After careful consideration…..I may reconsider

Could Thune reconsider and decide to jump into the Presidential race after all???   Bill Kristol is saying it’s a possibility….

Stay tuned…or Thuned as the case may be.

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  1. CaveMan

    If John Thune runs he just may be the guy conservatives have been looking for and we may finally get to see just what kind of game Obama has.

  2. duggersd

    The only reason I can see why John Thune would be reconsidering is because he is looking at the incompetent person in the White House and is believing there is a very good chance the GOP will win it. Assuming this, it would be another 8 years before Thune could consider running again. John Thune is not my first choice, but I am thinking maybe instead of debates, they could play a little one-on-one.

  3. PNR

    It would have been a mistake earlier. It would be an even bigger mistake now.

    Thune has no natural constituency outside of this state for any such run.

    We have enough potential candidates to choose from in the GOP already, especially if Gov. Perry decides to run. Thune can better do his work in the Senate.

  4. anonymous

    Thune would have been a real contender in the past few debates. He isn’t exactly what people are looking for right now because he’s quiet and calm. I thought there was a big opening for him to run in the last couple debates but now with Rick Perry considering getting in I’m not sure Thune would really have a lot of room to grow in Iowa and New Hampshire or South Carolina.

    I’m all for Thune running but I don’t think Thune’s advisors are very good at reading the tea leaves. Timing is everything and the window for Thune getting in was about 1-2 months ago. Now he would just be another low key person getting in.

    I would put Thune as a top 3 candidate.

  5. 73*

    Thune should have decided to get in months ago now it might be too late even though he would be a true dark horse.

      1. Name

        My rankings: (not who I want but the way I see it right now if everyone gets in)

        Ron Paul

        Right now I’m leaning towards Rick Perry. Perry might be the frontrunner if he actually gets in.

        1. dissident

          Rick Perry is a human rights nightmare as governor of a red state infamous for executing innocent people. Look, the GOP will have nominated a candidate long before South Dakota even has a chance to vote in a primary. Thune won’t be considered for anything as long as the Senate is in Democratic control.

        2. duggersd

          I think you make a great point about Perry maybe being the front runner should he decide to get in. Romney just does not excite people much. I do not believe Thune will either. However Perry has a great reputation on jobs, being conservative on economic and social issues. He has a few bumps on things such as immigration, but overall I think he would prove to be very popular. Like Romney and Thune, he also looks presidential. Unlike Romney and Thune, he can point to accomplishments and tell us he would like to do for the US what he did for Texas. I heard parts of his speech and he has the kind of enthusiasm for this country that is lacking in other candidates, including the person currently in the White House.

          1. anon

            I would like to see a Rick Perry candidacy. He reminds people about America’s greatness!

            I can’t name anyone else currently running who does that.

            Rick Perry would be my choice as of today.

  6. CaveMan

    At this stage of the game while the GOP beat themselves up over who is the most conservative John Thune is beginning to search out just how electable he may be.

    PNR you obviously have not talked to many outside of our state. John Thune is a hero among wealthy conservatives all over America for taking down the Daschle institution.

    1. PNR

      They may well appreciate that he took out Daschle. That doesn’t mean they are a natural constituency for him – and they aren’t.

      True, I don’t talk to a lot of wealthy conservatives outside this state, but I do talk to many who tend to vote conservative in about a dozen different states and their primary response to Thune is: “Who’s he again?”

  7. anon

    Thune would have made a great alternative to Romney in the previous debates. He has the presidential attitude and look. He’s more conservative than Romney but not nutty like some others. There was a real oppurtunity for Thune to make some headway in recent weeks. I don’t see that oppurtunity lasting much longer. If he wants to run he better get in and fill the gap before Perry, Palin or Christie jump in. When they do the oxygen for new candidates will be gone. If Thune can fill that gap he would probably keep the others out.

  8. Name

    Wonderful. South Dakota will be woefully underrepresented in the US Senate if Thune decides to run. We all know how much time these guys that we elect to office get done when they run for President. If he is a real deal he should resign and then run so we can get somebody who wants to work fro us rather than showboating.

  9. Name

    Obama wasn’t even elected to the Senate and he was speaking at the DNC convention got the idea to run for pres took a moment to be sworn in and started campaigning for the BIG JOB.

    Thune should run. He’d add some qualities currently lacking.

  10. Duh

    16.7% unemployment with African Amercians. Hispanic unemployment is still on the rise. Foreign policy in the shitter, the economy at a stand still, oil prices still hovering too high because the goats in the east know our Pres doesn’t have the balls to get our country energy independent. Boy, pinheads, Oblabla has done a great job. Nonetheless, the GOP needs to get a nation-wide name recognized candidate and start raising money to match Hussein’s $1 Bil.

  11. Name

    Rick Perry excites me like none of the others in the race now. Romney instituted essentially the same thing as Obamacare, he believes in global warming, and he supports cap and trade, and he is leading as the Rep candidate???? Religion has nothing to do with whether or not he would make a good president, but it will be a deterrent in many minds and cost votes.

    I think Thune is much more valuable right where he is, and he should concentrate on that.

  12. springer

    And Huntsman??? The fact that Harry Reid prefers him to Romney is all I need to know about him! And he promised the campaign style of McCain, and we see where that got us.

    1. Troy Jones

      Springer, the reason the Dems aresaying nice things about Huntsman is he is who they most fear. by praising him they hope it tarnishes him.

      1. dissident

        Romney has been out of office too long and, as a Zionist cult member, he has zero support among southern christians. Ron Paul is not a governor and Rick Perry is a human rights nightmare who routinely executes innocent people. Santorum is not a governor and since PA is solidly blue, he is not Veepable. It is not impossible to see a Pawlenty/Bachmann ticket that wouldn’t carry Minnesota.

        The Prez in Puerto Rico means we Dems are embracing the Tequila Party and rejecting the class slavery offered by the earth hating redstaters financing the Koch/TEA fascistas. If the failure of the 2000 election proved anything, it’s that Florida is why Rubio will be Veeped by whichever ex-governor emerges from the 2012 GOP slime.

        a flock of sheep, a tiding of magpies. Glenn Beck is a leader of the crows that feed on carrion, ergo…the christian wing is a murder of Beckian crows.

        Brooks and ip called Pawlenty/Rubio in February. It’s just that simple.

        This is gonna be so fun.

        1. duggersd

          Interesting. You find one incident in which some people accuse Rick Perry of executing an innocent person, and you change it to routine. The man had a trial and evidence was presented. Rick Perry only had the ability to commute, pardon or reprieve the man. He based his decision on the totality of the evidence presented. I do not believe he thought the guy was innocent at the time and he probably was not innocent. But then you have a web site that was put up in his name to offer all kinds of propaganda and stories from left wing newspapers and columnists who do not care much about facts as they do about a blaring story. From what I read about it, it all came to a head in 2009 and he still won reelection last year.

  13. MOSES

    Double duty huh.I am running I think still the man in the empty suit, against car bail out subsidys but votes for ethanol and farm subsidys, fiscal right.

  14. Name

    Kristi Noem is on fox right now. That makes both of our reps on national tv in the same day. Then there’s TJ “where’s waldo” johnson. What a joke he and his whole party is.

  15. Elais


    You do realize Fox is right wing? Why would they want Tim Johnson on the show? They don’t want to hear the truth from him,.

    No, its far better for them to have No Nothing Noem and Tuneless Thune.

  16. MOSES

    Wow name pick on somebody with a disabilty, you evidently have no respect with waht he went through.He knows this will be his last term but to go after him like that you should be ashamed.

    1. PNR

      Sympathy for Senator Johnson’s medical struggles does not mean automatic approval of his policies or approval of his job performance as a senator. Senator is – or ought not be – a sympathy job. If he’s not able to handle the work load, he should resign and let somebody in who can.

      1. anonymous

        If he did resign it would create a very interesting situation and Rounds would probably get the appointment because if Noem were appointed it would create a special electoin situation where county chairs chose the nominee for an open congressional seat.

  17. Duh

    Elias and Moses. Name ONE pinhead channel that TJ “Where’s Wald” Johnson has been on to discuss his job, votes or anything to to with his being a US Senator? Zippo, Zero, Nada. I would have more respect for TJ if he actually realized his limitations and the fact that he doesn’t even rise to an empty suit and would have resigned. Apparently, TJ doesn’t think SD needs effective representation.

    Moses, your attempt at trying to instill some sense of sensativity in anyone is laughable. TJ is supposed to represent me, thank God he really isn’t.

    1. Name

      I love Duh’s argument here;

      ” Dear Women, Retards, and Minorities! Realize your plight and stop trying so damn hard! All your middle class dreams are bunk! Go back to the back of the bus.”


      Duh Mass

    1. Name

      My blather. Good lord, talk about someone with a lack of self awareness. Keep warming up your own bong Duh-Mass. I personally prefer the crisp taste of a gin and tonic.

  18. MOSES

    Dud at least TJ doesnt run trying to think he is president what a dud, you remind me of the fourth ofJjuly you just fizzle and no spark, right wing mentality.

  19. duh

    I speak the truth and you know it. Look at every economic indicator, every poll related to the economy, foreign policy and the ratings bureaus are giving the US. The pinhead response is to make broad degregations. Thanks for making my point. Oblabla : simply the worst president ever.

  20. Duh

    That’s what you get when you get mad on a smart phone. Point made again. “Degradations” for you picky pinheads.

    1. Name

      It is far too easy to get under your skin if my ribbing of you anonymously makes you so mad you can’t spell Duh-Mass. But you are right; typing on so called smart phones is a pain. Oh, and you suck.

  21. duh

    You should go back to your own sandbox filled with entitlements, grains of no self responsibility and puddles of neediness. I’m sure if you wait long enough, someone will take care of ALL your perceived needs.

    1. Name

      I am going to use Duh-Mass’s own words here:

      I have no clue how to even respond to your blather. Go warm up the bong again.