As the clock ticks down, Dem deep pockets appear to be bringing in the petition pros.

So, this ballot measure committee was formed on September 6th:

And about the same time as this Washington DC affiliated ballot committee opened up shop, a DC based professional petition firm started advertising for circulators in the state of South Dakota:

Fieldworks advertises themselves as helping “progressive organizations, advocacy groups, and members of the Democratic family run big field campaigns fast.” And they provide a long list of Dem causes they’ve worked with, which you can read here.

This firm boasts they can “plan and execute face-to-face conversations with tens of thousands of voters, and how to do it in a few weeks.” Which is all they have, given the 49 days that remain.

But can this Washington DC firm accomplish their boast in South Dakota? Certainly, there are those who have tried in the past. And they’ve come up short.

So, now those with deep pockets for liberal causes are bringing in the pros.

It takes a lot of money to try to fill the number of petition signatures they need. And as the clock ticks down, it appears that there are deep pockets opening up to spend it.

We’ll see how they fare. With about 7 weeks to go.

11 Replies to “As the clock ticks down, Dem deep pockets appear to be bringing in the petition pros.”

    1. Realist

      Just curious, but what do you mean by “says a lot”? I would rather have a reputable attorney chair such a committee instead of someone who makes assumptions about the current state of the law. I think Kolbeck is well situated, and likely well respected in the bar community, to at least be listened to in a respectful way.

      1. Speaks volumes

        Between defense bar for pot and Pennington defense attorneys wanting to make METH ingestion misdemeanor, I think that speaks volumes…just decriminalize it all from the defense community

        1. Anonymous

          We’re the only state in the country that makes ingestion a felony. It’s beyond stupid. Nothing good comes from it.

          1. Anonymous

            It is a valuable tool for law enforcement and benefits public safety and health.

            They knowingly made the choice to break the law and they need to be held responsible and give them opportunity to seek the help they need.

            1. Anonymous

              It’s not a tool at all. Everyone who gets caught with meth has it in their urine too. An ingestion-only case is rare. Instead, it saddles every meth user with not one but two felony charges, which has the effect of making rehabilitation even more difficult.

              The ingestion law offers zero benefit to public safety.

              You’d know this if you had any real knowledge about how our criminal justice system plays out on the ground level.

  1. Anonymous

    Who are the donors to the NASD PAC?

    FieldWorks an out of state organization helping to legalize pot. If they are able to get this on the ballot these the pot industry will pour a lot of money into SD in advertising in an attempt to expand into the state.