Youngberg teaming up with John Thune

I’m getting a sneak peek at an endorsement piece that Madison State Senate Candidate Jordan Youngberg has coming out, and I was given permission to share it with you, faithful reader.


Sounds like Madison will be a great place to vote GOP all the way up and down the ticket this election!

25 thoughts on “Youngberg teaming up with John Thune”

    1. Why would anyone support that draft dodging coward? There needs to be some real soul searching among Republican voters in that district.

    1. Do either of them have tough races? Youngberg taking on Parsley will be one of the toughest races for the GOP this fall.

  1. Maybe Jordan will join the “Alt-Right” movement along with Thune — of course they will have to quit holding “Lincoln” Day Dinners — Duke Day Dinner has a nice alliteration to it.

  2. Anyone know is Youngberg is pro-life? I expect pro-abort Dems not to respond to Right-to-Life surveys, but when a Republican fail to respond it makes me wonder.

    1. I have spoke with him personally, and he has chosen not to fill out any surveys. Also he seems very pro life talking with him. Also heard him say he will not fill out any pledges this first go around. I think it is very good, shows a guy that does not get bought and thinks for himself

    2. Right-to-life surveys are a pile of crap and they will die with the elder republicans who are so obsessed with what goes on behind the bedroom door. If people were truly concerned about saving lives, there would be a box of condoms at every entrance in school. Your kids are gonna screw, just like every generation before them. The best we can do is educate them and make sure they are smart about it. There is a reason why when you get to college, the sexually repressed catholic girls are the ones all the gossip stories are about from their sexual exploits. When your kid goes to college, get them on birth control and provide them with all the condoms they need otherwise you are a complete fool living in a fantasy world.

      1. Condoms are not 100% effective at stopping pregnancy, also once sexually active is one going to stop because . . . “Oh, we are out of condoms!” ? So, do you suggest in those cases . . . Kill the kid?

        1. I’m suggesting logical solutions that actually drive down the need for abortions. Making them illegal and denying people access to readily available birth control doesn’t change the unplanned pregnancy rate. Educating our youth and providing them with the protections they need will drive the need for abortions down much better than any other solution that has been proposed. Abstinence is a pipe dream of sexually repressed Christians who care more about what is going on in other’s bedrooms because their lives suck so much.

          “Kill the kid?”

          No, I propose supporting that parent by providing a support system so that they don’t fear bringing that child into the world and not being able to take care of it so the need for abortions drops dramatically.

      2. You talk trash about catholics for someone who does a lot of business with catholic hospitals such as Avera.

        1. Oh Pat, I don’t discriminate against paying customers. They have a right to services just like anyone else. I am a born and raised catholic, baptized, first communion, confirmation, private catholic school….the whole nine yards. I can condemn Catholics however I please. I’ve seen the horrors first hand.

      3. Daniel,

        The person (yes this is a person) who has a particular view on an issue and asked where Jordan stood. And, that question causes you to fly off the handle with a rant filled with generalization and disparagement? Anger issues?

        1. This person didn’t just ask, they made an implication that a non-answer was indicative of something comparable to a pro-abort democrat. I have no time for people like that and I have no time for party shills.

          1. The person made no such implication. It is common for pro-abort Democrats to not answer anti-abort surveys just as it is common for anti-abort Republicans to not answer pro-abort surveys. The person only asked if Jordan’s non-answer was insight to his position on abortion.

            In any case, your flying off the handle didn’t reflect well on you.

  3. Two comments:

    1) I like that Thune focuses on the tough races. No reason to spend time and effort on those that will/should win going away.

    2) If I were running for the Legislature, I wouldn’t fill out a single survey. Too often the questions are worded in a way that doesn’t allow nuance with regard to the complexity of the issue.

    1. I think the reason for asking if Thune will do a postcard for Jensen has more to do with Thune’s west river director putting Jensen’s opponents sign in his yard than anything else.

      Local politics is very interesting.

  4. I can’t think of a better candidate than Jordan. He’s exactly what we need. VOTE YOUNGBERG for Senate. District 8.

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