Annette Bosworth thinks it’s the giving season. As in you giving her money and your credit card number.


The latest Annette Bosworth Legal fund plea hit mailboxes today, just in time for Christmas, And Chad’s trial, (whenever that is).  And as you’d expect, it’s a fundraising appeal full of enough exaggerations, fabrications, and outright falsehoods to fill every present under your tree.

But don’t take my word for it. Read for yourself:

Bosworth Christmas Plea

I just received this at about ten this evening, but it had me howling in laughter enough that, pajama clad, I had to scurry down to my computer to post it. And just listen to the gems contained therein:

“I knew the choice of abortion disappointed God and Satin smiled when women fell for the trap of that quick fix.” and “When we pinched off the supply of money, Satin stirred their souls to attack whoever blocked the money.”

I’m not sure who Satin is. It does sound like a stripper name, though. She must be a bad person.

“The Attorney General tried to silence me by questioning my sanity…. “She believes in the power of prayer? Does she hear voices when she prays?” I mockingly said, “If you want to hear Jesus’ voice, open your bible and read a verse in red. That’s as close as I’ve ever been to hearing the voice of the Lord.””

When did this ever happen? I’m thinking this sounds a little made up, if not fabricated in someone’s head.

“Across the ocean, ISIS sliced the heads off of Christians and bombed teenagers at a concert. Shockingly persecution of Christians takes place right here. South Dakota’s DCI selected preachers listed on my petitions. Dark vehicles arrived at their homes where those DCI Officers asked the preachers to call their parishioners into the church. The preachers were interrogated in front of their parishioners asking questions about how they knew me and how long they have had their tax-exempt status.”

Again, when did the “interrogations in front of the parishioners actually happen? Didn’t we talk about this in the past as “never happening?”  Writing it again still doesn’t mean it’s happened.

“The intimidation and suppression of Christian voters by the Attorney General has been well documented through affidavits and testimony.”

So, what affidavits, and what testimony?

“Judge Brown said in his fmal statements that my sentence would surely send a message. He stated that my desire to run for a political office was wrong. He further drove home that statement by reprimanding me for finding such harsh criticism for the political establishment serving South Dakota.”

Did we watch the same trial as Annette did? I don’t exactly recall those statements being uttered by Judge Brown.

“My access to information while running for U.S. Senate brought me closer to the hidden truths of our America. I learned of mothers that put their kids on school busses, only to find the government took their kids while at school.”

Did someone watch invasion of the Body Snatchers before they wrote this? Again, it seems a bit far fetched.

“I learned that Attorney General Jackley’ s office gets huge federal dollars [$80,000 per year per American Indian] when American Indian kids live inside the so·called social “handout” programs.”

I think both Marty and the state budget would tend to refute this.

“Knowing that the medical board is supervised by a carefully positioned Assistant Attorney General, I wasted no time in starting my 500 hours of community service hours.”….”Do not miss the fact that the medical board is run by the Attorney General’s office!!”

Again, more than stretching the truth, it’s a another fabrication. They have an assistant AG there as their attorney, but, in no way does he supervise the board. And a brief glance at statute dispels the untruth of “the AG runs the Medical Board.”

“…my husband, my most encouraging alley had 2 felony charges too.”

I’ll be he’s her “most encouraging alley.” Seriously, the nuttiness of this letter is not dispelled by the lack of spell check.

“To appeal this case to the South Dakota Supreme Court it will take roughly $100,000. The appeal of my medical license will cost nearly $65,000. Chad’s legal costs are estimated at $50,000. All this as they have squelched my revenue stream ·as a physician. Given everything that we’re now facing, raising $220,000 is a very steep task.” “We are going to continue to fight this war against Big Govermnent corruption. But it takes money. Lot’s of it.” “To make your donation by credit card, please provide the following information:”

What do they say about a fool and their money? If anyone is dumb enough to send her a dime, I suspect that adage would tend to apply.

4 thoughts on “Annette Bosworth thinks it’s the giving season. As in you giving her money and your credit card number.”

  1. ‘“Judge Brown said in his fmal statements…’
    (My favorite kind of typo. Reminds me of the classic typographer joke “Lem to kem.”)

    Pretty cheeky lying about what a judge said in a courtroom. Surely there’s a transcript?

  2. ‘I’ll be he’s her “most encouraging alley.” Seriously, the nuttiness of this letter is not dispelled by the lack of spell check.’

    In her ‘defense’ (ha ha), spell check would not work in this instance. Had she used MS Word to draft this piece of crap, it might have flagged ‘alley’ as incorrect usage. Or not. In the end she’s just not very smart and I can’t believe she graduated medical school.

  3. It’s just like Robert Earl Keen sings: “The road goes on forever, and the party never ends.”


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