Back in God’s Country once again! Great visit to Washington, and great meetings with the delegation!

It’s been light posting here for the last few days as I’ve been in Washington DC at the Autism Speaks Leadership Summit – which was excellent, BTW, and had us in the same room as several members of congress, especially a number of Republicans. But, as of 3AM, I’m finally in God’s country.

If you follow the SDWC on twitter (@SoDakCampaigns), I was a bit more active there than here, simply because of convenience:

And speaking of the Wednesday Sunrise Delegation Meeting in DC, I had visions of a cafeteria type room, maybe with a couple of tables, and a few people showing up. As you can tell by the photos, I was sorely mistaken.

This was held in a huge room, and it was packed! And there was another large group out the door. And despite the numbers, Congresswoman Noem, Senator Rounds and Senator Thune couldn’t have been more friendlier & gracious to each and every person in attendance. Each one of them went completely around the room chatting individually with those there, and only then did they do a brief presentation of what was happening in their respective chambers of Congress.

From there, my group broke out and we met with each member of the delegation and their staff. It was hit and miss, because they were actively meeting and voting, but we did speak with their appropriate staffers who were all up on our issues, and we did get to see them all.

Possibly because leaving the writer of South Dakota’s #1 political blog alone in their office had it’s own hazards…..

Kidding aside, and on a personal note, I have to say that I found our delegation quite supportive and receptive on our issues of ensuring the health and safety of individuals with disabilities, as well as working for progress in treating and, God willing, possibly curing some of these afflictions someday.

No issue is ever easy, but our delegation in Washington does care, and as we found, they’re always willing to listen.

But otherwise, great visit to our National’s Capitol in the very sweltering June heat & humidity!

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  1. Were you able to meet with and get any conservative Senators or Congressmen to provide weekly updates for this website?

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