A slip on the ice, a trip to the hospital. Get Well Soon, Brock.

I’m reading on Facebook that State Senator Brock Greenfield is laid up in the Watertown hospital after a particularly nasty fall that left the long-time legislator with a broken arm.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Senator Greenfield.

I was going to ask if was his arm for voting “no,” was injured, as it would have limited him immensely. But with his move to the senate this year, they don’t have all that newfangled technology, and thankfully rely on voice votes.

9 thoughts on “A slip on the ice, a trip to the hospital. Get Well Soon, Brock.”

  1. OUCH!

    Get well Brock! SD needs you.

    Brock could vote NO with one arm tied behind his back and the other in a cast while standing on one foot.

  2. Thanks for the fun little post, Pat! Still no direction about surgery or when I can return to work. Will know more Monday morning.

  3. Senator,

    More than any year I can remember is people falling on the ice and getting hurt. What I heard at coffee the other day, “it’s because everyone is walking and texting.”

    Come clean: were you texting?

  4. From The Vile Times:

    “Or maybe we should just ban them from interfering with what God clearly intended for Brock’s arm.”

    Yeah, just DEMONIZE those who disagree with you. Tried & true liberals.

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