Already blocked from commenting by Liz May for Congress.

Well that was fast.   As a postscript to my prior post below, suggesting Liz May ask SD Trump Campaign Co-Chair Dusty Johnson if she’s going to claim she’s having a joint trump fundraiser, I was thinking of offering a constructive comment of that nature to the the Liz May for Congress facebook page.

But then I noticed this..  Apparently, I CAN’T.

Did she..?  Yes! It’s only been a couple of weeks that she’s been in the campaign, and Liz May has already blocked me from commenting on every single post on her campaign website.  Blocking potential voters from offering their input already? Who does she think she is? Theresa Stehly?

Instead of having the ability to comment, even to say “Cull the herd” or whatever inane trigger her consultant is using to flood people’s facebook messaging with advertising, Liz has blocked me from the ability to comment.  

Well, not even an opportunity to troll her yet. It’s kind of early in the process for Liz to start blocking people.

Which might be an indication of how it’s already going.

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  1. Veda

    Maybe Liz May needs to be informed that Stacey Nelson blocked people on his political facebook page and look where he is now.


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