And I missed this little news gem.. Is there anyone home at Democrat HQ?

I missed this gem in the Associated Press version of the article about incoming Thune Campaign Manager Josh Shields. Former Teacher’s Union Boss Ann Tornberg is Democratic Party chair, and in charge of everything that they do.

And even she had to admit that against John Thune, ‘Dem’s got nothing’:

South Dakota Democratic Party Chairwoman Ann Tornberg says she’s not currently aware of any candidates that are interested in running against Thune. He ran unopposed for a second term in 2010.

Read it here.

But wait a minute? Why is Tornberg commenting?  Wasn’t there supposed to be someone else manning the shop by this time?

The South Dakota Democratic Party is looking for a new executive director.


The Democrats are accepting applications for the position, which they hope to fill no later than Jan. 31.

Read that here.   And they also mentioned on their own web site:

The South Dakota Democratic Party plans to fill the Executive Director position before the end of January. Interested applicants can learn more about the position here:

Read that here.

But, two months later, they still have nothing. Much like I’d anticipate they’re going to have against Senator Thune next fall.  Nothing.