Another note from the SDGOP Chair on the Party Elections

Another email came out today from state party chair Pam Roberts in reference to the upcoming state Republican party elections. Today’s late afternoon email came in reference to David Wheeler, who Pam is announcing would be offered as her vice chair.

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    1. Yes. All party officers are voted on separately. The Chair and Vice Chair are required to be of the opposite sex, so the Chair outcome would effect who is eligible for vice chair.

      To my knowledge, Secretary and Treasurer seats are not contested.

  1. David Wheeler is great.

    Either way I’m tired of everyone being anointed by gov.

    Let the people vote.

  2. Pam doesn’t get it. The chair and vice chairman positions are voted on separately not as a ticket like governor and lt governor.

    He would have to be elected in his own right. I see no reason why he wouldn’t win. I’m just saying if Lederman’s first name was Susan then Wheeler could still run, win vice chairman and serve.

  3. Wish she had just picked Dan for vice. I don’t get why he’s trying to cause a rift and seize power for himself. The party is in good shape.

      1. Based on Pam’s email, Dan never even called her to see what her thoughts were. Who does that? And if he has been running for weeks that means the endorsement of Pam from Daugaard, Thune, Rounds and Noem came after he was running – which speaks volumes….they don’t support Dan. When was the last time someone ran against a chair recommended by the governor…or against an incumbent chair? I’ve been involved with the party for about thirty years and I can’t recall any.

        1. “Facts” not in evidence.

          In what way have you been “involved” with the party? Are you currently a member of the State Central Committee?

          I’ve neither seen, nor heard, anything that substantiates those who “endorsed” Pam for a second term were even aware that the position would become a contested one when she announced her intent to seek another term at the Governor’s request. Pam herself, states she did not know anyone else was seeking the position. I do not assume any of those who “endorsed” her, knew otherwise.

          Pam indicated to a number of central committee members she was not seeking another term, up until her announcement At the time Dan Lederman began contacting members, it was an “open seat.”

          Given there’s been little direct communication between party leadership and central committee members during this past term, regarding even such mundane items such as meeting dates and agenda items, it’s not surprising that leadership and membership are unaware of what the other is doing.

          Such a failure of communication, to use your term, “speaks volumes”

          1. The lack of communication has been so bad it didn’t exist in 2016. Calls aren’t returned by the ED. The ED doesn’t build parties or relationships. The chairwoman has not been accessible. Who are members supposed to call? There isn’t a person at an office in Sioux Falls or Pierre anymore to take calls. The office is in Pierre but the ED lives in Sioux Falls.

            The vice chairman doesn’t even live in the state anymore and hasn’t for a ling time. Now Pam suddenly cares who the vice chair will be?

            I don’t believe the sdgop has seen a leadership group that does less with the central committee than the current one.

            Lederman will be accessible and engage republicans.

            1. Lederman will be accessible? He basically lives in Iowa and I don’t think he has ever been to a Central Committee meeting.

              1. Dan has business interests in Iowa, but of course that’s just across the border from where he lives, IN South Dakota.

                Dan has been to Central Committee meetings, and is the chair for Union County.

                The current vice-chair of the SDGOP lives in Illinois. You may not be aware of that, as I don’t recall seeing an announcement from the SDGOP about that.

  4. Until after the convention, the “word on the streets” was that Pam was not seeking another term.

    Dan was contacting members of the central committee before then.

    If there’s a rift, it wasn’t caused by Dan.

    1. Though Dan knew the governor always picks the chair and could have told the governor.

      That said go Dan.

  5. The rift was in evidence when central committee members drove 3-4 hours to a meeting in Pierre which consisted of little more than being told how much fun the VIPs had at a couple of fundraisers they had not been made aware of, much less invited to.
    We had so much fun, I hope you understand why you weren’t included.
    And we saved a lot of money not having any kind of social reception for you, too.

    1. I like and respect both Pam and Dan, the issue at hand is whose vision will be leading the SDGOP moving forward.

      1. I agree Bill. I’m not referring to your comments, but some of them are getting a bit out of hand and overly personal.

  6. As late as Thursday, the day before the inaugural, Pam had told attendees from SD that she was NOT running again for SD GOP Chairman. Dan had started way before that. In the past the governor did pick the chairman but I think mostly because it is hard to find someone, and it is hard to say no to the Governor, whomever he is. That being said, I think it is good to have an election.

  7. Despite whatever rhetoric we have above, just because a seat is contested doesn’t mean there’s a rift. Another good sign that we have qualified people to lead the party. Excited for central committee.

    By the way, David’s “spot on the ticket” only signals the end of the party as we know it! Just kidding, great guy!

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