments coming out of the debate in the days after are a bit ridiculous:

Rep. Taffy Howard, R-Rapid City, said the pair of executive orders are “absolutely ridiculous” and that Noem is more interested in empty words than actions. Howard, who was a co-sponsor of the bill, said 1217 was a good bill vetted by attorneys across the nation, and the executive orders are worthless as there is no enforcement mechanism.


“I’m tired of politicians who claim to be conservative with their words but don’t follow through with their actions.

Read that here.

The problem with HB 1217’s “attorneys across the nation” is that they’re working for the people who want to add South Dakota as another notch in their belt of passing the measure, and they could care less about the consequences in the state.. unlike the people who have to live here.

And of course, there’s the opponents:

Susan Williams, executive director of the Transformation Project Advocacy Network, also said the new executive orders would hurt transgender children as well as all trans South Dakotans.


“This morning I laid in bed for five hours comatose, just trying to practice self-care,” Williams said Tuesday afternoon. “We’re going to take some time to reflect and help each other heal from a horrid legislative session, which didn’t even give trans people a chance to breathe — the hits kept on coming.”

Also read that here.

Umm.. yeah.  I don’t know that the executive orders are going to do much more than give some minimal guidance to the Dept of Ed, and Regental institutions as they try to figure things out. So they can probably turn down the drama & hyperbole, and rouse themselves from their self-care.

Because we’ll all be back in Pierre soon enough for Round 2 on HB1217, as well as the legislature taking another run at Marijuana regulation legislation.

Stay tuned.

19 thoughts on “You know, it’s not a bad thing that Gov. Noem hit the pause button in the whole HB1217 debate”

  1. Bidden announces his $2T payoff to union bosses in Pittsburg this morning and these chuckleheads are apoplectic about bathroom bills. Central to the package is the “Protecting the Right to Organize” Act that guts state right to work laws.

    Wonder how Taffy & Co will respond when AFSCME launches an organizing drive at the Statehouse next year?

  2. And I am tired of politicians who claim to be conservatives wanting government to dictate the rules and regulations of private organizations like The Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and the NCAA.

    1. Anne the problem with the NCAA is that they want to play in Arenas that are built by taxpayers. Now if they played their games in their own privately built arenas I would agree with you.

      1. Mark Peterson it’s only a matter of time when the NCAA is a dust bunny in the closet of failed social agendas living and dying on politically incorrect motives.
        The 7’4” 250 lb male animal on the court of the Women’s NCAA Championship game WINNER will be the final nail.

  3. The challenge for society is to come to terms with whether transgender is a bone fide social movement or a bone fide clinical condition. Until this question is answered, legislative battles will continue across the US.

    1. It’s a choice, not a condition. A person chooses to want to be transgendered, not born with it. There is nothing wrong with that choice that he or she makes but he or she is not born with it. Debate settled.

      1. When did you decide that you weren’t going to be attracted to the same sex anymore? When did you decide you weren’t thinking about changing genders anymore? What’s that? You didn’t?

        Huh. Funny, that.

  4. If the Governor’s legal scholars told her months ago the problems with the bill why didn’t she take action then to correct it? Why did she tweet that she would sign the bill even after she supposedly got the advice from her legal scholars? Why are these problems being discovered after it was passed thru the legislature? To me its pretty simple. The bill passed, enormous pressure was put on the Governor by left wing corporations and interest groups and she caved. Everything else is just typical political spin.

  5. If one needs “self-care” and goes “comatose” after not getting their way in the public square, they are clearly unfit for the arena.

    More importantly, MHS is exactly right. While conservatives are fighting among themselves over this, liberal are about to spend another $3Trillion, raise taxes $2.5Trillion, and centralize the US economy. Talk about giving all one’s attention to the shiny spoon while the pickpocket is about to take your wallet.

  6. There’s way too much rancor on this issue from legislators. I haven’t heard any bashing of legislators from the Governor.

    That speaks volumes.

    1. Ed, How can she bash them she was trying to kill the bill that she said that she would sign she’s on every side of this issue!!

  7. When you’re trying to kill it behind the scenes and you fail and then you claim it’s a good bill but then you wanna pause it then you wanna issue executive orders it’s not good policy or strategy you’re all over the place and not a good leader

    1. Noem is a horrible governor so far, I wish someone would run against her as a good option for the voters to decide if she deserves a 2nd term. I don’t think she would get one.

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