A new entry for Frank's scrapbook

The Mitchell Daily Republic’s editor contributes an opinion piece about one of the most maligned legislators in South Dakota….Scotland’s Frank Kloucek.

Say what you will about Frank — you can’t deny he’s personable and daw gone it — he gets re-elected.

In spite of his many foibles, there are lessons to be learned from Frank.  In an era when so many forms of our communication are artificial and mass produced, Frank manages to keep it personal…..You can’t get much more South Dakota than that.

25 Replies to “A new entry for Frank's scrapbook”

  1. Cliff Hadley

    Agree completely, KG. Love Frank! Yeah, he and his fellow Dems are pie-in-the-sky on spending, insisting 2+2 ain’t 4, but the man is a gem. A lot like Charlie Flowers. Not a mean bone to be found.

    1. Truthinator

      Frank’s a great guy. And that was a great mind picture of Frank cracking jokes while five humorless Republicans sat beside him. Just like in the legislature!

      It’s a good thing those budget-challenged Democrats don’t count, Cliff. Otherwise South Dakota might be last in everything.

      1. Name

        We’re the most rural state in the nation. That creates weird numbers in comparison, and being last in many statistics is a reflection of basic facts. And the fact I really like is, South Dakota — under GOP leadership — is making 2+2=4 better than all the other states that spend way more than they can afford and are No. 1 in debt.

        BTW, I like Bernie H. in Yankton, too. Good guy. Good for his district and the state.

        1. Truthinator

          Name, the numbers you are citing are believable. But it is pretty easy to balance our meager budget when we get back about $1.60 from the feds for every $1 we send in. I don’t think the budge prowess of all those intelligent Republicans has anything to do about that. I feel sorry for states like California, New York, Florida and others that have huge budget crises, but only get back about $.76 or $.80 for every $1 they send in. Plain and simple, South Dakota is a welfare state. If it was not for the money the federal government takes away from other states and gives to us, we would be in a world of hurt.

          One fact I did check was the assertion that South Dakota was the most rural state in the US. I don’t know how you’re defining that, but according to this report we are up the ladder a bit…


          1. Cliff Hadley

            Truth! That Name comment was mine. And the $1.60 for every dollar in fed money that you cite is exactly the type of skewed numbers a state like South Dakota generates. If it’s the Medicare match, the 90% the USDOT ponies up and the number of farms that qualify for a check, then there’s a big effect in a small population. Doesn’t mean that’s what balances a state budget, though.

          2. Cliff Hadley

            “Medicare match” should be, of course, “Medicaid match.” Unforced error.

            The “most rural state” designation comes from the fewest cities with more than 2,500 population, which is the U.S. Census definition of a city.

  2. Name

    I don’t know… That article seemed to slam his fellow legislators.

    We must be nearing the end of the Frank era if they are writing fluff pieces like that about him.

  3. anon

    Reminds me of Jim Hundstad. Hundstad is the guy no one really wants to vote for but everyone in the district knows who he is because he campaigns year round.

    1. Truthinator

      Yeah, if you in Frank’s district and suddenly have a flat tire, look over your shoulder because Frank will be there to help you change it in just a moment or two!

        1. anonymous

          and Hundstad built a “pumkin chucker” trebuchet-catapult type thing. Likes to launch bowling balls and pumpkins. How can anyone else compete?

  4. CaveMan

    Frank certainly is the guy who upon finding a massive pile of horse tailings in the middle of a room begins digging looking for the horse. But really it’s his charming good looks, chutzpa, and knowledge of the connection between the brain and the stomach which gets him re-elected every session!! 🙂

  5. oldguy

    I really don’t know much of Frank other than he just runs for the other office when his term limit is up. Does anybody know of any bills he has passed? ( being serious here)

  6. Lee Schoenbeck

    Oldguy, the serious answer to your question is that in the 03-06, when I last served with him, I believe Frank got one bill out of one committee one time and it died on the senate floor. But, Frank has a strange charm about him. You always smile when you see him – you may be thinking of the last dumb thing he did – but he makes you smile, which isn’t a bad epitaph.

    I never understood Frank until the mayor of Scotland, at Frank’s annual Czech event at the King’s Inn, told me this. I was sitting enjoying a beer with he and his friend, and he said: “I’m a Republican, and I know Frank can’t get anything done, but we sure like him.” For two decades we ran the best that those communities had to offer, and Frank beat them all. It wasn’t until I listened to the mayor that I understood how they measured the man.

  7. oldguy

    Lee I thought he would be like a power boker as he has been there so long. Sounds like a nice guy who just likes being in Pierre who really doesn’t care if he gets anything doe.

  8. Veldy

    I’m not going to comment on Frank’s intelligence, I’ll leave that to others, a couple things I do know, he stays in touch with his constituents, one fellow told me it’s a rare funeral in Bon Homme County that Frank doesn’t attend, I don’t know if that was a joke or not. Also, a few years ago National Federation of Independent Business put out their “rating” of legislators, Frank had the highest rating of SE legislators, which did surprise me.

  9. gomer

    I had to testify a few years ago on a bill that Frank Kloucek introduced along with a handful of sponsors from both parties, but my Republican rep at the time pulled me aside and said, “Governor Rounds told me if Kooky Kloucek’s name is on the bill, it is dead in the water”, even though it was a very good bill. That seemed very short-sighted. First, that they labeled him “kooky” and second that they didn’t give him the time of day. The guy really worked his butt off on the bill, but alas, it died in committee. Even though he may be a bit quirky, I admire his tenacity.

  10. wow

    Guess everyone forgot his e-mail of misspelled words and grammatical errors a couple of years ago. All of this lauding and honoring Rep. Kloucek should scare him. Usually people do this near or after the person’s death; they say what a great person he/she was . To me Frank cuts a pathetic figure; putting on his clothes every day in high hopes, introducing bills, getting shot down, and then walking out of the capitol bldg a defeated man. How many times can an average person do this???? For Frank, it has turned into YEARS.

  11. Citizen legislator

    Just a late comment about the words echoed earlier that FK doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Not true. He is human you know but that doesn’t excuse a personal experience where a piece of constituent legislation was sabotaged by him. Personal opinion but the facts would lead one in that direction.