2018 South Dakota Candidate List

Statewide offices

US Congress

Dusty Johnson (R)
Shantel Krebs – (R)
Neal Tapio – (R)
Eric Terrell (R)
Chris Martian (D)  verbally withdrew?
Tim Bjorkman (D)


Kristi Noem (R)
Marty Jackley (R)
Lora Hubbel (R)
Terry Lee LaFleur (R)
Billie Sutton (D)

Attorney General

Jason Ravnsborg (R)
Charles McGuigan (R)
Lance Russell (R)
John Fitzgerald(R)

Secretary of State

Steve Barnett (R)

State Auditor

Rich Sattgast (R)

State Treasurer

Josh Haeder (R)

School & Lands 

Ryan Brunner (R- Incumbent)

Public Utilities Commission

Kristie Fiegen (R – incumbent)

30 Replies to “2018 South Dakota Candidate List”

  1. Casual Observer

    Great idea PP! Really great idea! Since I’m not familiar with all of these districts and candidates it would be cool if you created a SDWC indicator of which way the race is likely to go.

      1. Anonymous

        Just so I am clear, will this be about ALL district legislature incumbents/hopefuls in SD, or just national levels?

      2. Dustin Notherly

        My cousin in Watertown says there is a rumor that Byron Callies, father of Melissa Magstadt, is considering a run for 5th District Representative.

        I don’t know much about him or if the rumor is true.

    1. Anonymous

      I am listed as a candidate for House in Districy 14, but I have decided not to run. Looking for good candidates to run. Anne Hajek

  2. Scott Bartlett

    ::::waving my hands high in the air:::: You missed me — State House Candidate District 12
    D Scott Bartlett

  3. anon

    Byron Callies (father of the always pretty Mellisa Magstadt) and Hugh Bartles (Radio personality and Banker) are running for House in Watertown’s District 5

  4. Anonymous

    What is with all the different dates when the comments were posted? April ’15, Dec ’15, July ’14 . . . just to list a few.

  5. Ben Jones

    Karon Gubbrud’s petitions didn’t make the cut and she’s not running for State House in District 9. Please remove her name.

  6. Anonymous

    Rich Sattgast is the treasurer –but you have him under Auditor…has he announced that he is going to run for Auditor?

    Makes sense, but I had not heard that yet

  7. Susan Howard

    Is this a biased list of candidates? John Fitzgerald has been in the race for attorney general for some time. Strange you would have the rumored and not all the actual candidates.

      1. Anonymous

        Susan…stop with the conspiracy theories….1) its pat’s site he can do what he wants 2) the more professional way would be to email him privately than call him out…3) I believe he updates this periodically 4) no one thinks Fitzgerald can win anyway!

  8. Anonymous

    You must be from the Hubble Ravnsborg team. No clue. I want a real prosecutor as attorney general not one pretending to be a lawyer.

  9. John

    Looks like you will have to update the candidate list again with Mr. McGuigan leaving the AG race. It should be quite interesting to see who gets the necessary signatures on the other races.


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