A snapshot from Marty Jackley’s big event last night with Chad Greenway & Mike MIller

A snapshot from Attorney General Marty Jackley’s big fundraiser for his Gubernatorial Campaign with South Dakota professional athletes Chad Greenway and Mike Miller held last evening in Sioux Falls.

His opponent, Congresswoman Kristi Noem, has her own event with local businessmen and physicians on June 19th, as both candidates are on the campaign trail in earnest.

31 thoughts on “A snapshot from Marty Jackley’s big event last night with Chad Greenway & Mike MIller”

  1. While Marty is very personable, I don’t think he has a great record as AG.

    If you want another Pierre insider he is your guy.

    1. I don’t think people view Marty as a Pierre insider. His record as AG is incredible. Kristi’s record in Congress is fairly thin and not conservative.

      Marty has the wind at his back and one year from now he will be smiling big because he hasn’t gone DC on SD.

      1. Please name some ways that Marty’s record is “incredible”. And please explain how a guy who was given his position by the ultimate Pierre insider (Rounds) isn’t a Pierre insider?

        1. His record is incredible for all the wrong reasons

          EB 5
          Gear Up
          Flandreau Marijuana case
          Supports SB 70
          But he got the desperate criminals like the flag stealer and Bosworth convicted, who got more punishment than anybody above does

          Drain the swamp of Pierre!

            1. But if Mike Miller and chad Greenway endorse him we are supposed to vote for him too.

          1. Noem trolls sound nervous. Marty is the one fighting corruption and prosecuting people. EB5 and Gear Up are federal programs, yet the Feds didn’t prosecute- Marty did. Does Noem really support a pot resort in Flandreau? SB 70 had support of Gov, States attorneys and sheriffs associations. Marty has been working to fix it- including passing legislation last session.

  2. Seems to me the only thing this event accomplished was to show that Miller and Greenway support Jackley (can they even vote for him?). Didn’t look like a large crowd from their other pics and they had to pay to promote the event on social media so the net dollar gain was likely minimal.

    1. I was there- as were about 200 other people coming and going for two hours. Great crowd and awesome event! Lots of new people who don’t typically go to political events. I also saw the contribution box and it was packed with checks. People were fired up for Marty!!!!

      1. How many of the 200 can vote for Marty? You don’t see too many kids at political fundraisers so I’m not surprised there were “new people”.

    2. You can boost a post on Facebook for 100 bucks and reach tens of thousands of people. I doubt that promotion expense had any negative effect on the total.

  3. I’m not so sure South Dakotans could give a rip if Hollywood celebrities to native sports stars endorsing a candidate really makes that much of a difference when families are struggling and watching all these scandals going on here in the state with little accountability. Well connected country club South Dakotans possibly but everyday working stiffs not so much.

      1. Marty is smart to associate with Greenway. Chad is pure class and a great example of South Dakota values.

  4. Kristi will have to up this by getting the Kardashians here for a fundraiser.

      1. One problem is that when Team Noem gets the Kardashians for a fundraiser they will have to drag Caitlyn Jenner here too but might be a draw to put over the top fundraising for that event over Marty.

      2. Well one of them has a job in D.C. and the other in Pierre.

        Marty couldn’t even be bothered to show up to prosecute his ridiculous pot charges in Flandreau (but could of course make time for the photo-op to announce the charges).

  5. Kristi underestimated Jackley and her supporters are all upset and concerned now.

    1. When has Kristi ever said anything about thinking this race would be easy? I’ve seen nothing from her that gives me the impression she underestimated Jackley.

  6. What’s going to be really interesting is to see who Daugaard, Thune and Rounds will be supporting. Not so sure Noem is as conservative as people think, she is given a F 46% from Conservative Review’s scorecard.

    1. I think that decision started with the SFPD and mayor Huether not doing anything. Jackley and Wollman stepped up to actually have the Muslim arrested. The public outcry may of had an impact, but the two AGs probably followed the law, just a guess though.

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