And the Boz trial is over, pending appeal. Jail sentence suspended; Community service & probation instead.

I was taking my dad grocery shopping today, and had the #BozTrial running in the background this afternoon.

I don’t think she did herself any good with that campaign-speech like statement to the court. And that was evidenced with the admonishment the Judge gave her from the bench.  Ultimately, he gave her 2 years on each count to run concurrently. 3 years probation. 500 Hours community service – specifically in South Dakota. No fines.

I don’t think anyone expected jail time, although I thought Judge Brown would give her a token stay just to underline the point on her behavior. But, I don’t think her sentence is a walk in the park either.

What do you think – was this fair?

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  1. Is she and her nutjob followers finally going to be grateful the judge was lenient and move on or are we going to see this continued injustice blame game campaign leading up to an appeal?

    1. Ridiculous this even went to trial. She is a shining example by taking care of the poor. Pine Ridge is going to love her. She truly has a giving heart and cares for the disenfranchised. Her actions speak louder than your words.

        1. not sure the Democrats want her or the rest of these Hubbelites. They could start the Conspiracy Party of South Dakota. Only problem is that they seem to have issues with following the rules of petitions so they be relegated to holding press conferences at the library in which will be nearly empty, talking to themselves while walking down the street, being on weird online radio shows and one or two people holding up protest signs on Minnesota St.

  2. I think the sentence is fair but will it get her attention? I have my doubts. I hope she can get her life together and help others with her skills as a physician.

    1. What are you talking about Todd? She always had her life together. She survived vicious bloggers that spent hundreds of hours to destroy her life and tear her family apart. When is your buddy Steve Hickey going to get charged? Annette survived 7 years of nonsense. She is not going to play the game. We need a few more Annette Bosworths that aren’t afraid of the machine.

      1. I’d be more worried about your own petitions than worry about Hickey’s

      2. Vicious?!? I know Mr. Powers for a number of years, and there are a fair number of words I would use to describe him and ‘vicious’ is not among them. (Sorry, Pat)

        Other bloggers may work to try to discredit, or somehow throw ‘mud’ on a candidate’s reputation. If the candidate does something goofy or wrong, then yes bloggers will jump all over it. It is the cost of being a candidate.

        Most bloggers follow the MSM rules on candidate families. They are generally ‘off limits’ unless they are actively campaigning for the candidate. (Stage photo ops are an exception) That’s not to say there isn’t some are not some bottom feeders out there.

        Any candidate knows that running for office is going to put them and their family in the spotlight and under a microscope. Anything that doesn’t look right is going to be blown way out of proportion. Welcome to politics

    1. The judge will give her a suspended imposition after she completes her community service.

      1. Not true. The Judge rejected suspended imposition. Suspending the jail time is different. She is convicted and sentenced. All she can do now is make it worse.

        1. He can grant her a suspended imposition in a few months since she no prior criminal charges.

  3. What are they planning to do with the Grand Jury documents?

    Her supporters are on rants about the makeup of Grand Juries. Maybe it has something to do with zombies. Were there zombies on the Grand Jury?

  4. I think it was an appropriate sentence. At this point I believe she will try to appeal, but it is hard to think of any circumstance where an appeal would be successful.

    Maybe if a zombie apocalypse were to happen.

  5. I was listening and babysitting at the same time; I think her patients will turn into zombies if she can’t continue to treat them. Or maybe they are already zombies. I’m not clear on that

  6. Judges like to see people at least act remorseful for their crimes. Knowing that never happened and watching a very forgiving sentence handed down one must suspect the three year probation and 500 hours of community service will be watched very closely. Sitting at my desk watching the entire proceeding almost made me think that some weekend jail time might have been in order. Let us all hope my perception was wrong.
    (Looking very sharp in the front row Jon H.)

    1. You are very wrong Charlie. She has nothing to be remorseful for. She did not intentionally break the law. Joel Arends and Marty Jackley should be the ones showing remorse. This should never been brought to trial.

      1. A jury of our peers, the judicial system, and the rest of the civilized world say you’re wrong Tara.

        I watched the sentencing expecting her to at the very least apologize and the closest she came was to say that she regretted being in court. WOW what a slap to the face of the judge and the jury.

        She is one of the most narcissistic people in the state. According to her, this state and it’s people would be falling apart without her.

        1. Augie, she would be a fake if she showed remorse. She should show remorse if she purposely broke the law. Instead,she listened to her election attorney. She really should feel stupid for hiring such idiots.

      2. Tara,

        Keep doing what your doing and you will just encourage Boz to violate her probation and she will be in the next episode of Orange is the new Black but unfortunately knowing the narcissist Annette is this episode will never see airtime.

      3. Also, ‘unintentionally’ breaking the law (she demonstrated with her testimony that she knew exactly what she was doing) does not excuse you from feeling remorse.

      4. Tara so the Grand Jury, the Trial Jury, the Prosecutor, the Judge and 98.3 % of the readers here got it all wrong?
        That Rabbit is going to pop out of his hole again……

        1. Whatever Charlie. Why has she been a target for 7 years. Why have they been going after her medical license when all she does is take care of people. So she has a big mouth and is controversial. Is that any reason to harass the poor woman? My God, than you treat her like she is a nut case and needs psychiatric help. Seriously???? You folks can do better than that. Where’s your SD values?

          1. Tara, they have been going after her because OTHER physicians have determined she has a psychiatric illness, and sufficient evidence existed to make the med board consider her a danger to her patients. OTHER physicians, not politicians, decided she needed supervision and treatment.
            Additionally she and her husband have been defrauding the public with phony raffles and this latest, phony campaign for the U.S. Senate. It was a money-making scheme from the start. Many of us have concluded the she is mentally ill and her husband is manipulating her. We are conflicted by feelings of compassion for her illness, annoyance with her husband for his machinations, and our personal amusement at the results.

            1. Anne, did you read the letter from the former Dean of the medical school????? That is absolutely not true. She is not even close to being crazy. It is just not true. She has been labeled narcissistic, but that is very subjective. I guess many of us could have a touch of narcissism. She really is a good person that just happened to piss off the hospital the hired her.

  7. Did anybody record it?

    If you didn’t Watch the live stream you might have missed it forever. If you snooze you lose. It was great,she talked about zombies.

      1. She talked about zombies. That’s a fact. If she was talking about one of her patients, what is the MDS code for that diagnosis? Inquiring minds want to know.

        Also, the only remorse she feels is she’s sorry she got caught.

        1. I stand by her 100% for having no remorse. Like I said before she never should have trusted her idiot election attorney. All he did was take advantage of her. They are sure giving Lora crazy woman Hubbel the run around over Steve Hickey. I am surprised your boy Cory Heidelberger isn’t on that one. Isn’t he part of the Republican establishment?

    1. I thought it was weird when she brought up the zombies. I expected her to show remorse and instead we got zombies, great theater.

      1. I have empathy for zombies. If must feel horrible to be in that state of mind and I commend Doctors and others that try and help those kind of people.

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