You really aren’t into an increase in taxes, are you?

 With the session at our door, now might be a good time to unveil the results of our unscientific polling on the question of a sales tax increase:

(Are you trying to give us a hint?)

By a majority over all other choices combined, you said “No, no, and NO!” to any increase in the sales tax in one of the largest responses to a SDWC poll ever.

19% said increase in the sales tax of education was ok. A little over 16% said that they would increase the sales tax for both counties and education. But 52 1/2% put their foot down and said “don’t you dare!”

In light of that sentiment, how do we think this legislative session going to go?

15 Replies to “You really aren’t into an increase in taxes, are you?”

  1. Dave R

    I think the government should live within its means. When the gov’t raises taxes it is taking from others.

  2. Springer

    I was watching Keloland last night and the story on the new athletic facility at Howard Wood Field in SF and how much it cost. And then we are supposed to fork over even more for “education” when it isn’t going to academics? If they have enough for fancy, new buildings for athletics, then maybe they have enough, period. And yes, I know it’s a different fund (general vs capital outlay) but it’s all our taxes and all supposedly going for “education.” Maybe academics should be the priority instead of buildings and people would be more willing to fork over a little more, if necessary.

  3. PorterLansing

    If the majority of your poll wanted Indians confined to the reservation would your Republican legislature have a mandate to pass that, too? Leaders lead, Mr. Powers. The majority bias in SoDak is why so many of the foolish proposals by Jackley can’t get by the Supreme Court. Because they discriminate and detract from the needs of the state. Not the wants of the selfish majority but the needs of “ALL THE PEOPLE” of the state. Try a poll asking if teacher’s pay should be last in USA? Behind Mississippi? Have you ever spent a month in rural Mississippi? SoDak can do better no matter what the greedy majority wants.

    1. @SoDakCampaigns

      “The majority bias in SoDak is why so many of the foolish proposals by Jackley can’t get by the Supreme Court. Because they discriminate and detract from the needs of the state.”

      Porter, honestly, when I saw this, I had to stop what I was doing and ask – WTF are you talking about? Are you high? Do you understand anything about government in South Dakota?

      Explain these “foolish proposals by Jackley,” and what, if anything they have to do with a majority of readers not wanting an increase in the South Dakota State Sales tax. Because you’ve stumped me on that one.

  4. PorterLansing

    Wadda ya mean Powers? Am I high? Are you drunk, again? There are a higher percentage of drunks in your state than stoners in mine. Not to mention your state’s pain pill addiction crisis. Here’s one example of many because I don’t need to interrupt on the day of the big speeches. Jackley is joining Republican AG’s to fight the contraceptive mandate? Showboating with little chance of SCOTUS approval. Also, the environmental requirements to stop frackers from polluting the ground water. Fat chance, Jackley. Join Cynthia Coffman on the road to political ruin.

  5. PorterLansing

    Didn’t think so. It’s 55 degrees outside in CO and I’m going for a stroll and take some pictures. You can think of some more instances where Jackley, Schoenbeck and Deutsch have stood on the necks of women’s rights until the Supreme Court found out and slapped it down.

    1. Springer

      Apparently you and the Dems think the only women’s only interest in “women’s rights” concerns abortion. Surprise, women are concerned with a lot of other things – jobs, caring for their children, economy, terrorism, the second amendment, freedom of religion, marriage fidelity (a sore spot among certain Dems right now!!), among others. Women are not a single issue voting bloc and are smarter than you give us credit for.

    2. Anonymous

      Why is it that folks like you Porter always list the men’s names when it comes to “infringing on women’s rights?” There are plenty of women in the legislature who think abortion is a tragic abomination as well. Why not list their names here? Or doesn’t that fit your sexist, misogynist narrative? You’re argument is pathetic.

  6. Anonymous

    I just think it’s hysterical that the legislative body and the administration work together to create a blue ribbon task force to make recommendations on education and teacher funding. The task force spends countless hours researching and studying things. They make recommendations which effectively become the backbone of the governor’s proposal. And then the “I know everything and you know nothing” crowd, none of whom were part of the study group, come storming in to explain how the BRTF is all wet and the governor is an idiot. Hysterical. Will the funding for teachers go through on a 1/2 cent sales tax increase? Probably not. And South Dakota will sit lazily on their fat ass as every other state pays their teachers more and more and pretty soon it won’t matter, because there won’t be any good teachers left to pay. You reap what you sow.

    1. Springer

      I went to one of those Blue Ribbon task force meetings. It was structured to get the answers they wanted, which were more teacher pay, more teacher pay, more teacher pay, and more respect for teachers.