Argus Leader Reporter Dana Ferguson abandoning ship for Minnesota

Word is coming this hour that Argus Leader political reporter Dana Ferguson is abandoning ship at Gannett’s outpost in South Dakota for Minnesota:

Dana Ferguson, who has covered South Dakota politics for the Sioux Falls Argus Leader during the past three legislative sessions, will join Forum News Service beginning Nov. 1.


“I’m thrilled to join the Forum News Service team and look forward to getting to know and work with our readers in Minnesota,” Ferguson said.

Read it all here.

18 Replies to “Argus Leader Reporter Dana Ferguson abandoning ship for Minnesota”

  1. Anonymous

    Dana is taking over Don Davis’s spot who retired. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill since Don Davis was an old school reporter and highly respected. Congratulations!

    Back in SD there is a particular professional victim that will have to update the press speed dial list now for future opportunities.

  2. SDGOPer

    Not surprising. First, she’s from Minnesota so it makes sense that she’d jump at the opportunity to return home. Second, similar to David Montgomery, if you’re an ambitious young reporter with no ties to SD, you’re eventually going to look for a bigger, better opportunity somewhere else.

    Hopefully, they can find a homegrown journalist for the politics beat. We’re down to James Nord and whatever Bob Mercer will be doing at Kelo for legislative coverage. And Mercer does more chronicling of state government activities than reporting.

  3. Anonymous

    Dana Ferguson is not a journalist, only an activist. The anti-Christian, white-man hating, abortion loving writer is gone… finally. Argus’ subscriptions will see a jump, but probably not enough to help them from going under within the next few years.

    She’s all yours MN and from what that once great state has turned into, she’ll fit right in. Now, can she convince her best buddy, Taneeza Islam, to leave as well?

    1. Dave Z

      Very bold and brave name calling from someone hiding behind a posting under the name “Anonymous”. Well played, knucklehead.

      1. Dave A

        Dave Z – Well played, indeed.

        I understand you’re ready to prevent these “knuckleheads” from posting anonymously and require them to be considerate of other people’s feelings. You’re willing to start a movement? ‘Double Dave Doxxing’… thoughts? Leave your contact info so we can get started.

        I can be reached at 555-Hypocrite.

    1. Anonymous

      Agreed she was so biased. We are still wondering who was doing all the raping in the state capital. If someone gets raped by the same person it’s in her and the abortion person for hiding in silence while a rapist was on the prowl.

  4. Lincoln County Delegate

    The problem with Dana wasn’t necessarily her bias (though she had one and it showed) but her complete incompetence in knowing basic South Dakota political process. There were tons of her articles (including one claiming the constitutional office nominees were selected through the primary) that were flat out false. Hopefully they will bring in someone that actually knows basic South Dakota politics and won’t misinform voters.

  5. A GOP businessman (small though)

    NFIB used to be a decent organization but they’ve become a far-right crazy GOP group. Heck I used to pay dues until they went goofy politically. I am sure Dusty is just the kind of politician they like …. one who puts getting elected above doing the job for people.


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