14 thoughts on “Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg on the significance of Independence Day at Mt Rushmore!”

  1. Hopefully nobody was in close contact with Donald Trump Jrs girlfriend! Y’all might wanna quarantine. Thanks for bringing more COVID to SD, Trumps!

    1. Tomorrow’s MSM headline:


      footnote 1: “spike” based on experts’ forecast model

      footnote 2 “experts” = antifa, dnc

      Disclaimer: SD COVID deaths have not actually spiked, etc., etc.

    2. What do you think of the rioters that are destroying property and tearing down statues in close proximity to one another? If they are in violation of a state mandate shouldn’t they be charged with a crime or are they sacrosanct?

      1. All who vandalize private property / loot stores / assault people should be apprehended & charged with crimes: misdemeanors or felonies depending on what transpired. Americans have the right to public protest — provided their assembly is peaceful & conduct nonviolent.

  2. Jason is terrible at reading off cue cards. You’d think a lawyer would be more eloquent and prepared for softballs.

      1. Kudos to all for the spectacular event honoring our country and President Trump. My compliments to Gov Noem, excellent speech. Great job on Fox News to Dusty Johnson and Jason Ravnsborg. We as South Dakotans are proud of our elected officials. God Bless the USA.

        1. I think Ravnsborg is doing great. He always seems to be knowledgeable to me, a workhorse for sure.

          Glad to see Mary say nice things about him and I have others say he has no animosity towards any of his fellow challengers.

          I cringe to think how Seiler would have been in office with his recent op ed against the fireworks. Read both of their op eds and it was clear Ravnsborg was the right choice! Keep it up!

          I also have been impressed with Gov Noem who got off to a shakeup start but has been growing in office also!

          I appreciate all the people working to keep South Dakota a great place to live! Thank you and prayers to all of our elected leaders.

  3. I thought the interview went well, Ravnsborg is a very knowledgeable and well spoken individual. South Dakota is lucky to have Ransvborg as its attorney general.

    I still cringe to think about any of the other yahoos that were vying for the republican nominee of AG, thank goodness non of them were chosen.

  4. Seiler was against having the fireworks celebration at Mt Rushmore according to his recent op ed and

    Ravnsborg was for the fireworks celebration at Mt. Rushmore

    We made the right choice in electing Ravnsborg as AG.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. There’d be a certain irony to Noem personally infecting Trump. This dang hoax just keeps getting spread around.

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