Are you going? AFP Defending the American Dream Summit August 21 & 22 in Columbus, OH

Are you a freedom & liberty minded Republican? Then you need to join me in Columbus, OH in August.

According to the Americans For Prosperity web site:

The 9th Annual Defending the American Dream Summit is headed to Columbus, Ohio on August 21 and 22! The event moves around the country each year and it’s a chance for thousands of defenders of freedom to come together to learn, be inspired, and celebrate our liberty. This year’s conference will be one of the most exciting, educational, motivational and inspiring events you have ever attended.

The agenda will be packed with dozens of business and civic luminaries, public officials and national media personalities, who all have stories to share about the American dream and insights into how we can work to preserve it.

Last year, more than 3,000 rallied in Dallas, Texas to hear Governor Rick Perry, Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, and other notables like Dr. Ben Carson and NASCAR legend Kyle Petty. They all had the crowd on their feet– and 2015’s Summit promises to be even bigger and better!

Read it all here.

Many of the major Republican presidential candidates are going to be there addressing the group, and it’s a great opportunity to vet who might represent us in the 2016 Presidential election. I’m in the initial stages of planning my trip, and it’s my intent to be live-tweeting and blogging as I go.

But I’d like to see you there too, to get your reaction live on the floor of the summit when you hear speeches from the people competing to be our next president.

For more information, drop a note to the South Dakota Americans for Prosperity office through Chad Krier or Ben Lee.

4 thoughts on “Are you going? AFP Defending the American Dream Summit August 21 & 22 in Columbus, OH”

  1. Isn’t that where the AFP (Koch Bros.) hand out bonuses to the most “non-climate change” proponents among their paid promoters? You might win the snowmobile this year, PP. But you’ll have to answer for the PUC postponing the “Big Straw” (Keystone Xtra Long) in the Haybilly Heartland. As the biggest foreign investor in Alberta tar, THE KOCHS are not happy with Southern Dakota’s failure to comply.

    1. Intelligent Americans are not happy with the failure of South Dakota’s PUC and the dictator in the White House to get the Keystone deal done, Porter. I think the Koch brothers have more honor and love of this country than somebody who is probably a hero of yours-George Soros.

      Your posts are some of the most socialist, progressive, and mindless posts I’ve read, and they are always good for a laugh.

      1. “dictator”? Oh did Obama seize compete power via a junta and he will be our leader until a military coup or didn’t you ever do well in a US Government class? Home schooled?

      2. You bring up a good point. Is the PUC ever going to get this Keystone issue fixed or not?

        If not I can see some Republicans challenging Fiegen in ’18.

        Fiegen would easily be the easiest to challenge at a convention. Hanson will probably retire after 18 years.

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