11 Senate GOP Primaries – Here’s the list to date.

The GOP added another Senate Primary this afternoon. Absent any additional stragglers coming in, here’s the Senate lineup we’re going to be choosing from this June:

District 6 – Herman Otten versus Isaac Latterell
District 14 – Larry Zikmund v. Dave Zellmer
District 15 – Thor Bardon v. Brenda Lawrence
District 17 – Art Rusch v. Nancy Rasmussen
District 21 – Lee Qualm v. Erin Tobin
District 23 – Bryan Breitling v. Larry Nielson
District 29 – Gary Cammack v. Terri Jorgenson
District 30 – Julie Frye-Mueller v. George Kotti
District 31 – Tim Johns v. John Teupel
District 33 – Dave Johnson v. Janet Jensen
District 35 – Jessica Castleberry v. Kevin Quick.

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