A funny thing happened to Lora Hubbel on the way to Pizza Ranch. Lora might be unmasked… but she’s un-pizza’d as well.

So, had an e-mail this afternoon:

Pat, this morning on KELO-AM I heard an ad paid for by Lora Hubbel.

Inviting the Public to a meeting today (Fri 11/20) at noon at the Eastside Pizza Ranch.

Would be presenting evidence and results of studies that the masks don’t work, etc, etc.

And in looking at the former Republican/Independent/Constitutional candidate’s facebook page, it would appear that Lora did have some plans..

However, running a radio ad might have gotten the event a little too much publicity.

Uh oh.  And the next thing you know…

Wasn’t there another Pizza Ranch that put distance between themselves and a bunch of goofballs?

15 thoughts on “A funny thing happened to Lora Hubbel on the way to Pizza Ranch. Lora might be unmasked… but she’s un-pizza’d as well.”

  1. “The study does not confirm the expected halving of the risk of infection for people wearing face masks,” it said. “The results could indicate a more moderate degree of protection of 15-20%, however, the study could not rule out that face masks do not provide any protection.”

  2. Pat,
    You just can’t make this stuff up! This is a hilarious. Good for Pizza Ranch for actually having the guts to stand up for what the city ordinance may be. Also, for having common sense in saying their establishment won’t be used for wacko, conspiracy-driven, b.s., both east and west river.

  3. Say what you will — and have — about the Libertarian Party of South Dakota and the quaintness of our gatherings, but we have always maintained a solid working relationship with Pizza Ranch and are perpetually respectful of their property rights. And so, to other political groups in our state, I extend unto you a challenge: Before you act, simply ask yourselves, “Would this get me kicked out of Pizza Ranch?”

    Problem solved. God bless, and good night. #WWPRD

  4. Good, common-sense, Orange City Dutch, deeply conservative, faith-driven, family company saying “BS” to the nutbags. Way to go PR.

    1. Even “nutbags” have a First Amendment. What was she doing that was illegal? If I were to want to meet at Pizza Ranch to start a plan to recall Emperor TenHaken, would it be appropriate to cancel me too? It is a dangerous thing you are saying.

  5. Lora Hubbel has shown herself to be a fruitcake. However even fruitcakes should not be “canceled”. As a conservative I worry when I see stories about how Twit and Spacedbook are being censored even downright banned. I just saw a story that says Spacedbook is banning posts supporting Kyle Rittenhouse. Whether you agree or disagree our First Amendment allows for us to express our opinion. Those organizations have the right to do what they are doing, but what they are doing should send shivers down your back. They also need to be able to be sued. As far as I can tell LH was not having a meeting to do something illegal. Pizza Ranch’s actions are scary to say the least.

    1. She can express her concern all she wants. She can’t do it on private property if they don’t want her there. Obviously they don’t want their business associated with fringe nut jobs passing out false and dangerous information.

      1. Nowhere do I say they do NOT have a right to do what they are doing. My only point is it is rather chilling when a company stops a person from exercising his/her First Amendment rights because they are expressing something the company disagrees with. I have not heard she was planning to disrupt the business, have you? If she was planning to do some sort of demonstration, by all means tell her she is not welcome. Since the company has a right to do what they do, I have a right to eat where I want to eat. You can wear your damned mask all you want, but since there is strong evidence the mask is nothing more than a feel good thing to do so some politicians can feel like they are doing something about a pandemic, having a meeting to discuss what can be done about a stupid ordinance is not totally objectionable.

        1. Then they can do it somewhere else. In one sentence you say you’re fine with that and then say you’re not. It’s not chilling, you don’t have first amendment rights in a private business.

          1. In the past, people have been able to have discussions and to have meetings, etc. and not have to necessarily agree. We have been best when we allow the free expression of ideas. By allowing her to have her meeting it does not mean they agree with her. In the past few years we have had people who have been boycotted, threatened, and forced out of business because of political beliefs. I do not know your politics, but if you are a conservative I suspect you have been concerned by what Facebook and Twitter have done to conservatives. What this Pizza Ranch is doing is the same thing. BTW, I did not say I was all right with what they did. I just said they had the right. And I have my rights as well.

    1. You might want to look outside your conspiracy theory sources. Plenty of others, you know… like real doctor and scientists…have proven masks do work to slow the spread.

  6. I think we should step back and not celebrate this even though this is in Pizza Ranch’s right as a property owner.

    Denial of meeting places to organize political opposition to governmental policies impedes an open debate.

    Personally, I think Pizza Ranch is being politically correct and not courageous.

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