After GOP record wins, Dems claim they “don’t feel defeated at all.”

Joe Sneve at the Argus is writing tonight that the Democrats apparently don’t feel defeated, after a historical shellacking.

When the 96th South Dakota Legislative Session convenes in Pierre this winter, South Dakotans will be represented by the highest number of Republican lawmakers and the fewest Democrats in 66 years.


Having the fewest number of Democratic lawmakers in Pierre in nearly 70 years isn’t what the South Dakota Democratic Party director Pam Cole had wanted to see. But that won’t stop the party from working hard in the next two years to claw back some seats in 2022.

“I don’t feel defeated at all. I feel very determined,” Cole told the Argus Leader Friday morning.

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They don’t feel defeated at all?


16 thoughts on “After GOP record wins, Dems claim they “don’t feel defeated at all.””

  1. I see Noem is tweeting about “rigged elections”. Stop doing Donalds work. You were absent while the pandemic worsened and now you are embarrassing yourself.

    1. She went all in on a cabinet position, and came up empty. I hope somebody challenges her.

  2. Delusion is a powerful drug.

    Time to give them the attention they deserve. They are irrelevant.

  3. Easy for the dems to feel good, there are several Dems in Repub clothing they may be able to count on.

  4. the scorched earth war against outsider trump forced the party to build a brutally thick wall of fear around their base to keep any defection to trump or desertion of their side from occurring. republicans can chat up their side all they want on what a great leader trump has been, but the truth is that trump’s value has been rooted in his utter disregard for the beltway insiders, and his movement toward classic american 20th century stances that the previous four presidents moved away from. we can call that a form of success certainly.
    the trap democrats are in as they execute this slow motion caaaarrefullll kobuki dance vote count for biden is that now everything has to operate from the fortress of fear they built. from that fortress they can’t be seen ever conceding ground or compromising with republicans without twisting everything to look like a republican surrender. it’s this revisionist mindset, with its disregard for actual fact, that makes these sd democrats happy about this election outcome. it’s easier to manage, they don’t have to risk angering their base, and the us-house and white house will do all the real work anyway. it’s a pretty sweet deal.

    1. other than the duckspeak they lob back and forth I’m surprised they still risk even talking to each other, much less reach out to voter blocs.

    2. I agree.

      There are four groups of Never Trumpers in the GOP.

      1). Those who endorse the Bush vision of being the worlds policemen or using the American might for regime change.

      2). Those who ascribe to the principal what is good for Big Business and Wall Street is good for America.

      3). Those who want to get along instead of standing for an issue even if it is not always well received.

      4). Those who are part of the swamp.

      What cost him the election which can be placed at his feet.

      1). Picking a fight with John McCain. It cost him Arizona for sure.
      2). Not having a unifying Inaugural Address.
      3). Approaching Covid with a different attitude (I like the substance). When people are scared for themselves or those they love, being dismissive of that fear is unwise.
      4). Instead of fighting with the press all the time, he should have used his sense of humor to dismiss them. You don’t have to always punch people in the nose.

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