Anyone wagering on Bosworth’s Jail Sentence today?

Anyone wagering or speculating on Annette Bosworth’s Jail Sentence today?

I think she will end up with some minor time; 30-60 days served on weekends, just to send a message.

Your thoughts?

22 thoughts on “Anyone wagering on Bosworth’s Jail Sentence today?”

  1. 2-5 years eligible for probation based on good behavior with felony of course.

    Can the judge commit some of her supporters to the Yankton Human Services facility for their own protection? A nice open room with tables, chairs, sheets of paper and Crayola crayons would be good for them.

  2. If she stays true to form, and if the previous statements from her “team” are true, she’ll appeal any sentence at all. The judge’s task is to keep the sentence reasonable enough that the SD Supreme Court won’t be tempted to either overturn the conviction or remand the case for a new trial based on the sentence alone.

    1. 2:00pm livestream on Keloland with interviews and commentary provided by TMZ afterwards.

  3. The real question is if Hickey is prosecuted for the same felonies. Is what’s good for the gander, good for the goose?

    1. Tara Volesky after admitting she didn’t witness numerous petitions. That’s a lot of petitions with Hubbel, Meyers, her numerous runs for office all ending in resounding defeat and whatever else.

      1. Get on it Pat and Cory. Start with my school board petitions and then Mike Myers.

  4. Suspended imposition or not is my question.

    I wish I could want a suspended imp but her intransigent failure to take responsibility and be a mature adult drives me to maximum fine, significant time, and possibly service as Doctor to her fellow inmates. I

    1. I completely agree. This never had to go this far but it was her choice encouraged by her nutjob supporters but she was ultimately responsible.

    2. Sorry Troy, Annette is not going to show any remorse because she did not intentionally break the law.

    1. She has already had a mandatory therapist. More than once. It has not worked.

  5. Janklow got a sus imp after trial and appeal. I don’t think anyone who goes to trial should get a sus imp

  6. Well, there it is: 3 years probation w/500 hours of community service.

  7. Tara, your comment she should own her behavior is only appropriate if the conduct was intentional is wholly warped.

    If I’m driving down the street within the law paying due attention to my surroundings and a kid/dog/ball comes out between two cars and I run over the kid/dog/ball, I will still have own the consequences of what occurred while I was driving and I will express my sorrow and regret for the outcome. Intention is irrelevant to how a normal person should feel.

    if I make a business decision I believe is good for the company and its employees that ultimately costs a lot of money, the business ceases to operate, and people lose their jobs, I will have to own the consequences of what occurred and I will have great sorry and regret for the outcome. Intention is irrelevant to how a normal person should feel.

    If I talk to a good friend about his excessive drinking and instead of going to treatment decides to cease our relationship, I have to own the consequences of losing this friend and I will have sorrow and regret for the outcome. Intention is irrelevant to how a normal person should feel.

    One of the traits of a mature person is they take ownership of their decisions and actions without regard to outcome and intention. Sometimes good intentions result in bad outcomes. Own it and learn from it.

    On of the traits of immaturity is failing to take ownership of outcomes which don’t turn out as expected or desired.

    Regardless of Annette’s expectation of outcome or her intention, her actions have resulted in an adverse outcome, led to her making a sworn statement that was false, and put her in conflict with the law as written. A normal person would react wholly different than she has if for no other reason the ultimate impact on her family and her patients. I’m not a psychiatrist but there definitely appears to be a rather deep pathology being exhibited for which it appears she needs help.

  8. Dr. Bosworth broke the law, she got caught, tried, convicted and sentenced. Now it is time to pay for her transgressions against society.

    It matters not what was in her heart or what she thought The law has been broken.

    I honestly believe she is a good person who wants to help people, that is not a bad thing. In fact I wish more people had half the passion she does for helping people however we have to temper what we want to do, with what we can do. and what we should do.

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