Am I the only one not buying it?


So, I’m looking at Ann Tornberg’s late campaign finance report.

In the year end report – from 2 weeks before the election through January 1, she is claiming she received two – as in 2 – itemized donations totaling $800.

BUT… She claims she received $15,348.11 In unitemized donations during the same period?

Er, yeah. Sorry, but I’m going to call Bull$h|t on that one. I’m pretty sure that defies the laws of fundraising. She claims to have received over 150 donations around $100 in the last two weeks… At the same time she shuffles 15k off to the Democratic Party?

Sorry, but that doesn’t happen. At all.

If we are going to bother to enforce campaign finance reporting laws at all, it’s worthy of an investigation and a spot audit by the Secretary of State.

Otherwise, why do we bother to report, versus eliminating the reporting requirement.

11 thoughts on “Am I the only one not buying it?”

  1. So… Tornberg launders $15K of donations for the South Dakota Democratic Party and then a month later becomes the Chair of the organization. Hmmmm.

  2. Yes, those are impossible numbers. Any contribution above $100 has to be itemized. $100.00 and under are listed under Unitemized. Of course, we should expect as much from anyone who still supports the pathological liar-in-chief Obama.

  3. Pat,

    As you know, this is especially incredulous because of the low level of expenditures. If I had say 20 donors, I could do that by just pounding on doors. But 150? It requires some type of fundraiser mechanism which would cost money.

    She may have an explanation. And, we deserve to hear it. If we don’t deserve to hear it, you might just as well end all reporting requirements because they have been effectively castrated.

  4. Yes. Someone should look into this more closely. As Cory H at Madville Times would have you believe, debate coaches are a special bred, and Ann, as a former debate coach, sure seems to think she can do whatever she wants. First she played fast and loose with the Democratic Party’s rules at the Party’s December meeting where she was elected State Chair. Next she tried to get the taxpayers of South Dakota to pay for her time in Pierre as the Democrat’s State Chair. Then she was tardy filing the Democratic Party’s year-end financial report. And now, we find out she is trying to mislead us on her own campaign finance reports. Perhaps someone should tell her she may be a former debate coach but the same rules that apply to everyone else also apply to her.

    I am reminded of Annette Bosworth.

  5. Check out sdndn PAC if you want to see some shocking numbers from democrats, in donations under $100 then look at how it was spent. Seriously someone needs to be asking questions. Or better yet let’s audit them like EB-5.

  6. Pat, I heard that Rep Killer has finally filed his report and that he had raised $130,000 with none of it being itemized. Any truth to that?

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