Big Kristi Noem for Governor fundraiser coming up on June 19th in Sioux Falls.

I noted earlier that Attorney General Marty Jackley is having a fundraiser tomorrow Night in Sioux Falls with sports stars Chad Greenway and Mike Miller in support for his race for Governor.

And not to be outdone, Congresswoman Kristi Noem – herself a candidate for the same office – is having a fundraiser of her own on June 19th, with a cast of hosts that would make any politico in the state envious:

14 thoughts on “Big Kristi Noem for Governor fundraiser coming up on June 19th in Sioux Falls.”

  1. Who’s the front runner in this race?

    I would like to see Jackley win because I think he is the real conservative.

    1. Kristi is one of the few true conservatives left. Her knowledge of agriculture and willingness to learn new information at the expense of seeming ‘wrong’ is what makes her my candidate.

      1. Noem has an “F” with conservative groups and Jackley has no grounds to claim that title either.

        Funny how these people now try and fool the voters once again by claiming they are something they are not.

    2. Didn’t Jackley refuse to charge the Muslim man who threatened to kill Christians attending a conference a couple of months ago?. If I recall correctly, the dude had a car full of weapons, threatened the South Dakotans, and uploaded it all to his Facebook page- live. Jackley only pressed charges after public outcry from across the nation, isn’t that correct?

  2. Regardless of who wins the winner and the loser will have to be gracious to bring this party together.

    If it’s a blood bath primary look out.

  3. WOW. That’s quite the list of hosts. And with that many hosts she’s going to pull in a big haul.

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