And from twitter, lessons from Stace Nelson on how to win friends and influence people.

GOAC chairwoman State Senator Deb Peters (who happens to be president of the National Conference of State Legislatures) testified before Congress this week. And of course, State Senator Stace Nelson must have thought, “it’s a great opportunity to attack her.” And the results are on Twitter.

And it continues downhill from there with Nelson attacking Peters, claiming corruption and complaining about procedure, and Peters telling him if he’s got evidence, to provide it.

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  1. anon1

    Pretty much standard operating procedure for Stace. Claim that he’s aware of all this corruption that he has no facts to back up his claims with.

    Hopefully, people will soon realize that the only thing Stace is concerned with is getting attention.

  2. Anonymous

    Democrat Stace Nelson is at it again….He is the left’s best friend, he only attacks Republicans; never has any facts to back up his statements and is an absolute embarrassment to the conservative cause!

  3. Anonymous

    There is no corruption in South Dakota! Everything is just fine and running smoothly.

      1. Anne Beal

        Obviously Stace has the surveillance tape that proves the truck full of pheasants was actually full of assassins hired by Gov Daugaard to kill the Westerhuis family, to cover up Secretary Schopp’s theft of all that money, but he’s not going to show it to anybody.
        He’s an ace investigator, he worked for NCIS. There’s a TV show about it you know.
        He’s one of the most respected members of the state Senate and was elected by a huge margin. And the rest of us don’t know nothing.


        1. Anonymous

          Anne are you saying our own South Dakota Pheasants finally got tired of being shot at, somehow were able to get control of a weapon and shot back?

          1. Anne Beal

            it’s all on a surveillance tape nobody will let Tara Volesky see. She’s done her research you know. The assassins were disguised as pheasants.

            Anyway, I am glad this twitter-storm was made public so Liz May can see who it is who has been accusing GOAC of engaging in a cover-up.

            1. Anonymous

              Oh no! If Tara is involved then you know Lora Hubbel is not far away. Then Larry Kurtz is not far off either with his own ATF, FBI raid on Betty Olson’s ranch that is always supposed to happen with Lar tripping out and thinking he is working closely with agents. Maybe everything is connected in their minds.

            2. Tara Volesky

              Hey folks, I talked to Scott’s brother who wants the surveillance tapes. talk to Mark.

      2. Tara Volesky

        Isn’t that what the GOAC is for. Sounds like they are finally starting to do something thanks to Nelson.

  4. Anne Beal

    I got into it with Stace and a group on Facebook. Lots of people claiming Stace is highly respected in Pierre (by the people he referred to as criminals in his stump speech when he was running for the US Senate.)

    I have no doubt that Stace will claim he has found actionable evidence, won’t tell anybody what it is, and then he’ll run for governor attacking Marty Jackley for failing to prosecute.

  5. Anonymous

    Stace Nelson just comes across as a twit so often rather than a thoughtful, reasonable person. I’m surprised he is still in office.

      1. Anonymous

        Tara does Stace know this is not a Reality TV show where everything is hyped up for the audience. You know……..Drama?

        1. Tara Volesky

          I listened to the whole GOAC. The drama occurred when 5 members voted against Schopp testifying under oath. They are the ones that are opening the can of worms. If there is no corruption involved ha, ha, then why didn’t they allow her to testify under oath.

  6. Anonymous

    Will never forget the SD Highway Patrol sitting with Stace in the lobby of the House because his erratic behavior left open the distinct possibility that he would get violent.

      1. anon1

        There it is!! Demand proof of your facts…. Unless you’re Stace, of course!!! Then here say is totally admissible and encouraged!!

  7. MC

    I am going to side with Senator Peters on this one.

    If there is documented evidence of corruption with any of the state agencies, then present it. No more hiding bit and pieces just lay it all out.

    What are we calling illegal vote trading?

    ‘If you vote for my bill I’ll vote for yours?’ or ‘ If you make this change, I can vote for your bill.’ ?

    1. Tara Volesky

      MC, it’s about the millions that are missing…follow the money, that’s all Nelson is trying to do…..follow the money.

  8. Annoy

    Senator Peters is right, if Stacey knows of illegal activity and doesn’t bring the facts forward he is guilty of aiding in a coverup. That’s shockingly wrong and a coward hiding behind a threat.

      1. Anny

        OK if he is great at “uncovering fraud” and has proof as he claims then he should bring it forward. The way it looks now he is hindering justice to “criminal” activity.

  9. Thomas

    Nelson is an egotistical bully. According to Stace, there has never been a better soldier, investigator or legislator than himself and if you disagree with ANYTHING he says or supports, then you are obviously a traitor or guilty of something.

    1. Anonymous

      I shared with him in a phone conversation that I served in the ARNG and he just laughed it off as if it did not count and we were nothing. Thomas did he call you a Democrat when you did not agree with him?

      1. Anne Beal

        Obviously if you were overseas and didn’t have time to meet women and bring home a wife then you weren’t doing anything important during your deployment. So being in the ARNG is no big deal. I haven’t heard of anybody bringing back wives from Afghanistan.

    2. Tara Volesky

      Here we go diversion again, let’s get emotional. This isn’t about personalities, it’s about getting to the facts.

  10. KM

    Stace is a poor excuse of a conservative and walking the line of a bully. Show the evidence you have Stace. Oh, that’s right, you don’t have any. Deb handled herself quite well, it’s no wonder she just received high recognition for a job well done.

  11. Charlie Hoffman

    Thomas 1:50 I served with Nelson and your description of him is spot on. Right and wrong only under his assumptions of what that is in every different situation. He would be the Leaker in the White House garnering status with the wolves attacking his personal opposition. If you are a loser he will be your best friend. Absolutely the worst Legislator I ever served with. Even Frank had decency in his blood.

  12. LBJ

    Huff and puff stace should know better than to make outlandish accusations without evidence to back it up, after all he’s a crackpot field agent for the NCIS. The only respect he has in Pierre are from the other “do nothings” and “blame everyone’s”. Move on Stace, or is there someone parking illegally somewhere that you need to tattle on.

  13. Anonymous

    Not sure what world you people are living in. The state is suing 14 schools over this gear Up fraud stuff. Nelson is the only one making sense demanding this be looked into and the local Kmit radio station in Mitchell has been playing the crap out of interviews of him interviewing Schopp. Hard to argue there is no corruption when There’s an ongoing criminal and two
    Civil cases.

    1. Anne Beal

      Stace needs to be subpoenaed and required to release all the secret information he has, under oath. He says Secretary Schopp wasn’t telling the truth. He accused her of being responsible for the deaths of the Westerhuis kids. He says Senator Peters and the GOAC are engaged in a coverup. Pretty serious allegations. What evidence has he got?
      It’s time for him to put up or shut up.

        1. Anne Beal

          What are you talking about Tara? The proof, that he accused Secretary Schopp of lying to the committee, (“obtained information that shows NOT swearing allowed dishonest testimony”) that he accused Senator Peters of an ” “illegal scheme” to get him thrown off GOAC and vote trading, is all in the original post. All there in the twitter storm. . And the accusation that Secretary Schopp is responsible for the deaths of the Westerhuis children can be seen on the KELO video:
          V/O: Angela Kennecke: “Given her role at the Department of Education, Nelson pushed Schopp about her personal accountability for the problems with the Gear Up grant:”
          Nelson: “we’re not here because this was a great raving success, we’re here because it was a tragic failure. There’s 4 dead kids at the root of this.”
          Schopp: “There is not a day that I don’t think about those 4 children and for you to make the implication that any of the work that was done at the Department of Education affected that tragedy is simply wrong.”

          Stace has accused Secretary Schopp of lying to the committee, of being responsible for the deaths of the Westerhuis kids, and has accused Senator Peters of illegal schemes and vote trading . These are serious public allegations, and if he can’t back them up he deserves formal censure.

          And if I were either Secretary Schopp or Senator Peters I would be considering a civil suit against him.

      1. Anny

        Does anyone remember when Stacey called for a special hearing to investigate bills being shared behind authors backs through LRC. Well he got what he wanted and then didn’t bother to show up until he was informed that he could be dismissed from his Representative seat. The hearing waited 6 hours for Nelson, Hubble and Russell to drive into Pierre. Then they showed up and stated that they were not prepared.

        1. Tara Volesky

          Anny, you are fabricating the truth. I just called Lora and read it to her. Why don’t you people talk to the source instead of using fake names and information. Her number is 605-521-9504. That’s much better than assuming things.

          1. Anonymous

            Tara I just called that number and a nurse answered from the state hospital. Is that the right number?

              1. Anonymous

                Is Lora back working as a nurse at the state hospital or a resident? Unless I have the wrong phone number. Are you sure that is correct?

          2. Anny

            She is flat out lying. I was at the hearing and it was on 4th floor in the capitol building. It was preceded over by Joni Cutler. Those being quested were LRC staff, several Representatives and Senators.

          3. Anny

            Tara you silly blind ability to LIE is amazing. But also not surprising.
            Lora Hubbel on 2017-08-23 at 11:07
            Your question is a good one. The answer is the same for any dictatorship…they do what they darn well please. I have heard people say, “They can’t do that!” To that I say, “Yes they can IF THE PEOPLE LET THEM!” Our fool’s gold Republicans have tried this before when Joni Cutler (Deb Peters’ BFF) called Stace, myself and Lance Russell to Pierre to force us to testify (while NOT under oath) that our complaint regarding the Governor was unfounded. We were told then that if we did not attend we would lose our elected position. Same thing here. We were the ones trying to maintain the constitutional separation of powers (recall Daugaard wanted to preview my, Stace’s and Russell’s bills before the LRC would even look at them – they can’t do that either, but they did).
            AND if you think they cannot take away an elected position…they have. MINE. I won committeewoman by 73% of the vote. But when I ran against the Daugaard team (as a Republican on an Independent ballot, like Jenna Haggar did), they formed the retroactive “Hubbel Rule” – as unconstitutional as can be – and took away my elected position. Don’t think this dictatorial regime will do any less with Stace.

    2. Anne Beal

      Anonymous at 12:00 am:

      I agree it is incomprehensible and shocking that the 14 schools would be required to return the money earmarked for software licenses because they didn’t use it for software licenses. Who could have seen that coming???

    3. Anonymous

      Isn’t there a civil suit still pending against Stace for his illegal robocall scheme?

  14. Tara Volesky

    I don’t think Stace would have a problem with that at all, in fact he challenged Deb Peters. Let’s take the oath challenge.

    1. Anne Beal

      Stace is free to reveal all the evidence he has at any time. Why won’t he do it? What is he hiding? Whom is he trying to protect?? Who paid him off?

      1. Anonymous

        Curious as to when Stace will be going to Hollywood to audition for a new spinoff of NCIS

  15. Anonymous

    If a Volesky is supporting a “republican” it makes me question that r. Time for the bully Stacey Nelson to be taken out this next election. Put someone good up in the primaries against him and I’ll be a strong supporter.

  16. Tara Volesky

    I don’t discriminate against any party. Labels mean nothing to me. It’s all about the candidate and what they stand for. Putting people over party is what I believe in.

    1. Anonymous

      Pretty easy to say when you’re always on the losing side. Nelson is a loser, Sutton is a loser, just about everyone you comment on their FB page are loons. I’m assuming you’re Ron’s wife?